D.Va Counter: The Best Ways To Counter D.Va

D.Va Counter
D.Va's highlight intro after you get that fire sextuple kill with your ultimate.

How do you counter D.Va?

D.Va is one of THOSE heroes. She’s super mobile, tanky, and kawaii. However, she has some MAJOR counters that people overlook quite frequently. So, while carrying your team as this gamer girl, you must be sure to watch out for these specific things if you want to keep your life. In this article, I talk about what heroes counter D.Va, how to counter D.Va generally speaking, and also for some people that play D.Va, a few heroes that SHE counters. You’ll learn all of these things and some specifics to master your D.Va counter techniques, or your D.Va wreckage techniques, and as a D.Va main, it hurts me to let out all her secrets, so consider this a big gift...



Brigitte waiting to shield bash her target.


  • Brigitte is THE tank buster, which is odd, for a support hero. Her lifesteal can help her sustain fights for longer than any other support. D.Va has fusion cannons, or shotguns that shoot like an auto rifle, which means if she is close to Brigitte, her shield and lifesteal can sustain her for quite a while before either cracking the shield or killing the Brigitte.
  • NEVER 1v1 Brigitte, rely on your other teammates to help. Her Shield Bash can stun you, and she can boop you away using her Flail, so be sure to keep an eye out for when she uses her shield bash or not. If she manages to get the full combo, you’re pretty screwed.
  • Let’s take a moment now, to talk about her ult. Brigitte makes everything so much harder for D.Va. It’s like you’re going into a fight guns blazing while being completely useless. D.Va is good at bursting squishies down, but when they get that extra armor that Brigitte so generously gives them, it’s a lost cause for you. The more you’re shooting, the more you’re vulnerable, and the more you’re likely to blame your support for not healing you while you try to kill that ONE genji, but to no prevail.

Junkrat ready for a shock! Sorry wrong skin!


  • Junkrat is a spammy character that can really ruin a D.Va’s day. His trap can somehow pull you DOWN from the sky. Albeit short, but still annoying.  
  • Standing in a room with a Junkrat is a deathwish, usually. If you have a good junkrat on your hands, he’s gonna be prepared with 2 mines, and a full clip of his grenade launcher. This is some devastating damage if you can’t hit your shots and burst him down instantly.
  • His ult somehow kills you when you’re pretty high in the sky, so watch out for that too. If Junkrat can’t find a support, watch out, you’re the biggest and hottest tank of them all, so rest in peace the MEKKA.

Moira using coalescence, being a DPS and a healer as usual. 


  • Honestly, damn this character. She is so annoying to play against as D.Va. Her fade makes almost killing her seem like a waste of time. She’s out of the fight in a second, and if you don’t have your boosters, just give up on her, and move onto the ult battery roadhog that is for some reason vaping at full health.
  • Her ult completely destroys you. The range on it is insane and you don’t do any damage from far away, so just run away when she is ulting, that is if you can get away safely.
  • You CAN eat her orbs though, but the defense matrix nowadays struggles to stay up, and if you somehow can’t eat it, it’s “GG” for 200 damage on your MEKKA OR your 200 health mercy in the back twiddling her thumbs.

Die! Die! Die!!!


  • As expected, he’s a tank buster. And so is…. D.Va? Not exactly. Reaper can for sure 1v1 you. If he catches you from behind, there ain’t NO defense matrix coming out of your backside, so he can kill you pretty easily.
  • His ult is devastating to you (and your whole team) if your defense matrix is down or you’re out of your MEKKA.
  • His wraith form makes it very hard to calculate when he’s going to use that first shot out of it to perfectly headshot you. Try to calculate the cancel of his wraith by defense matrixing at the right time.

Mei is confused as to why she's on this list. Don't worry Mei, I'll let you know!


  • Mei counters everyone.
  • Just kidding, sorta. D.Va is just so vulnerable to her freeze right-click combo. Her head hitbox is so big, Mei is gonna have to be blind to miss you.
  • If you don’t eat her ult, watch as she destroys your team you filthy bronze genji main. ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS EAT SNOWBALL.
  • If you boost into the defending, or offending, choke, and she walls you off, you’re screwed and just feeding the enemy team ultimates. Try to bait out her wall first, or walk into choke then boost out.


General D.Va Counter Tips


  • Focus her first, as she is most likely to be in the front lines, if her supports are healing her while you shoot at her, that’s free ult charge for you. Just be sure to get out of the way when she is diving at you.
  • A good D.Va will either go for the big tanks for ultimate charge, or the supports to cut the healing down. A good way for you to be able to stop this would be to just stay with your supports, JOIN COMMS FOR CHRIST SAKE, and listen to your supports if they say they need help. A well communicated team is a bad matchup for D.Va because she is away from her team most of the time.


  • D.Va ultimates are usually very easy to read, especially in lower tier games. If you trust your shield tank enough, hide behind the shield. Otherwise, there is a 40% chance you have an ability that will at least get you out of the kill zone, or the entire zone. Abilities like this consist of Winston Jump, Moira Fade, Genji Dash, etc.
  • When ulting a D.Va, a good area of effect ultimate like Hanzo’s Dragons pretty much kills Mini D.Va once she pops out of her MEKKA. Be sure to not forget about her, as she can definitely clean up after a big team fight, especially if it’s a 1v1 for a point, and she gets her ult back up.


  • D.Vas like to position in the front lines and be the main dive. On defense they like doing the same, or waiting in backlines for a cheeky pick on your toxic Ashe trying to snipe the enemy team’s Zenyatta.
  • Play far away from D.Va, her range is limited, and she has to dive you to kill you. That being said, snipers are really strong against D.Va if you play with the team instead of waiting in the backlines for a pick. You’re easy prey.

Heroes D.Va is Strong Against

Yeah Widow, you're about to get dove. 


  • Dive her and hit your shots on her with your micro missiles and emote on her just for fun.
  • It’s super easy to counter Widowmaker. You’re a DIVE tank, dive her. Her hit box is slim, but her head is pretty massive for a girl, so just fire away.
  • You don’t even have to be near her venom mine to destroy it. It’s a one tap from the long extremity of D.Va’s range and closer.
  • While you dive her. Pop your defense matrix so you eat her first few shots, which could do mass amounts of damage. When you get close enough, pop micro missiles. Widow says she feels nothing, but she’ll be feeling pretty toxic (sorry for the spider joke) after you keep killing her.

Flip the tables on Roadhog when he thinks he's pulled you in.


  • He is literally asking you to get ult off of him. Every time they have a Roadhog, forget about the Genji in the backlines killing your supports, leave that to your silver McCree, and build up ult as fast as possible on this meaty boy. Sextuple ults are a good form of apology to your supports, right?
  • You can practically bait his hook if he’s trying to be cheeky and get an environmental kill on you. You can just boost up, and if you’re good enough you can make a 180 turn and 180 TURN THE TABLES ON THAT GUY by booping HIM into the pit. That always makes me happy.

Poor Zenyatta, all he wants is world peace. 


  • Nothing says you’re good at D.Va like killing a zenyatta in .15 seconds. He is SUPER squishy and your burst potential is SO high.
  • Just be careful of his discord orb and full burst on you, it can do quite a bit of damage.

Uh oh Winston, D.Va is coming!


  • Another ult battery, Winston relies so heavily on his jump and his bubble, that once you destroy those 2 things, just shoot him until you destroy something else, his GLASSES. This feeds you more ult. Thanks for the free 1000 damage of ult charge, and I’m sorry for DESTROYING your dignity.
  • Counterdiving Winston is super easy. If you notice him jump onto one of your supports, use your boosters to boop him away and save your support. You’re welcome Mercy.

Well, D.Va has you in her sights Soldier, whatcha gonna do about it?

Soldier: 76

  • A good Soldier is in love with high ground, like seriously, it’s a problem. Anyway, if you can dive him, and boop him out of his panic biotic field, and hit your shots, he’s a dead man.
  • You can eat his ult with your defense matrix and or body block him from hitting vulnerable targets.

Here Are Some Things You Can Do to Outsmart a D.Va Player:

Play Brigitte

  • No, seriously. Play Brigitte. She can easily manipulate a D.Va by standing vulnerably in the backlines pretending to be bad at the game. Once you dive her, she calls her squad and that’s a RIP in chat for you.

Reaper Ult

  • Use his normal shotguns to get the D.Va’s Defense Matrix down, then press “Q”.

Pay Attention to Her Cooldowns

  • D.Va is pretty useless without her Boosters or Micro Missiles, that’s where she’s most vulnerable.

D.Va Ult

  • Pretend your shield is broken as Reinhardt, then put it up just in time to save your team from the explosion.
  • Run into a room to avoid.
  • Hide behind payload to avoid.
  • Use ANY mobile ability to get out of the kill zone.


Thank you so much for making it to the end of the article. I hope you had fun reading! I am a pretty experienced D.Va player myself so feel free to ask me any questions if you need to! Have a good day!


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