Top 50 Best Overwatch Cosplays

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Overwatch heroes are not just amazing, but they are also beautiful and hot.

Overwatch is becoming one of the most popular games today, thus a lot of fans are looking for great cosplays out there. You do not have to look further because we have compiled 50 of the best and hottest Overwatch cosplays in the community. Be amazed and at awe with these great cosplays below. 

50. JokerLolibel

Cosplay by JokerLolibel

Junkrat is a wild character who likes to do anything he wants. A girl Junkrat can do that too and Jokerlolibel just proved that with her genderbend Junkrat cosplay. This girl is not afraid to get dirty with her cosplays as long as she portrays the character very well. And she actually did. 

49. Vera Chimera 

Cosplay by Vera Chimera 

Vera-Chimera is a dedicated gamer and she uses her knowledge to portray game characters very well. That is why her Tracer cosplay is amazing because she knows the hero and wants to give tribute to it through cosplay. Very amazing indeed! 

48. Minty

Cosplay by Minty 

We love Mei because she is sexy and hot, and Minty showed that in this cosplay of hers. It cannot be denied that both the cosplayer and character is something we can look at anytime. 

47. Amberbrite

Cosplay by Amberbrite

Amberbrite shows that despite being cute and adorable, there is a lot of attitude in D.VA. This is an awesome cosplay and she is as sexy as hell. We love the poses and the whole outfit. 

46. JusticaSirena

Cosplay by JusticaSirena

There are a lot of Tracer cosplayers out there and this one from JusticaSirena is just perfect. Her expressions are perfect for the character and the details of her costume are great. 

45. Sick Horse Costumery

Cosplay by Sick Horse Costumery

As we said above, we love women who are willing to be gruesome and dirty just to have the perfect cosplay. Sick Horse Costumery is one perfect example for that. No words can express how awesome this cosplay is. 

44. Genji – Tasha 

Cosplay by Tasha 

Tasha never ceases to amaze us in all of her cosplays and she did it again with a Genji Overwatch cosplay. Beautiful lighting and detailed costume are just some of the things that makes these cosplay and photos great! 

43. Vicky Lau 

Cosplay by Vicky Lau 

Sexy and bewitching, this Witch Mercy by Vicky Lau is surreal. Despite the hotness, we know Mercy is one heck of a character and Vicky showed that here. 

42. Zephon 

Cosplay by Zephon 

It’s very rare to find the perfect McCree cosplay and Zephon just did that. Macho and muscular, Zephon just personified McCree well and girls would be swooning over him. 

41. Stella Chu 

Cosplay by Stella Chu 

Stella Chuu is one of the best cosplayers who adds personal touches to her cosplays. This is what makes her cosplays awesome and the Imp Mercy is one of them. We love her smug expression here, which shows she is one powerful hero. 

40. KassandraLeigh

Cosplay by KassandraLeigh

Hot and awesome, this Mercy cosplay by KassandraLeigh is something great to look at. She has the sultry look but carries at badass staff, which shows that she is a character that everyone needs. 

39. Alanna Mode

Cosplay by Alanna Mode

Lucio is one heck of a character and Alanna Mode the hero well. We love the details of her lower armor. The weapon is also great and show what Lucio is about. 

38. 蔡锦

Cosplay by 蔡锦

Armored Overwatch cosplayers are great to look at and Genji is no exception. Just by looking at the details is enough to overwhelm. Too bad there aren’t enough photos of this. 

37. Mogu Cosplay 

Cosplay by Mogu Cosplay 

Another cute Tracer cosplay in the form of Mogu! I love how, like the others, portray her cute yet show that she is not just about the looks and happy attitude. Armed with a gun, she is the one you need in beating the bad guys. 

36. Sunny Side Cosplay 

Cosplay by Sunny Side Cosplay 

We love that Sunny Side’s features match that of the genderbent Hanzo here. That piercing look matches her skill of being a true marksman and we would love to see this cosplay in real life.

35. Jynx Art Cosplay 

Cosplay by Jynx Art Cosplay 

Even if Jynx didn’t show her face here, we don’t care. This whole Reaper cosplay is legendary in its own right. Love the details, props, and even the effects on the photo! 

34. Wonyumi

Cosplay by Wonyumi

Just look at that armor---all those details and colors are just awesome! We don’t know how Wonyumi did it, but her Pharah cosplay is just amazing! 

33. Momokun

Cosplay by Momokun 

Just look at that face, isn’t she cute and hot. We love this cosplay because Momokun just showed everyone who Mei is all about---someone who is cute but should be messed around with. Don’t let that cuteness fool you.

32. Shellshocked Cosplay 

Cosplay by Shellshocked Cosplay 

Zenyatta has a complicated detailed costume, but that didn’t stop Shellshocked from forming this cosplay. Everything is awesome and the crafting is superb! Simple but wonderful. 

31. Hendo Art

Cosplay by Hendo Art

This soldier is not something you should be messing with and Hendo Art shows that in these photos. That gun and costume is so badass and we love that she created a battle/weathered look to it. That’s what real soldiers look like.

30. Rian Synnth 

Cosplay by Rian Synnth 

A genderbend Hanzo is something great to look at. Love the sexiness and fierceness of this Hanzo cosplay by RianSynnth. She just shows how much of a badass the character is, especially in female form. 

29. Pion Kim 

Cosplay by Pion Kim 

Pion Kim portrayal of Sombra is so cool and freaking amazing! The expressions are spot-on and the costume is very detailed, you know this is not a simple cosplay. 

28. Cleigh-Cosplay

Cosplay by Cleigh-Cosplay

Mercy has a lot of skins and we like it when cosplayers cosplay those skins to give the character a fresh style. There is not much Valkyrie Mercy cosplays, but this one takes the cake. The details of the costume is beautiful and Cleigh’s portrayal is just perfect. 

27. CharmandaPlays 

Cosplay by CharmandaPlays 

Cosplaying Pharah is not easy but CharmandaPlays did it so well. We are amazed by the props and costume that we know a lot of dedication has been given to this cosplay. 

26. Arlene Fae 

Cosplay Arlene Fae 

What we love about D. VA cosplays is the cosplayers really match the character. Another cut and hot D. VA here by Arelena Fae and we can’t help but just look at the photos. 

25. Cutiepiesensei

Cosplay by Cutiepiesensei

We don’t care about the color---this Widowmake by Cutiepiesensei is just superb! Love the smoke effect and the fierceness of her face here and we would love to see more photos of this cosplay. 

24. XwinterXsilenceX

Cosplay by XwinterXsilenceX

What we like about XwinterXsilenceX is she makes her own costumes, so you know that her cosplays are exactly like the character---and more. Her Tracer is no exception as it is one of the best that we have seen! Plus, her portrayal is so spot-on, it’s like you are seeing the real Tracer in the flesh. 

23. Bakka Cosplay

Cosplay by Bakka Cosplay

We really women cosplayers who like to get dirty just so they can make their cosplays perfect. Bakka is no exception as her ruggedness in this cosplay is freaking amazing. One of the best Overwatch cosplays we have ever seen! 

22. Oshley Cosplay

Cosplay by Oshley Cosplay

We really love armored cosplays, especially when they are girls. This one from Oshley is just superb and we can’t help but admire the costume, props, and the cosplayer itself. Well-crafted indeed! 

21. Tomatron5 

Cosplay by Tomatron5 

Another one of the greatest male Overawatch cosplays! We are at awe of the costumes and the props. Just look at that bow and arrow---this is something worth taking a photo of. 

20. Amaberius

Cosplay by Amaberius

D.VA is cute and awesome as a standalone character and Amaberius portrays her well. We would like to see this cosplay in conventions. 

19. Hoteshi

Cosplay by Hoteshi

We love the look of Hoteshi here in this Tracer cosplay because it personifies who the character is all about. Her costume is simple but Hoteshi gave it some fierce yet cute look. 

18. Lunar Crow 

Cosplay by Lunar Crow 

You need that sexy edge to cosplay Symmetra and Lunar Crow has that. It shows in these photos and we love that she looks exactly like Symmetra. 

17. Zalaria Cosplay

Cosplay by Zalaria Cosplay

What we love about cosplayers is they recreate characters in their own way and Zalaria does that well. The Witch Mercy is one of the fans’ favorite costume and seeing it in cosplay is just surreal. Mercy is sexy, badass, and cute and Zalaria shows those qualities in these photos. 

16. Jechts

Cosplay by Jechts

Another Overwatch male cosplayer makes this list and we couldn’t agree more. Not only does he have the looks and the body for portraying Zarya, Jechts also has the detailed props and costume to complete the look. The photos are enough to tell you how awesome Jechts is. 

15. Squiby

Cosplay by Squiby

Men are no exception when cosplaying Overwatch characters and women love those male characters. Squiby is known for creating detailed props and he showed that in his McCree cosplay. Girls also love that scruffy and rugged look and we are sure they are swooning over this. 

14. Nichameleon 

Cosplay by Nichameleon

Another Reaper cosplay that is as sexy and as awesome as hell! Even if this is genderbend, it’s not going to stop us from admiring the details and the fierceness of the whole costume. Don’t let the looks fool you because this is a character you don’t want to mess with you. 

13. Shappi 

Cosplay by Shappi 

Don’t let her support status fool you because Mercy is your key for being alive in the game. Shappi is very talented when it comes to creating armored costumes and portraying fierce characters. Mercy is no exception and we love how her expression shows that she is a player that should not be taken granted for. 

12. Reilena Cosplay/Rachel Day

Cosplay by Reilena Cosplay/Rachel Day

Widowmaker is sexy and badass at the same time and you need a cosplayer that has a lot of guts to do this character. We’re glad we found Reilana and her Widowmaker cosplay because everything about it is wonderful. The details of the costume and her expressions are just perfect and we would like to see this cosplay in person. 

11. Blood Raven Cosplay 

Cosplay by Blood Raven Cosplay 

A hot Overwatch cosplay doesn’t require a cosplayer to show some skin. Rather, they must look awesome and fierce, and Blood Raven showed that through her Reaper cosplay. She got all the details right and her poses are spot-on for the character---kudos on this one, we love it!

10. Kamui Cosplay 

Cosplay by Kamui Cosplay 

Hot, sexy, and beautiful. These are the words that we can use to describe Kamui’s cosplay of Symmetra. Her beauty already accentuates the character’s best traits, so seeing these photos are already enough to leave us at awe. 

9. HenchWench 

Cosplay by HenchWench

Mei is a cute Overwatch character that takes a lot of dedication in portraying her. She is cute and happy-go-lucky yet can still be a fierce. Her surroundings are also perfect for her nature. She may be covered but HenchWench can make Mei look badass here. 

8. Germia

Cosplay by Germia

We love girl cosplayers who do armored characters because we know they have given their sweat, blood, and tears just to bring them to life. Germia is one of those cosplayers and she just cosplayed one of the bad-ass Overwatch characters. 

7. Kinpatsu Cosplay 

Cosplay by Kinpatsu Cosplay 

There are times when the genderbend version of a character is better than the original look---and this on from Kinpatsu is no exception. She showed Roadhog’s trademarks, the fierceness, and the aura that, even if she is a woman, you should not mess with her. We also love the details on her costume and props!

6. Soni Aralynn

Cosplay by Soni Aralynn

When looking at Overwatch cosplays, we love those that are colorful yet embodies fierceness. Sombra is that kind of character and Soni showed those qualities in these photos. We also like her fierce expression---we wouldn’t want to mess with her. 

5. Fenix.Fatalist

Cosplay by Fenix.Fatalist

Cosplaying Overwatch characters are sexy and you need a cosplayer who is courageous at portraying them. Fenix Fatalist is one of them and she brought the Witch Mercy to life in a very great way! 

4. Jessica Nigri 

Cosplay by Jessica Nigri 

A best Overwatch cosplays list is not complete without Jessica Nigri in it. We love that she portrayed Reinhardt in a different way---it’s beautiful and awesome. All the details and her expression are perfect! 

3. Tasha

Cosplay by Tasha

Tasha is one of the best cosplayers in the world and her cosplays never ceases to amaze us. Portraying Tracer is just so badass and awesome, which makes the character and cosplayer even sexier. 

2. Aza Miyuko 

Cosplay by Aza Miyuko 

If you’re looking for a cute D. VA, Aya’s cosplay of her is the one for you. She embodied the fierceness and hotness of D.VA and we love it!

1. Jannet Vinogradova 

Cosplay by Jannet Vinogradova 

The moment I saw this cosplay, I am at awe. Everything from the costume to the expression to the details are just breath-taking! And Jannet is also sexy cosplaying Widowmaker.

Indeed, these Overwatch cosplays are wonderful and badass. We can see how these cosplayers have dedicated their time, energy, and money just to make their Overwatch cosplays perfect. When you look them, you become more inspired to play the game and its characters.

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