[Top 5] Overwatch Best Ashe Skins that Look Amazing

Overwatch Best Ashe Skin
Ashe being the queen that she is.

5 Top Overwatch Best Ashe Skins that Look Amazing 

Rich girl turned gang member, Ashe built an empire for herself as leader of the Deadlock gang alongside her butler B.O.B. Her philosophy is “ Keep your word, don’t work for the law, respect each other's territory, and always punish brutally.” Ashe is one of the most fun playable heroes in Overwatch. But, we are not here to talk about her gameplay or her mechanics. No, today I will be showing off five of Ashe’s skins that look absolutely amazing. So let us begin!   

1. Warlock  

First up is arguably one of Ashe's best skins, the Warlock skin! This skin certainly is one of the best Halloween skins you can get.

What’s Awesome About the Warlock skin:

  • It makes Ashe flare with a mysterious and horrifying beauty. 
  • It holds such a fantasy feel to it that it captures the imagination of any D&D or WoW player.
  • People will fear you when you call out “B.O.B do something!” and this hellspawn made of lava and rock comes running at them.

(This skin is only available during the Halloween Event)

See Warlock in Action:

2. Gangster 

Now up next on the chopping block is the Gangster skin. Sister of the Mobster skin, she is by far the prettiest of the two. 

What’s Awesome about Gangster skin:

  • Out of all her skins  it says, “ I am the boss and I know it.”    
  • When you wear this skin it is like going back to the good old 1920s where lines were being crossed and new types of criminals were being created.
  • This skin certainly suits the muscular B.O.B which makes him feel like a character named Philippe who takes care of all the dirty work for the head boss. 

  (This skin is available all year round)

See Gangster in Action:

3. Socialite 

If the Socialite skin doesn't say “ I am rich and posh as all get out while I am holding my pink rifle” I don't know what will. 

What’s Awesome About Socialite skin: 

  • It plays with the fact that Ashe grew up extremely wealthy and had the finest of the finest before she decided that a life of crime suited her way better.  
  • Ashe looks like she was out for a night on the town with her prestige butler before being very rudely interrupted to the point she had to take out her rifle.   
  • You outright feel like a fancy creature as your popping heads off your enemies like any other gentlewomen would.

(This skin is only available during the Archive Events)  

See Socialite in action:

4. Jungle

“Now what if Ashe and B.O.B were jungle explorers?” I hear you ask. “What would the skin look like to accommodate for that dream?” Well lucky for you Blizzard has already answered that question by giving us the Jungle skin. 

What’s Awesome About  Jungle skin:

  • Because it is camouflage you will become practically invisible on some of the darker maps in Overwatch. 
  • Ahse looks very sexy while in this skin and especially when she is blowing up dynamite in your face.   
  • You can just hear the Indiana Jones theme song playing in the background with just one glance at this skin. 

(This skin is available all year long)

See Jungle in Action:

5. Winter

Finally, we have reached the last Ashe skin on this list. May I present to you fine gents, a skin that will make you shiver just looking at, the Winter skin. 

  • It makes Ashe look like the Snow Queen if she had gone to Texas and never came back.
  • The Neon blue effects on her skin gives off an ice effect that glows on the darker maps.
  • While in this skin Ashe looks like she is cold to the bone, which matches her frozen heart as she snipes a McCree while he is high noonen. 

(This skin is only available during the Winter Wonderland Event)

See Winter in Action:

And that is it my friends, we have reached the end. I am glad that I have had the opportunity to introduce you, fine people, to a fun Hero with some of the most amazing skins in the world of Overwatch

More details on the skins I just talked about and more:


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