Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List 6.3 [OW2 Best DPS Revealed]

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Sojourn prepares to terrorize enemy supports

Why DPS Are Important

In Overwatch 2, there are seventeen DPS heroes to choose from. They vary from defensive to offensive, and who you should play depends on what your personal play style is. These heroes do the most damage in the game, even if they are more defensive. Since there are so many DPS, you have to know which ones are the best in order to maximize your potential and become a better player.


Tier List

The tiers will go from S to C, with S being the highest rating and C being the lowest rating. DPS heroes will be graded based on their overall game impact, regardless of whether they are offensive or defensive DPS.


S Tier

S tier DPS are the best DPS in the game right now. They have high power and versatility, which makes them accessible to many players. These heroes have some of the strongest abilities and ultimates in the game, and they have high utility and damage.


Sojourn (S Tier DPS)

Sojourn rushes into battle

Sojourn is one of the most powerful DPS at the moment. With a Mercy damage boost, Sojourn is almost unstoppable. Her raw damage is enough to earn her a spot in the S tier. Sojourn annihilates barriers in seconds and can terrorize squishies. Now that Sojourn has been out for a bit, players are learning how to play her well, which means she’s becoming more dangerous.

Although her kit isn’t particularly special, what she has is powerful enough that it makes her annoying to play against. Not only does she have the ability to jump super high, but she also has an ability that shoots out a surge of energy and does damage to any enemies near it. Oh, and it also slows them. That’s the most irritating part.

Sojourn’s raw damage potential and fast rate of fire make her so dangerous. Her ultimate supercharges her assault rifle and allows her to hit multiple enemies as long as they’re standing behind one another in a sequence. That means Sojourn has the potential to kill multiple enemies at once as long as she gets a headshot. Yeah, she’s pretty strong right now.

Sojourn: 100/100

What Makes Sojourn S Tier

  • High damage
  • Can shred through squishies and barriers
  • Mobile
  • Useful ultimate
  • Powerful kit


Soldier 76 (S Tier DPS)

Soldier 76 stands at attention, ready for battle

The reason why Soldier is still a S tier DPS is that he’s accessible to every player and playstyle. If you ever played the Call of Duty games, Soldier 76 is perfect for you. He has a simple but powerful kit and doesn’t require too much skill to play. All you have to do is master positioning and targeting, and you’ll become a great Soldier player.

Soldier 76 has a simple but powerful kit, kind of like Sojourn’s. He can sprint to get himself to places faster, shoot out rockets that make support players want to die, and put down a healing field to keep himself alive. He’s a self-sustaining hero that’s good for players who like to go off on their own.

Along with that, his ultimate is solid. It’s not the best, but if you use it right, you can get a lot of kills with it. Use it when all the enemy barriers are down, and if they have a Baptiste, bait out the Immortality Field before using your ultimate. When you're certain that nothing is in your way, you can use your ultimate to its full potential. 

Soldier 76: 95/100

What Makes Soldier 76 S Tier

  • High damage
  • Useful kit
  • Very mobile
  • Can self-heal
  • Ultimate is good when used right


Widowmaker (S Tier DPS)

Widowmaker reaches out to touch Doomfist's Gauntlet

Widowmaker is a hit or miss. However, more often than not, in modern Overwatch, she’s a hit. She’s getting picked all the time because of how powerful she is. She’s one of the only heroes in the game that has a consistent one-shot mechanic. If you have a good Widowmaker on your team, you have a much higher chance of winning thanks to how impactful a good Widow is.

Widowmaker has a simple kit that makes her accessible to most play styles. Although she mostly relies on aim, even if you’re only okay at aiming, you can make an impact by landing occasional headshots, destroying barriers, and finishing off squishy targets with body shots.

Any character that can consistently one-shot enemies is going to be considered overpowered. For example, the Overwatch community is debating whether Widow should be nerfed because she dominates every game she plays. If that’s not a sign that she’s extremely powerful, then I don’t know what is.

Widowmaker: 95/100

What Makes Widowmaker S Tier

  • Powerful one-shot ability
  • Hard to find since she’s a small target
  • Can clutch a point with only a few good shots
  • Okay ultimate that works well in certain situations
  • Not a very powerful kit, but it fits her playstyle


A Tier

A tier DPS heroes are solid picks that pack a powerful punch. They’re near unstoppable and have a great impact on the game. Their abilities, ultimates, and damage are amazing for most players, although these heroes may not be as accessible as the S tier heroes.


Ashe (A Tier DPS)

Ashe talks to Cassidy in her cinematic

I debated whether or not I should put Ashe in the S tier. However, since she’s relatively easy to counter, I put her in the A tier. She’s a very powerful DPS with high damage capabilities. Her ultimate is situational, but if you know how to use it, you can make the most out of it. Along with that, her dynamite and ability to knock people off the map are useful additions to her kit.

Not only is Ashe deadly from long range, but she’s deadly from close range as well. Her kit is versatile, allowing her to combat enemies from both up close and afar. She can knock back enemies who dare get close to her or even throw dynamite at them before they close the distance. Thanks to her powerful kit, she’s one of the best DPS in the game right now.

Ashe is extremely fun to play. For me, she’s my favorite DPS to play. Her kit is a lot of fun, and you’d be lying if you said you don’t get excited every time you get Bob. He’s an adorable little companion that can cause chaos when used properly. Although Bob is more situational and difficult to use, he is still a potent ult when used correctly.

Ashe: 85/100

What Makes Ashe A Tier

  • High damage
  • Great kit
  • Useful ult if used right
  • Can destroy barriers fast
  • Can be countered easily


Echo (A Tier DPS)

Echo uses her focusing beam to finish off an enemy

Echo is a flying hero that can easily maneuver between low and high ground. Her kit is pretty powerful, and her ultimate can be deadly when used right. Not only that, but she can use her ultimate to provide her team with extra utility. As long as Echo is doing a lot of damage, she can gain her ultimate quickly and use it often.

Echo’s combos are unique and fun to use. She can shred through enemies like it’s going out of style, and her sticky bombs are great for making squishies run for their lives. Thanks to her versatile kit, she can build her ultimate quickly.

Echo is a mobile and aggressive hero with an insanely powerful ult when used right. Even if she just uses it to duplicate Mercy, she can provide insane utility and support to her team. Overall, Echo is an amazing DPS who can turn the tide of the game.

Echo: 80/100

What Makes Echo A Tier

  • Her chaotic flying makes her hard to hit
  • High damage
  • Very powerful ultimate if used right
  • Dynamic kit
  • Interesting playstyle
  • Can be countered relatively easily


Genji (A Tier DPS)

Genji prepares to run into combat

The only reason why Genji isn’t S tier is because his counters are in right now. Zarya is almost always in, but now Winston is too. The tanks almost always counter Genji, which means it can be difficult to play him. However, Genji is great at countering some other popular picks, like Widow, which means this is a double-edged sword.

Genji is a fast hero that’s perfect for killing off squishies. He has great speed and the perfect utility to get him around the map. He can wall climb, dash, and double jump. Genji has one of the most unique kits in the game, making him extremely fun to play. Good Genjis can turn the tide of the game.

Also, his ultimate is amazing. It takes skill to use, but with enough practice, you can master his ult. After mastering his ult and combos, you’ll be an unstoppable Genji player who terrorizes supports and takes down entire teams. Sometimes you might even deflect a Grav. The only issue is that all your counters are popular, so it can be hard to play Genji in modern Overwatch.

Genji: 85/100

What Makes Genji A Tier

  • Very fast and mobile
  • Does high damage
  • Great for finishing off squishies
  • Powerful ultimate
  • Can be countered easily


Hanzo (A Tier DPS)

Hanzo stands, waiting for the player to choose him

Hanzo is a strong sniper who can help counter Widowmaker and flying heroes like Echo and Pharah. His kit isn’t the strongest in the game, but it works for his play style and allows the player to excel while playing him. His ultimate is the weakest part of his kit because of how situational it is, but when used well, it can be extremely deadly.

Snipers are important to Overwatch right now. They can land one-shot kills, and anyone who can do that consistently will turn the tide of the game in their favor. The only thing keeping Hanzo from being in the S tier is his ultimate. Even Widow’s ultimate can get more use since it directly benefits her and her aim. Hanzo mostly presses Q and prays.

Hanzo is a great DPS hero with high damage, an interesting kit, and a unique play style. He’s a blast to play and can counter some of the most popular heroes in the game right now. Not only that, but it’s pretty cool to play as an archer who quite literally jumps into battle.

Hanzo: 80/100

What Makes Hanzo A Tier

  • Great for countering other long-ranged heroes
  • Interesting kit
  • Can battle Widowmakers
  • His kit suits his playstyle
  • His ultimate is only okay


Reaper (A Tier DPS)

Reaper gets ready to fire on his enemy with his shotguns

Reaper is situational, which is why he isn’t in the S tier. He’s used to counter heroes like Winston. He’s great for dealing high damage at close range. However, if there are flying heroes or long-range heroes, Reaper can be countered rather easily.

His ultimate is pretty decent when used correctly. If you flank and use your ult, you’ll see good results. His high damage can hurt barriers and tanks. If your team is having trouble killing the enemy tank, choose Reaper to turn the tide of the game. Reaper's ability to self-heal is also extremely powerful since it makes him a self-sustaining hero.

Overall, Reaper is powerful thanks to his high damage and versatile kit. His kit provides him with a means to escape most situations, like his teleport and his wraith form. When used correctly, his ultimate is extremely powerful. The main issue is that it’s easy to counter him nowadays with heroes like Roadhog.

Reaper: 80/100

What Makes Reaper A Tier

  • Great for countering tanks
  • Can shred through barriers
  • High damage
  • Can self-heal
  • Easy to counter


B Tier

The B tier is a solid tier that makes a decent impact on the game. Although they have their flaws and weaknesses that can be exploited, they’re still powerful picks. They’re worth picking for practice and countering enemies.


Bastion (B Tier DPS)

Bastion rains fire on his enemies

Bastion is in a good spot right now. His main flaw is that his ultimate is kind of bad. Unless you’re really good with positioning it, the odds are you’re not going to get more than one kill with it at most. Whenever I hear an enemy Bastion ulting, I don’t feel any danger or need to move. I just wait until I see the red zones, then I’ll get out of it easily enough or use an ability to dodge it.

If high damage is what you’re looking for, then play Bastion. He’s great for dealing pounds of damage and destroying barriers. Reinhardt giving you trouble? Pick Bastion and cause Reinhardt to suffer from heart palpitations.

Overall, Bastion is strong. He has high damage and is useful for getting rid of barriers. He’s perfect on close-quarters maps where enemies can’t run from his bullets. The main issue with Bastion is his ultimate. Also, he doesn’t move very fast, meaning it’s easy to stagger him.

Bastion: 75/100

What Makes Bastion B Tier

  • High damage
  • Much more powerful than he used to be
  • Can destroy barriers easily
  • Moves slowly
  • His ultimate is pretty bad


Cassidy (B Tier DPS)

Cassidy stands in front of Route 66's fallen train

Cassidy used to be an amazing DPS. He still is, but he’s easier to counter now since the game has a more aggressive play style. They also removed his flashbang, which made him weaker. His new grenade is fine, but it really only works when you manage to land a stick. Seeing as it takes skill to land consistent sticks, it can be difficult to get the most out of Cassidy’s kit.

The new ability Cassidy has is nothing compared to flashbang, which is why he isn’t as high a tier as he would be in old Overwatch. There are many heroes that do exactly what Cassidy does, only better. Cassidy’s High Noon leaves him vulnerable. Although it can secure a lot of kills, it takes perfect positioning to pull this off, meaning it’s an inconsistent ult.

Overall, Cassidy isn’t a bad pick. He has high damage and can counter some of the strongest heroes in the game right now. You can get a lot of kills if you use his ultimate right. The main issues are that he isn’t as strong as he used to be, his kit is boring, and he’s easy to counter nowadays.

Cassidy: 70/100

What Makes Cassidy B Tier

  • High damage
  • Good for countering flying heroes
  • His ultimate can be strong when used well
  • His kit was better in Overwatch 1
  • He’s easy to counter nowadays


Junkrat (B Tier DPS)

Junkrat gets ready to cause some chaos in the training area

Junkrat is a B tier DPS because, as strong as he is, he can be countered easily. He’s one of the most annoying heroes to play against because all he has to do is spam grenades, and he’ll still get kills. The main issue with him is that he’s easy to counter, and his kit isn’t versatile enough to deal with a wide variety of threats.

Spam heroes are the most annoying to play against. I personally despise Junkrat, but he’s definitely strong at the moment. His ultimate, although low in health, can almost guarantee a pick on an enemy squishy. As long as you’re good at driving the tire, you’ll get a kill. Along with that, Junkrat has two mines he can use to launch himself into the air, making him mobile.

The best part about Junkrat is how easily he shreds through barriers. If the enemy has a Reinhardt, no problem. Use Junkrat to annihilate Reinhardt's will to live. From there, you have a much higher chance of winning the game.

Junkrat: 75/100

What Makes Junkrat B Tier

  • High damage
  • Can destroy barriers easily
  • Good at close range
  • Ultimate is powerful but leaves him vulnerable
  • Easy to counter


Sombra (B Tier DPS)

Sombra holds up a hacked cube while waiting to enter the training area

Sombra is in a pretty good spot. The only thing stopping her from being higher is the fact that her hack got nerfed. Her hack only lasts a second and a half now, which means it’s not a huge threat anymore. If they increased the duration of the hack again, she’d be A or even S tier due to how powerful she’d become.

Her hack ability is by far the best part of her kit since she can consistently hack health packs and enemies. Hacking health packs is the best advantage you can give your team. How many times have you been battling an enemy, but they escaped because they got a health pack? With Sombra, you never have to worry about that again.

Sombra is a powerful DPS hero with decent damage output and high utility. Her ultimate can be a game-changer if used right; just be sure to use it when your team is actually around. A common mistake Sombra players make is assuming their team is with them, then popping their ult. Wait until you’re fully sure your team is with you, then attack.

Sombra: 75/100

What Makes Sombra B Tier

  • Her hack is very powerful
  • Her ultimate is extremely powerful
  • Can hack health packs and give her team an advantage
  • Can take out enemy supports easily
  • Her hack isn’t as good as it used to be


Symmetra (B Tier DPS)

Symmetra shows off her new Overwatch 2 skin

Symmetra is a defensive DPS that is perfect for control maps. She has high damage and turrets that make her extremely useful. Her teleport is great for flanking, repositioning teammates, and speeding up your team. Her ultimate is pretty good too, since it can block other offensive ults like D.Va’s bomb.

Sym is a lot better than people give her credit for. There are plenty of lists that will list her as C tier, but a DPS’ strength isn’t determined solely by their raw damage. Sym has a lot of utility that makes her useful in most games she’s in. The main issue with her kit is that she isn’t versatile when it comes to the types of enemies she can deal with.

Sym can’t take care of long-ranged heroes, flying heroes, or even spam heroes like Junkrat. Thanks to that, she’s easy to counter. Overall, Sym is a powerful DPS with high utility and a solid ultimate. She’s definitely worth playing, especially on control maps.

Symmetra: 75/100

What Makes Symmetra B Tier

  • Powerful turrets make her useful on control maps
  • Useful ultimate that can block enemy ultimates
  • High damage
  • Teleporter can help teammates move faster
  • Is easy to counter with long-ranged heroes


Tracer (B Tier DPS)

Tracer gets ready to fight for her home, King's Row

Tracer is overall a powerful hero; she’s just easy to counter nowadays. She’s really squishy, and since Roadhog is in, she gets hooked and killed a lot. She’s not as useful as other DPS heroes. She still leaves an impact on the game if played well, but you really have to play her well in order to get the most out of her.

Her blinks are by far the best parts of her kit. The three blinks she gets make her mobile and powerful. She can zip in and out of combat and rush back to the point after being picked off. If you have an aggressive team, Tracer is a great pick. Along with that, she does a decent amount of damage.

If you’re having trouble dealing with the enemy backline, Tracer is your solution. She can finish off squishies and also peel back to deal with flankers. The main issue with Tracer is that her counters are popular, like Roadhog's. Her ultimate also isn’t the best. You have to be accurate with it consistently in order to make good use out of it.

Tracer: 75/100

What Makes Tracer B Tier

  • Very fast and mobile
  • Does a good amount of damage
  • Great for dealing with flankers
  • Can finish off squishies
  • Is easily countered
  • Her ultimate isn’t very strong when compared to other DPS


C Tier

C tier heroes are the lowest on the list because they provide much utility, damage, or power. They don’t turn the tide of the game with their ultimates, even if they can be useful and have occasional moments where they command the flow of the game. Although they can be useful and even game-changing, these heroes are too inconsistent to be any higher than C.


Pharah (C Tier DPS)

Pharah wears her shiney blue armor

Pharah can still be used, but with long-ranged heroes like Sojourn being the most popular in the game, Pharah stands no chance. She’s a giant, flying red target for the long-ranged heroes to hit, meaning she dies pretty quickly, even with a pocket Mercy. Not to mention her ultimate leaves her completely defenseless and has many counters, like D.Va and Ana.

The best part about Pharah is how much damage she does. She does such high damage that she can two-hit a squishy. Those kills can add up and give your team an advantage. Pharah can also destroy barriers at a rapid rate.

Her ultimate is pretty weak. Although it does high damage, it leaves her vulnerable to attacks for a few moments. Even with a pocket, it’s difficult to protect Pharah during her ult. Pharah is overall not a bad DPS; she’s just weak in the current state of Overwatch. I barely see anyone playing her, even when I’m playing Mercy.

Pharah: 65/100

What Makes Pharah C Tier

  • Does high damage
  • Great against slow heroes
  • Great against close range heroes
  • Her ultimate leaves her vulnerable
  • Gets countered easily
  • Hard to heal unless the support is Mercy


Mei (C Tier DPS)

Mei winces after yet another Overwatch player calls her Satan

Mei is in a bad spot. She can no longer freeze people except if she uses her ultimate. Otherwise, she doesn’t have much going for her. She’s good for stalling, but most Mei players are looked down upon because Mei doesn’t provide much support for the team. Along with that, her wall is the most annoying ability in the game.

When used right, her ultimate is powerful. It can block off objectives, making her useful for control maps. However, on fast-paced maps like the push maps, she’s not the best. Because of their aggressive speed, enemies can easily get out of her ultimate, and the enemy is likely to have a Kiriko to counter Blizzard.

Overall, Mei doesn’t have a kit worth using in modern Overwatch. She has low damage and utility that is frequently abused. It ends up being more detrimental than helpful. Thanks to that, you’re better off not playing Mei.

Mei: 60/100

What Makes Mei C Tier

  • Her ultimate, when used right, can be very powerful
  • Is great at stalling
  • Can self-heal
  • Low DPS
  • Annoying wall
  • Doesn’t have a great kit

Torbjorn (C Tier DPS)

Torb leans against his trusty turret

Torb isn’t the worst in the game, but he isn’t very strong. His turret can be annoying to deal with, and his ultimate is pretty strong, but otherwise, there are many better DPS to pick. He doesn’t do enough damage to justify choosing him over someone else. His turret and solid ultimate aren’t enough to make him a great DPS.

Torb doesn’t do the same amount of damage as the other DPS heroes. His ultimate can block off points and rip through a tank’s health, but otherwise, it’s not worth it to use Torb over Reaper. Reaper can rip through tanks normally, but Torb needs an ultimate to do it. If you want sentry turrets, then use Symmetra. Her turrets are a lot more effective anyway.

Overall, Torb has some positive traits, like his ultimate. His turret, when put in a good spot, can be difficult for the enemy team to deal with. However, his basic kit isn’t enough to make him a strong DPS.

Torbjorn: 60/100

What Makes Torbjorn C Tier

  • Has a good ult that can force enemies off the objective
  • His turret can be annoying to deal with
  • Easy to counter
  • Doesn’t do enough damage
  • Doesn’t have a versatile kit


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