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Hey, gamers! Today it’s a great day to talk about Paladins: Champions of The Realm, a Free-to-Play objective-based team first-person shooter game from Hi-Rez Studios. I think most of you know Paladins by his popularity and similarity with Overwatch, although it is very different from it. But I’m not here to make a discussion about it, just show you the Top 5 best Flanks you can play in.

5 - Buck

"I am the Buck of War"

See Buck Own In Action

Have you played with Buck once? I’m pretty sure you did it. Buck is one of the best flanks you can play in Season 4 of Paladins. 

Buck has several great abilities as a bald soldier should have. He carries with him a Shotgun as his main weapon, and a Net Shot as his second one, which it’s great for stun members from the enemy team. The Unyielding Buck was once one of my favourite flanks and his playability is still one of the best since the game was released. He can also leap an incredible height and distance, and recover his own life as an one more ability.

As a player of Paladins, Buck it’s not easy to conduct as a newbie, maybe you feel difficult to control him in your first playthrough. 

What I discovered about Buck it’s that his name means “vaulting horse” which matches perfectly with his skill Heroic Leap.

Buck Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/buck

4 - Zhin

"Do you wanna duel?"

See Zhin Own In Action

Alright, what I have to say about an awesome samurai with a bloody fireblade? Incredible! That’s breathtaking! I would like to have a huge fireblade and cut every slice of pizza that I want.

Zhin The Tyrant is one of the most interesting flanks I’ve ever played. He has many awesome skills that you could do anything to have too. His Inferno Blade can launch a fireblast through the air; he can also transform his body in ashes to be intangible while he heals his health.

Zhin is an Asian name and means “treasure”. I will bring you guys some curiosities about the name of the champs. 

Zhin Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/zhin

3 - Vatu

"Get over here"

See Vatu Own In Action

Scorpion from Mortal Komba- Oh, sorry, that’s Vatu, The Shadow from Paladins. Sorry about that but everyone who sees a guy with a mask, eyes burning hell and ninja weapons could think that is Scorpion though. It’s clear who Vatu was inspired by. 

I’ve played with Vatu a couple times and I liked it a lot, but I don’t know… maybe I’m a traditional gamer? I don't know if this makes sense but it always takes a while before I start liking to play with a new champ. What do you guys think? Vatu is a good flank and a badass champion, maybe I should take him more times. 

Vatu in Fijan means “stone of hell”. Wow, that is creep. 

Vatu Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/vatu

2 - Vora

Vora is going after your soul

See Vora Own In Action

I don’t know if they thought about that, but Vora is a inofense bee common in Brazil with black color skin and yellow eyes and the first thing I thought was this when I saw Vora for the first time. Now I think they were not thinking about that when designing Vora, lol. 

Vora, The Harbinger, is a dark-elf from Darkness in lore of Paladins, which means she’s a dark girl, do not mess with her. Anyway, gameplay with Vora is volatile, if you’re not familiar with Zhin then you’ll be bad with Vora cause their gameplay it’s pretty much similar. But I think you should try anyway. Great damage, badass skins, dark scythe and good eyes, you know, that’s Vora.

Vora Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/vora

1 - Androxus

"Now it's your turn"

See Androxus Own In Action

Here it is the best of the best, Androxus, The Godslayer, the devil himself. I know, that’s an awesome title. This flank here it’s been in Paladins since the closed beta 18, he has some baggage. 

Androxus is my favorite flank and it’s pretty cool to play with, very simple and clear. His primary weapon is the Cursed Revolver which is a semi-automatic sidearm that excels at short range and has heavy damage falloff. To play with Androxus you must know that it acts like a real flank, so do the Nether Step through the enemies and kill them with your Accursed Arm. 

I always liked to play with Androxus, every one of my friends who play Paladins used to say for me to pick up Androxus, that would be a victory guarantee. When the lore came out, I always thought about his title “The GodSlayer'', maybe he could kill the Goddess?

Androxus, possible combination of the Greek word "Andro" which means "Man" and  the word "Roxus" which means "Purple". Roxus may also mean "Light" in Spanish. Meaning his name would translate to “Man-Light or Man of Light". I think this is great for the Androxus lore.  

Androxus Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/androxus

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