[Top 5] WoW Shadowlands Most Fun Solo Class

Most fun solo class in WOW Shadowlands
Missions, missions and more missions!

5. Arcane Mage

Undead Arcane Mage creates a new portal to Dalaran.

Knowledge is power; who cares about the rest!

Leveling or doing old content is really fun and easy using this spec! Arcane Mages don’t have self-healing skills, so keep an eye on your health bar! Summoning your Arcane Familiar and using the option of burst damage spells Arcane Power, Touch of the Magi, and Rune of Power to show your enemies the true meaning of fear in 10 seconds!

Why Arcane Mage Is Great For Solo:

  • You can easily clean old dungeons or raid trash mobs only using Arcane Explosion every time and everywhere!
  • In Torghast, you can solo easier than the other Mage specs!
  • Your mobility is good, and your rotation is great!


4. Holy Priest

Draenei Holy Priest getting heady to cure the tank!

If the light doesn’t cure, it kills!

Since I started playing WOW, I never had a bad day soloing content with this spec! Holy Priest is known as a slow but strong dps for solo; being the best in healing and shielding will forever keep you safe and with full HP almost every time. Soloing Torghast or leveling is something you can do while relaxing and drinking hot cocoa, you are a mini tank!  The damage rotation is effortless to learn and doesn’t ruin your rate if you make a small mistake while casting!

Why Holy Priest Is Great For Solo:

  • Apotheosis will increase your stats for some seconds in combat!
  • Smite, Shadow Word: Pain and Holy Fire are all that are needed to kill mobs.
  • Your damage and self-healing skills are what you need to keep alive and kill many enemies!


3. Fury Warrior

Fury Warrior slaying his enemies. 

The first letter in a Fury Warrior’s alphabet is AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

Questing and Torghast are a paradise for combat enthusiasts! Users of two two-handed weapons, the Fury Warriors are masters of multi-target damage! Keep Battle Shout active and your life will be easier playing WOW, the Fury rotation may be a little confusing sometimes for newbies but don’t give up; once you get the timing, you will feel confident even soloing elite enemies!

Why Fury Warrior is Great For Solo:

  • You can kill enemies quickly and will not put your HP in danger!
  • You have multiple defensive abilities to use when necessary!
  • The high mobility this spec has is the key to never dying in combat against multiple enemies!


2. Vengeance Demon Hunter

Vengeance Demon Hunter posing for a picture before killing many demons!

Eat demons for breakfast and go to fight!

Vengeance Demon Hunter is a high damage Tank spec that speaks for itself in solo content! This class spec has significant self-healing, damage reduction, awesome mobility, and enemy control! It has great AoE damage, which is great for leveling and endgame, strong and frequent cooldowns, and excellent resistance! Mark of Chaos increases magical damage that is taken!

Why Vengeance Demon Hunter Is Great For Solo:

  • The most mobile of all tanks is here!
  • You have a fun rotation full of advantages when choosing the right talents!
  • Vengeance Demon Hunters can hold challenging content by the great sustain and blasting damage!


1.- Protection Paladin

Protection Paladin after watching Avengers Endgame!

Here you are, the Captain America of WOW!

Using the Light as a resource, Protection Paladin is a great solo Tank spec for having a strong self-healing and defense! Generate holy power defeating each enemy in front of you; the Hammer of Justice is hungry! EmpowerStrenght up your defense with Shield of the Righteous and maintain your HP with Word of Glory! Your AoE is the strongest of all tanks in WOW!

Why Protection Paladin Is Great For Solo:

  • Defensive skills increased by powerful auras!
  • Immunity is your triumph card!
  • Great emergency cooldowns like Lay on Hands and Divine Shield for dangerous moments!


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