[Top 5] WoW Shadowlands Most Fun Tanks That Are Great

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5. Vengeance Demon Hunter

Night Elf Vengeance Demon Hunter is ready for a demonic meal!

In Legion, we all were gifted with this new brutal tank class spec!

Ready to eat demons in breakfast? Vengeance Demon Hunters are a self-healing and AoE damage class spec, with a good damage reduction and enemy control. Mobility makes them one of the best choices for a tank in a group. Even not being the choice of many tanks, this spec has consistent damage and self-healing. In PVP or Mythic+, this class rules the place!

What's Great About Vengeance Demon Hunter:

  • Do not be afraid if the enemies in a BG have Hunters or Druids. Your good defense will keep you alive!
  • The best choice for gearing your character, the rotation will make your leveling easier.
  • In Shadowlands, their Chaos Brand is a must-have in raids and Mythic+.


4. Protection Warrior

A Protection Warrior waiting for the trumpet of war! 

Offensive and Defensive Cooldowns! If this short sentence did not convince you that Protection Warriors are a great tank class spec, keep reading!

Being one of the best dealing bursts AoE damage, with good mobility, stunning enemies, and shielding gives the Protection Warrior the status of the most useful tank in WOW! This spec also has a great utility in Raid and Dungeons using skills like Rallying Cry, Battle Shout, Shockwave, Spell Reflection, and Intimidating Shout! In PVP, players should pay more attention to their rotation than in PVE mode; a little mistake can be deadly!

What’s Great About Protection Warrior:

  • Smooth damage intake.
  • Great AOE damage output.
  • Cooldowns everywhere!


3. Guardian Druid

Guardian Druid preparing his nutritive lunch.

Hello nature lovers! This time is yours to shine!

Guardian Druid is a tank spec with a robust active physical through stackable, no-cooldown Ironfur with 100% one stack uptime. It has some short cooldown defensive spells that will make incredible stable damage intake if used correctly!  This class spec fits a lot in PVP, but its true shine happens at Raids and Mythical+ by its high physical damage intake!

What’s Great About Guardian Druid:

  • Guardian Druids have the most basic rotation for tanks, which is suitable for the new players!
  • Your toolkit is vast; you can face tank a lot!
  • The self-healing spells combined with the passive damage reduction make the Guardian Druid one of the most durable tanks in WOW!


2. Brewmaster Monk

A Drunk Pandaren Brewmaster Monk getting ready for a party!

Let’s go drown the sorrows! The drunk fist never was so well represented!

Being one of the best at surviving predictable burst damages using Stagger, Purifying Brew and Celestial Brew. Also, with many tons of mobility, sustained damage and versatility, make the Brewmaster Monk a great choice for being a massive damage sponge! This spec rules when talking about simplicity in offensive rotations! Celestial Fortune makes the self-healing of Brewmasters much easier than in other specs!

What’s Great About Brewmaster Monk:

  • Many of your skills have a fun relation to brewing!
  • Easy spec for beginners in Tank life.
  • Holding aggro in a large pack without worrying about it!


1.- Protection Paladin

A Blood Elf Protection Paladin posing for a new Silvermoon shampoo commercial. 

And here comes the best tank spec by my experience! Summon your horse, and let’s go to battle!

Having a strong group utility using different blessings to party members or raids gives you a heroic feeling in teams! Cleanse Toxins will never let you or your friends worry about poisons and diseases. As a complete package for tanks, you also have great anti-magic and anti-bleed tools like Divine Shield, Blessing of Protection, and Holy Shield!

What’s Great About Protection Paladin:

  • Become Captain America using Avenger’s Shield!
  • Leveling and soloing are so great and fast with the good AoE system!
  • For those like me who love beautiful skill animations full of light, this spec is something special! 

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