Woman Trades Sex for In-Game Item

Woman Trades Sex for In-Game Item

Ever wished beautiful women were lining up to take you to bed?

Well guys, your dreams may be coming true. A post on CraigsList sent the male WoW community into curious excitement when a female World of Warcraft player offered sex in exchange for 5,000 gold to buy an epic flying mount. In return she’d let you ‘mount’ her. (Oh boy, that metaphor was just too good to resist.) 

Now, news reveals that she went through with it! Here’s GamersDecide, reporting her words verbatim from the depths of WoW depravity:

 “I’d like to thank all the jackasses that thought it would be funny to post my picture all over the internet and make 50,000 threads about me on the wow forums. I got my epic mount in about an hour that was very enjoyable for both parties while all of you idiots probably spent hundreds of hours farming for yours or don’t even have them. 

I won’t be revealing my name or his, but suffice to say if I find any of you in-game I will be killing you 280% faster.  Also my new friend would also like to tell all you PUNKS to take a hike, PUNKS.  I’m planning to meet him again later this week, he’s getting double value for his gold :D

So talk all the trash you want, I got MY Epic Flying Mount AND I got laid which is more than most of you failures can ever hope for.”

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