[Top 10] Wow Shadowlands Best Alliance Servers To Join

Enter through the Dark Portal with caution for you might not be prepared


Whether you're a proud human warrior or a stealthy night elf rogue, one thing is certain, in your heart one thing echoes... FOR THE ALLIANCE!

Even though horde has been the go-to faction for cool kids, there are still strong Alliance players all over the realms of Shadowlands. If you want to empower and support your favorite faction and you're looking for a perfect server to do so, you came to the right place.

Alliance is alive and still going strong even in 2022. For the US players, there are many servers where the alliance holds the highest population.


1. Proudmoore (US)

Jaina Proudmoore

Proudmoore is a medium population server in the North American region. If you are an Alliance player this would be heaven for you since the server population is almost 90% Alliance and barely 10% Horde. Proudmoore is classified as a Normal server but before the server classification system was applied, this was mostly a PvE server.

If you are looking for the END-GAME guild to join and pair your skills with the masters of the game, pay attention to the Misfitz Of Lordaeron, Torchwood, Evolved, and The Old Gods. 

One more crucial thing to add if you are a hardcore raider and want to know the peak hours for raiding. Proudmoore Server Time is set to the Pacific Daylight Timezone (PDT, UTC-7). Making your core raids or alt runs is ideal from 7 PM till 3 AM on most servers.


2. Quel'Thalas (US)


Quel'Thalas is a PvE Latin American server with a huge Alliance population. Though not as dominant as on Proudmoore, Alliance is almost as strong on this server with over 14.000 active alliance characters. It holds an estimated 52% of the entire server population.

The Time Zone on Quel'Thalas is set to CST like all other Latin American servers.  If you are not from this part of America, you will be occasionally forced to play the game at awkward parts of the day.

This is also another PvE heavily focused server and as such provides players with never endless raid and mythic plus content. Some of the top guilds here are Guardianes de la Galaxia, Soy un dinosaurio rawwr, Asgard Warriors, and Guardianes de Illidan.


3. Sargeras (US)


Sargeras is one of the most bloodthirsty skill-capped power-hungry PVP servers that you shouldn't join if you are gonna casually do PVP stuff. Yes, it is Alliance dominated with over 90% of the population being Ally and barely 9%  Horde.

But don't get me wrong there are positives and negatives for both factions. If your first sentence when you wake up is "FOR THE HORDE!" , and there's never enough alliance to annihilate, then this is the right server for you. 

As for the Alliance side, you will barely see any enemies outside the major cities. For some, this is boring. But for the Alliance players that love to dominate every single PVP event, and never want to be afraid of getting slaughtered by a vengeful undead rogue while their Warmode is ON, this is the right place to be.


4. Ravencrest (EU)


For all the gnome and dwarf lovers in Europe, this is the best place to be. Especially if you are into PVP since this is the mirror image of the US Sargeras when it comes to population. As a player vs player enthusiast, you might want to consider playing on the Ravencrest server. 

This is where European Alliance savages can show what they're made of in endless combat that echoes through every battleground and arena.

Although the realm has suffered countless crash downs in 2010 and horrible queues a few days after MoP was released. Most of the Horde players took the option to transfer for free to the other servers and with that the horde population was virtually gone.

Alliance on the other hand is prospering and is holding this realm in the palm of its hand.


5. Argent Dawn (EU)

Do you love roleplaying? You have had a roleplaying name since the first grade? Well then, welcome to one of the first roleplaying servers in Wow history. 

Since this is a roleplaying server, PVP is just an option. However, there are rules that need to be followed here. The roleplaying name is one of those rules. Also not getting out of character in the chat is crucial. Finally, and this is hands down the most important thing. You must not harass or disturb roleplayers at roleplaying events.

Players here love and enjoy the fun RP events and if you are looking for a chill place to hang out with your buddies, this is it.


6.  Stormrage (US)


One of the oldest servers out there for sure, but old is sometimes what makes a good server. This is what we call a hardcore PvE server stacked with highly skill-capped Alliance players that are clearing everything that Blizzard has to offer.  

This is also the number one Alliance-dominated server in the US. With that said, the only reason this is not the best server for the US-based Alliance fans is that the queue is just plain painful. Lasting up to two hours during the peak riding time and that is going on from reset to reset.

So if you lack patients or don't have enough time to be wasting it on queue, you might want to choose a different server. 

The last thing to mention here is the top guilds you might want to join. Since there's a bunch of them, I'm just going to mention a few good ones that I've heard much about. Adamant, Casually Addicted, Catalyst, Death Jesters for 25 man raids and Anger, Blood Runs Cold, and Coup de Grace for 10 man raids.


7. Tichondrius (US)

Needless to say, this is another old but gold server. This time we are talking about the King of the Kings when it comes to PvP.  Ever since the release of cross-realm battlegrounds, players from this server have become worldwide known for their skills.

You want to casually do some arenas in low MMR? Wishful thinking my friend. You are going to "get rekt" even by some average Joe on that server. Reaching the top of the food chain here is close to impossible. 

So if you are looking to grind your way up to the very top while losing the last piece of nerve you got. Then this might be the perfect place for you.

What makes Tichondrius different from other PvP servers is the toxicity level. It has one of the most toxic populations in the history of wow. One little mistake and there are at least 5 people flaming you and pointing your mistakes until you finally give up and /ignore them all.


8. Outland (EU)


A fairly new-ish server. Represents players that migrated from the Bladefist realm with mostly Alliance guilds.  It's honest to say that there's nothing special about this server since it's new when compared to the previously mentioned realms. 

But let's not look down upon it yet. Look at it as a fresh realm to start your journey and explore the vast, beautifully designed world with players that are not that experienced yet. Create your own story. Build your own guild and make it a family. 

Who knows, maybe one day this server will be well known by the guild you made and led to the hall of fame. Permanently marking your successes into this epic game that we all love and respect.


9.  Moon Guard (US)

Now introducing the US version of Argent Dawn. Greatly populated by Alliance, the Moon Guard realm has to offer the best role-playing events.

 Everything is played here. Every class and race are almost equally played so the choice is all on you. There are people playing on this server that are not interested in Roleplaying and are focused on PvP/PvE contents, but even they can't resist and try out some RP action from time to time.

What separates this server from other RP realms is the vibe that players on this server have. It's something that people have a hard time describing, but if you had to describe it with one word, it's magical. 

Now when I say magical I mean this in a way that every person you meet adds a little bit of their own magic into your experience.  Needless to say that fun is almost guaranteed and I haven't heard anything bad about this server.


10. Dalaran (US)


Dalaran is one of the first servers released and back in the WOTLK time, it had one of the best progress guilds on both factions. Nowadays, Alliance rules this server with over 70% of the realm's population. 

The server has its benefits and drawbacks that go with any other server. On release, it was and still is mainly focused on PvE although there are a lot of rated PvP players roaming around and collecting innocent souls that dare to join bg's, arenas, or even walk around with the war mode on while leveling.

PvE wise, the server is great. You can always find groups to PUG a raid, but if you are looking for some end game progress you might want to join a guild and push the limit in a more organized scenario. Decent guilds that I've heard of are The Øld Gods, OMNI DRIVE, Pénsive and Legendary Agenda.


Burning teldrassil

All realms share one common storyline through the expansions, but they all differ slightly because of the players' decisions and content that were made. So theoretically, each server is the same and at the same time unique. That is what makes this game still the best MMO in the world. 

Each player has the power to influence the server and with that create one of a kind experience per realm. This makes each realm special in its own way, so choose wisely and  "May the light embrace you".

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