[Top 5] WoW Dragonflight Best Professions For Money (and Usefulness)

An adventurer without gold is a dead adventurer

What are the best professions to make gold in WoW Dragonflight?

Professions are a big part of every MMORPG, and with World of Warcraft that is no different. With the recent release of the Dragonflight expansion, professions have been reworked and are a lot of fun now, so even if you are usually not into gathering and crafting, maybe now it's the perfect time to give it a try.

Since fun alone doesn't pay the bills, this list will guide you through the best professions in order to make lots of gold in WoW Dragonflight.


Honorable Mention: Gear Crafting Professions

Gear crafting professions, such as Blacksmithing, Tailoring and Leatherworking, while not as profitable as the other professions on this list, are a very good source of gold in the early stages of every new expansion, because people simply haven’t moved on to better equipment such as raid gear yet. With the recent release of Dragonflight, you can expect these three professions to be a very good choice at least for a while, plus you get to craft your own gear, which will save you a lot of money too.


5. Herbalism

Herbalism is a classic gathering profession that many players have chosen over the years in World of Warcraft. What makes this a great profession is the fact that while traveling through Azeroth you will always be encountering a wide variety of plants to gather on your way to the next quest or dungeon. The gold income from herbalism is very high because of the constant demand for herbs in order to create all sorts of potions and elixirs in the game.

What makes Herbalism useful:

  • You always find herbs to gather on your way to your next objective in the map;
  • Can refine herbs in order to turn them into very valuable crafting materials;
  • Has a constant demand for herbs from crafters who wish to make potions and elixirs.

Pick Herbalism if:

  • You want to be always gathering stuff during your adventures;
  • You want a very consistent source of gold;
  • You plan on also doing Alchemy or has a friend who is going to pick that profession;
  • You are a bit of a hippie and you are proud of it.


4. Enchanting

Enchanting is a very handy profession that doesn’t require you to go out of your way too much in order to earn gold with it. On top of the ability to enchant your own gear, you’ll also be able to disenchant weapons and gear in order to gather very valuable materials for great profit.

What makes Enchanting useful:

  • You can enchant your own gear with permanent and temporary buffs, with awesome looking visual effects;
  • This is the sort of profession that you can perform on the go while doing other sorts of content;
  • Can disenchant weapons and gear in order to gain valuable materials such as dusts, shards and essences that can sell for a lot of gold.

Pick Enchanting if:

  • You want to be self sufficient;
  • You want your weapons to look cool;
  • You want a handy profession that doesn’t require you to go out of your way;
  • You want to feel like a powerful fantasy wizard that sets weapons ablaze.


3. Mining

Mining is another classic gathering profession that you will find in most if not every MMORPG out there. Miners provide valuable resources for many crafting professions, making them the most profitable gathering profession out there. Just like Herbalism, Mining is a profession that has you constantly gathering stuff during your journey through Azeroth, so you’ll always be stacked up on materials to refine and sell. However, while Herbalism mostly only provides resources for Alchemy, Mining can provide resources to many professions.

What makes Mining useful:

  • You are always stacked up on resources to sell;
  • Can refine materials up to very high values of gold;
  • Provides resources to many crafting professions.

Pick Mining if:

  • You want to be always gathering stuff during your adventures;
  • You want a very consistent source of gold with many potential clients;
  • You plan on also doing Blacksmithing or Engineering;
  • You play a dwarf (then you have to do Mining, come on.).


2. Inscription

The explanation as to why Inscription is so profitable is honestly very short and simple: Darkmoon Decks. Darkmoon Decks are a great way to get powerful trinkets for your character, and in Dragonflight we have even higher versions of this in the form of Darkmoon Deck Boxes. If you want something that is entry-level friendly and yet very profitable in the long term, then this is the profession for you.

What makes Inscription useful:

  • You can create Darkmoon Decks which can be exchanged for items and powerful trinkets;
  • Has remained very profitable over the last expansions, and will only increase in value now with the release of Darkmoon Deck Boxes;
  • Is very friendly to new players who are starting in crafting or who wish easy access to good trinkets.

Pick Inscription if:

  • You are a new player or a new crafter;
  • You want a reliable profession that has remained profitable over the last expansions;
  • You want easy access to good trinkets;
  • You want to feel like a knowledgeable scholar.


1. Jewelcrafting

On the top of our list is the Jewelcrafting profession, in a very well earned position. Jewelcrafting just has so many ways to make lots of gold, especially in the start of a new expansion. It has the long term reliability of material selling, with very valuable reagents, and also the early burst of income due to crafting powerful jewelry at the beginning of the Dragonflight expansion before players move on to stronger options.

What makes Jewelcrafting useful:

  • Has a high burst of gold income at this early stage of the Dragonflight expansion through crafting;
  • Provides the long term reliability through the production of valuable reagents;
  • The potential for gold making with this profession is on another level when compared to the others..

Pick Jewelcrafting if:

  • You want to earn lots of gold through dedicated crafting;
  • You want early access to high amounts of gold;
  • You want a reliable profession on the long term;
  • You are sure all that glitters is gold.


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