[Top 5] WoW Dragonflight Best Solo Class (Ranked)

Wow Dragonflight Best Solo Class
Solo Paladin taking on the world of Dragonflight!

World of Warcraft is without a doubt a multiplayer game. It’s one of the biggest MMORPGs of all time, but the solo/single-player content is also ridiculously good! Some classes fare better than others doing this content. Some people solo due to a lack of friends/guilds (c'mon guys help them out!) or simply because they enjoy playing solo.

You don’t have to rely on other players and they don’t have to rely on you, everything outside of dungeons and raids can be soloed with enough determination and skill. Here we rank the top 5 giants of solo content!


5. Paladin (OK)

Draenei Retribution Paladin, Holy warrior of the Naaru

The Warriors of Light take a spot in the top 5 now this was a toughie, you’ve got warriors also that are coming up just short, the paladin can self-heal, they’re a hybrid class so can adapt to the situations, and the good old Bubble Hearth, wow’s most famous oh shit button. Their protection spec is pretty damn good for solo, with insane tankiness, self-healing on a whim, and constant AOE damage (consecration, divine hammer, etc) This class will outlive pretty much anything, their defensives are solid and at the moment, retribution is proving to have some enormous single-target burst potential!

Why is the paladin great for solo content?

  • Healing for days!
  • Shields, shields, and more shields!
  • Their damage is pretty strong in all specs and their AOE is justifiably good
  • Mobility with divine steed enables them to escape most situations
  • Good old bubble hearth!
  • Plenty of silences and stuns for them pesky casting enemies!


4. Demon hunter(Good)

Illidari Havoc Demon hunter

Illidan Stormrage, First of the Demon Hunters

Yes indeed, World of Warcraft’s resident Badboys (and girls) are taking a spot in the solo rankings, incredible maneuverability, tremendous damage, and in vengeance spec, plenty of healing. This class relies on a devastating hit-and-run tactic, well… hit and most things die and move on tactic but you get what I mean! If they get caught in a group of mobs it may be game over but you can’t deny the raw power these guys bring to the table in terms of nuking everything they set their glowing eyes on.

  Why is the Demon Hunter great for solo content?

  • In-and-out style of play enables you to control positioning, situational damage and escape most damage thrown by the enemy
  • Raw damage potential and scaling means most things will be dead before your rotation is done
  • Movement speed is not a worry for this class, a dash and a glide on every jump means you practically never need a mount.
  • Some solid defensives and tankiness, when they run out, be prepared to be folded like a paper bag, but most enemies will be dead by then…
  • Did I mention they’re fast!? Like stupidly fast?


3. Monk(Good)

Pandaren Monk Ready to rumble

From the shores of Pandaria came a class that is peaceful in nature, but a set of machine gun legs and fists when called upon, I think Blizzard decided to go with a “Bruce Lee” class, and boy did they nail it! Monks are versatile, incredibly fast, can stagger damage indefinitely, and kick like a mule. These guys are powerful! Perfect for solo as a dive-in, spray and pray, and get-out fighting style. Brewmasters can tank for days staggering the damage whilst wearing the opponents down (Monks were known to solo elites from level 60-63 as part of the leveling speedrun, in groups of up to 15) now that is ridiculous to do solo!

  Why is the Monk great for solo content?

  • Stagger damage-really useful in Multi-enemy situations and for hard “Boss-like” enemies
  • Can roll in and out of combat, really effective engagement and disengage
  • Their damage is topping the scales in both single-target and AOE
  • Self-healing and a nice set of defensives enable them to combat most enemies solo in the open world!


2. Warlock(Great)

A Devilish warlock schemes with her minion

No surprises here that a class with pets takes a top spot, Warlocks are powerful beyond measure, affliction enables you to chip down enemies' health from a distance whilst you sip your tea, demonology enables you to lead a miniature army of imps and demons. Your pet takes the aggro and you simply wait and enjoy as your dots and curses eradicate the enemy, incredible AOE when done right, and single-target is just as strong, they lack some mobility compared to other classes, but the strong suit here is that the warlock themselves are in no danger.

  Why is the Warlock great for solo content?

  • Pets enable the warlock to enjoy a stress-free killing spree
  • Dot and run tactic is solid, kiting for days
  • Like baked goods? Warlocks make health cookies and they’re awesome!
  • When all the dots hit at the same time (malefic rupture) it’s just crazy damage!


1. Hunter(Best)

Wow's most famous hunter, Rexxar with trusty sidekick and certified steamroller, Misha

The King of the Solo Conquest Ring! Was it going to be any other class? These guys have been tearing it up solo since classic and continue to do so without any intention of slowing down!Tanky pets combined with deathly accurate single target and AOE Damage make these a force to be reckoned with, go beast mastery and you have yourself a 1 man and many furry and scaled friends army. Strike from a distance whilst your pet does the heavy lifting, sorry kitty (or in my case mangy wolf of Elwyn) incredible survivability and mobility make this class just the ultimate lone wolf style of gaming. Who needs friends when you’ve got Cudjoe and Baloo at your beck and call to help you on your quest for glory!

  Why is the hunter great for solo content?

  • Great mobility, escape, or engage at will!
  • Strike from a distance whilst your pets shred your enemies to pieces
  • Aspect spells that give you game-changing buffs (cheetah for speed increase, turtle is an 8-second invulnerability) these sort of spells enable you to solo some raid and dungeon mechanics that would otherwise kill other classes
  • Boost and use skills to make your pets absolute killing machines
  • Who doesn’t like a furry traveling companion? 

  There it is ladies and gents! Your top 5 list, all classes can be used in solo content and Blizzard has done a good job at enabling that so it is relatively fair for all classes, but let's not take away from the fact that these classes are true masters of the solo playstyle!

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