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What are the best solo classes in World of Warcraft?

MMORPGs are social games by the very definition of the genre, however, solo players are a big part of the shared world of these games. Maybe you enjoy the idea of a consistent virtual world, maybe you like sharing the world with other people without necessarily interacting with them. Whatever the reason might be, good MMORPGs have to please the solo player demographic and be, first and foremost, a good RPG.

World of Warcraft is heavily focused on group content, but there are lots of content to be enjoyed by a solo player. A class that is good for solo play also means that the class is not heavily dependant on their team mates in group content, so you can jump into that LFG queue with more confidence.


10. Fury Warrior

Fury Warriors are the berserkers of Azeroth, cutting through the enemy lines with sharp dual wield weapons. They have incredibly high mobility, an amazing damage output that can easily change between single target and AoE, and great sustainability through defensive skills and lifesteal. This is a relatively simple spec to master, making it a great choice for new players, or just people who don’t want to stress too much about their rotation in order to enjoy the game.

What Fury Warrior excels in:

  • Constant high damage output;
  • Easily switching between single target and AoE damage;
  • Amazing mobility with great gap closer and escape abilities;
  • Very high lifesteal while damaging and killing enemies.

Choose Fury Warrior if:

  • You enjoy being a berserker that never stops fighting;
  • You want a fun and simple playstyle while still being effective;
  • You want fast paced action with high mobility.

Solo Power Score: 65/100


9. Feral Druid

The powerful beastmen of World of Warcraft, Feral Druids can turn into many different animal forms that grant them unique advantages in the game. Like the Fury Warriors, this spec has great mobility and strong damage output for both single target and AoE. What puts them slightly above the previous entry on our list, however, is their outstanding off healing potential for a DPS spec, giving them a very versatile toolkit that can deal with any situation.

What Feral Druid excels in:

  • Powerful single target and AoE options;
  • Very versatile skill set with tools for every situation;
  • Amazing off healing potential for a DPS spec;
  • One of the highest mobilities in the game.

Choose Feral Druid if:

  • You want to shapeshift into different animals as you travel through Azeroth;
  • You enjoy fast paced gameplay with very high mobility;
  • You want to be able to change specs to any role at any given time;
  • You want a versatile playstyle that can adapt to any situation;

Solo Power Score: 70/100


8. Demonology Warlock

Masters of the dark arts and controllers of demons, the Demonology Warlocks can summon a variety of demonic servants to do their bidding. This spec has a very high solo ability due to their summoned minions and are very versatile when it comes to their skill set, being one of the most durable DPS specs in World of Warcraft.

What Demonology Warlock excels in:

  • Extremely durable and tanky for a ranged DPS spec;
  • Feel like a one-man army due to a legion of summoned demons; 
  • Very high self healing output;
  • Powerful ranged damage bursts when cooldowns are up;

Choose Demonology Warlock if:

  • You want to lead legions of demons against your enemies;
  • You want to play a tanky ranged DPS;
  • You want to be able to patch yourself up at any time with self healing spells.

Solo Power Score: 75/100


7. Holy Paladin

Holy Paladins are the true harbingers of the powers of light in Azeroth. This spec has some impressive DPS capabilities even though it is a healing spec, and, being a Paladin, it comes with the inherit tankiness of the class. If you enjoy the playstyle of switching between healing and dealing damage, then this is the spec for you.

What Holy Paladin excels in:

  • Switching between dealing damage and healing, with damage abilities empowering your healing skills through the Holy Power stacks;
  • Extremely tanky for a healing spec, with great survivability;
  • Powerful bursts of damage when your cooldowns are up;
  • Has access to a full immunity skill.

Choose Holy Paladin if:

  • You want to be a heavy armored healer;
  • You like being able to do everything: powerful bursts of damage, impenetrable tanking, and amazing healing output;
  • You want to be able to change specs to any role at any given time;
  • You prefer a playstyle that is dependent on your cooldown abilities instead of spamming skills.

Solo Power Score: 75/100


6. Brewmaster Monk

The Brewmaster is one of the most unique specs in the game, fulfilling the fantasy of a drunken kung fu master in great fashion. These guys will be stumbling through the battlefield, throwing barrels all around, and absorbing damage like it's nothing. While the Windwalker spec is also in a very good spot right now in WoW, Brewmasters are more independent and can tackle more content solo with confidence.

What Brewmaster Monk excels in:

  • Very unique playstyle based around the drunken fist kung fu style;
  • Along with the Holy Paladin and the Feral Druid, this is one of the most versatile specs in the game, being able to do great damage and off healing for a tank spec;
  • Amazing damage absorption capabilities.

Choose Brewmaster Monk if:

  • You want to feel like a laid back kung fu master;
  • You value a versatile playstyle that can do a little bit of everything;
  • You want to be able to change specs to any role at any given time;
  • You want to tank through damage absorption rather than self healing.

Solo Power Score: 80/100


5. Blood Death Knight

Basically the vampires of World of Warcraft, Blood Death Knights utilize a combination of swordsmanship and blood magic in order to carve their way through the most daring situations. The playstyle on this spec is very high risk high reward, with the rotation being based around taking a lot of damage and then healing back to full health at the last second. Blood Death Knights are able to turn any odds to their favor, and are one of the most independent specs in WoW, being perfect for solo players for that very reason.

What Blood Death Knight excels in:

  • Excellent self sustain, being able to fill their health bars in a clutch;
  • Amazing damage for a tank spec;
  • Has access to immunity and cheat death abilities;
  • Very high Crowd Control potential.

Choose Blood Death Knight if:

  • You want to be a vampire lord that feasts on the blood of your enemies;
  • You enjoy a high risk high reward playstyle;
  • You value being able to comfortably deal with larger groups of enemies.

Solo Power Score: 85/100


4. Preservation Evoker

The Dracthyr Evoker is the newest class in World of Warcraft, released with the recent expansion Dragonflight. Preservation Evokers are very unique mid range healers, having access to a new mechanic called Empowered Casts, through which you can hold the skill button in order to empower the skill being cast. On top of that, they are very durable and have an amazing damage output. And let’s be honest, these dragons are absolutely unique and cool.

What Preservation Evoker excels in:

  • Unique theme and playstyle;
  • Very versatile healing spec, with great durability, damage and mobility;
  • Empowered Casts are a unique and powerful mechanic.

Choose Preservation Evoker if:

  • You want to experience Dragonflight in the most unique and fitting manner;
  • You want to be a healer with very high mobility;
  • You prefer to be a mid range caster instead of staying far away from the fight.

Solo Power Score: 90/100


3. Vengeance Demon Hunter

Vengeance Demon Hunter is a personal favorite of mine, being my main spec in WoW, and for very good reason, if I can say so. This spec has a very complete toolkit, with outstanding damage, incredible durability, and insane self healing. Furthermore, it is one of the most agile tank specs in the game, jumping around and gliding all over the place, easily dodging any AoE. It feels very unique and fun, and I recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.

What Vengeance Demon Hunter excels in:

  • Amazing mobility for a tank spec;
  • Very complete toolkit consisting of great durability, damage and sustain.
  • Unique playstyle that is a lot of fun to mess around with.
  • Very cool mechanics such as the double jump, gathering Soul Fragments and transforming into a huge demon.

Choose Vengeance Demon Hunter if:

  • You are an absolute Illidan fanboy like me;
  • You want a very complete character that can do really well is every front;
  • You enjoy dynamic action and high mobility;
  • You want a balance between damage absorption and self healing.

Solo Power Score: 95/100


2. Beast Mastery Hunter

Some people joke that Beast Mastery Hunter is like playing WoW on easy mode, and that’s because they really are that strong. This spec is the only ranged DPS that doesn’t have to stand still in order to deal damage, giving them a very unique playstyle with great mobility. While you shoot down your enemies from a safe distance, your animal companions will be doing the hard work, dashing at your foes and ravaging them at melee range.

What Beast Mastery Hunter excels in:

  • Unlimited mobility, attacking from a great distance and being able to use all their skills while moving;
  • One of the strongest single target DPS in the game;
  • Animal companions tank most of the damage for you;
  • Great defensive capabilities, including an immunity skill.

Choose Beast Mastery Hunter if:

  • You enjoy having powerful animal companions with you on your travels;
  • You like the safety that the combination between long range and high mobility gives;
  • You want to melt health bars in the blink of an eye.

Solo Power Score: 100/100


1. Protection Paladin

The reason why Protection Paladin is at the top of this list is very simple: they are basically unkillable. With access to such a wide variety of defensive abilities, immunity, self healing spells, and AoE Crowd Control, it is very hard to put yourself in a situation that you can’t handle when you’re playing this spec. If Beast Mastery Hunter is playing on easy mode, then Protection Paladin is playing with god mode on.

What Protection Paladin excels in:

  • Outstanding defensive abilities that can tank through almost anything;
  • Incredible Crowd Control that can disperse huge groups of enemies in a second;
  • Very strong healing spells and buffs that can remove negative effects.

Choose Protection Paladin if:

  • You want to tank through most of the game;
  • You want the classic tanky Paladin experience;
  • You want to be able to deal with huge groups of enemies without an issue;
  • You like to have a lot of buffs and damage immunity.

Solo Power Score: 100/100


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