Is WoW Shadowlands Worth It? (10 Things You Should Know)

WoW Shadowlands things you should know
The five realms of afterlife where the dead should go to rest or be redeemed from its sins.

10. What Is WoW Shadowlands About?

Shadowlands is the latest expansion of WoW. Many have happened after Sylvannas Windrunner leave the Warchief post and the Horde. A new menace known as “The Jailer” was planning to control the entire cosmos, and his plans started when the Banshee Queen broke the Domination Helm after taking it from Bolvar Fordragon’s head. The lore goes to the reigns of the dead, five zones where every soul goes to the afterlife to have peace or pay for its penance.


9. How Many Dungeons Are There? Are They Good?

The new nine dungeons in WoW Shadowlands now offer four difficulty levels Normal (50-60 LVL and drop item 184 Ilvl), Heroic (60 LVL and drop item 197 Ilvl), Mythic (60 LVL and drop item 210 Ilvl), and Mythic+ (60).

All the dungeons in Shadowlands are fun and offer some excellent rewards for completing them, and it’s worth it! You will learn more about the lore and level up faster by doing Normal level Dungeons!


8. Raid System – How it Works?

Three Raids are available to play in WoW Shadowlands. They are Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Domination, and the Sepulcher of the First Ones, all with Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties! All the raids are vital to Shadowland’s lore, where the main villains know their fate.

At Castle Nathria, you fight in Revendreth against the forces of the betrayer of the first ones Sir Denathrius that was sending souls and anima energy to the Maw, feeding the troops of Zovaal. In the Sanctum of Domination, you must end Sylvannas’ distorted plans of helping the Jailer and put together the two pieces of her soul. The Sepulcher of the First Ones in Zereth Mortis is where you will fight directly against Zovaal and stop his cosmos domination plan.


7. Queue System.

The Queue system in Shadowlands offers players an excellent way to gain experience before forming groups with their guild or other friends. It is essential to understand the mechanics because one little mistake can ruin an entire effort doing raids or dungeons. In the 9.2.5 patch, you don’t have to wait so much to have a random group clean a dungeon or raid. The system offers cross-faction and keeps a good cross-server when not being formed with a guild group.


6. Item System.

Shadowlands presented many new features for crafting legendary items, beautiful mounts, and pets! The latest expansion made new Crafter’s Marks for professions, allowing you to craft powerful legendary Ilvl 262 pieces. In Zereth Mortis, you will find a unique type of gear using Sandworn Relic to buy from Rafiq. If you are a PVP lover, the items for this kind of content will not disappoint you!


5. Is The PVP Good? How Does It Works?

Shadowlands’ PVP is enjoyable! The class specs are better balanced than in Battle for Azeroth, the talents are in a good distribution, and you will have much more fun with the new zones! In the latest expansion, you will have Honor and Conquest systems for gearing up your character.

Conquest offers the best-ranked items called Elite with 285 Ilvl! Each season you can get a unique mount to collect and show your guild how dedicated you are to smashing enemies!


4. Is The Community Friendly? How Active is the Community?

For many, a great experience for an MMORPG is never playing alone. Shadowlands brought back the feeling of friendship and content that more than one person would need to finish! The Shadowlands guilds have a better relationship, with a good concentration in raids and many of them doing RP for fun.

You can start yourself or join an existing community in WoW! Join some communities in and out of the game, and discuss what next step you or the group should take to master new challenges like Torghast, Mythic Raids, and Mythic+ Dungeons!


3. New Gameplay System?

Shadowlands brought many new changes for each class spec and a new challenge system called Torghast, the Tower of the Damned! You can do solo content there or call four friends to join a group and reach the upper floors!

To advance on each floor, players should have a high score in time and completion, much like Mythical+! On higher floors, brokers will sell transmog cosmetic pieces and toys for 300 Stygia each.


2. What’s The Endgame Like?

In Shadowlands’ endgame, you will have many things to do, mounts to collect, and transmogs too! Being boring or without something to find isn’t what happened in Shadowlands; the expansion is rich in side-quests and daily quests, crafting armors, mounts, and pets in Zereth Mortis. The mythic+ are always well developed to provide the best group challenge experience!

Torghast is a challenge system that provides better surviving skills and great transmogs! The Covenants offer good content after ending the main storyline.


1.- How are the Mounts and Pets in WoW Shadowlands?

You start the expansion by getting excellent mounts and battle pets in the five starting zones and the two raids! When you arrive in Zereth Mortis is where you will have fun building your protoform creatures! You will need to make some quests and upgrade knowledge about Delic Language to unlock the two forges created by the First Ones and start using the Protoform Synthesis!

After this, you will need to farm all required to create your mounts or pets! The great point is that you no longer need so much luck on this. You will need persistence and patience to spend some hours farming Genesis Mote that's primarily used! Some items can be found easily around Zereth Mortis; others, you will need to kill rares or be in Sepulcher of the First Ones' raid!

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