[Top 3] Undertale Best Armor and How To Get Them!

The cast of Undertale and the Red Soul
Undertale characters, for whom you will need the armor.

Here Are The Best Undertale Armors

There are only a handful or armors in Undertale, so it wasn’t all that hard for me to pick out the best. As with most games, what you would consider the best armor sort of depends on your style of play. Great armor in a Pacifist run could be totally useless in a genocide run. I leaned more towards Pacifist gameplay for this article, and so I picked the Stained Apron, Heart Shaped Locket, and Temmie Armor.

But in Undertale, armor isn’t just armor, each piece of armor has a story, and so, heed this warning, fair travelers. This article will have story spoilers.

3. Stained Apron

Frisk finds a discarded apron in the wilds of Hotland.

For third place, I was between the Stained Apron and the Cowboy Hat. The Cowboy Hat raises your attack power and adds one more defense point, but the Stained Apron heals HP. In a Pacifist Route, every point of HP is precious, but in a Genocide route, you can’t even get the Stained Apron since there are force fields blocking you from exploring the second floor of Hotland.

The Stained Apron once belonged to the Green SOUL, the soul of kindness, and it’s weapon counterpart is the Burnt Pan. Seems the Green SOUL was a little chef, but they couldn’t get themself out of hot water with the monsters. Because...they were killed...and a chef uses...hot...water.

I’ll see myself out.

Stained Apron Stats

  • +11 Defense
  •  Heals 1 HP every other turn

How To Get Stained Apron

  • Go to the room to the left of Sans’ hot dog stand in Hotlands
  • Walk left until you come to a crossroads, take the path south
  • It’s on the floor in that room, you did it!

Where to find Stained Apron.

2. Heart Shaped Locket/The Locket

Why were these gift wrapped in the first place?

This armor is the most story oriented item in the whole game. It belonged to the Original Red SOUL, the first human to fall down, whom most call Chara. It is one of two lockets, the other Heart Shaped Locket belonging to Asriel Dreemurr. The first time I saw that Asriel in his god of hyperdeath form ALSO had a locket, it touched my heart. Despite all the pain he went through, he still had (or recreated, I guess) that locket. He still hung onto that friendship with Chara.

Due to a differing perspective, this item is different depending on what route you take. During Pacifist/Neutral routes, it is the Heart Shaped Locket. Frisk doesn’t have the same connection to it that Chara does, so the defense is much lower when Frisk interacts with the locket than during the Genocide route where it’s implied Chara has taken over.

During the the Genocide route, the Heart Shaped Locket becomes the The

Locket, which boasts the highest defense in the game at 99. It would be the best armor in the game, if not for the fact that the only enemy you can use it on is Sans, and the amount of damage he deal is the same regardless of what armor you don.

Well, you can use The Locket elsewhere if you cheat, but you’re not a dirty cheater, are you?

Heart Shapped Locket/The Locket Stats

  • +15 Defense/ +99 Defense

How T Get Heart Shaped Locket/The Locket

  • Go to Asgore’s house in New Home
  • Go to the hallway to the east and enter the first room, the bedroom with two beds
  • There are two present boxes on the ground, the locket will be in the one on the right

How to find Heart Shaped Locket/The Locket

1. Temmie Armor

NeW ITEM is tEM ARmor! yayA!!

The most powerful usable armor in the whole game, Temmie Armor. The armor that has nothing to do with any of the humans. There’s no deep meaning to this one, just the product of a cat dog creature thing with a quality education!

Since this armor basically unlocks easy mode, it’s going to take some work to get, or rather, some money. It costs 1000G just to send Temmie to college, let alone the kind of cash it takes to buy the armor. There are a couple different methods you could use to farm money, like buying a cheap temmie flake from Shop Tem and selling it back to Shop Tem. That’s what I did the first time, until I went absolutely bonkers making 1G at a time.

After about an hour of that, I gave up and looked for better solutions online. I ended up going to Gerson’s Shop, loading up on Cloudy Glasses, which are 30G a piece, then heading to Temmie Village and selling them for 50G a piece for a profit of 20G. The process can be sped up further if you’ve progressed past Alphys’ lab and received the Dimensional Boxes, less trips back and forth.

It’s worth noting that Temmie Armor gets less expensive the more you die, up to 25 times. So, if you have the patience, or the misfortune, to die 25 times, the price will drop from 9999G to a mere 750G.

Temmie Armor Stats

  • +20 Defense
  • Heals 1 HP every other turn
  • Invincibility frames up
  • +10 Attack

How To Get Temmie Armor

  • Get to Temmie Village (hidden path south in glowing mushroom room to the east of Gerson’s shop in Waterfall, see video)
  • Send Shop Tem (in the cave in Temmie Village) to college by buying the item “tem pay 4 colleg” for 1000G
  • Buy Temmie Armor for anywhere from 9999-750G



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