[Top 5] Fallout New Vegas Best Explosive Weapons That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

In a world full of deadly things, you have explosives. Never bring a knife to a grenade fight.

What are the best explosives in New Vegas and where can you find them?

I’m back again with more Fallout: New Vegas content. This time we are delving into the explosives available in the Mojave and ranking the top five. There are quite a few things that go boom in the Wasteland, but I’ve picked my favorites. Did yours make the list?

Explosives replaced the Big Guns skill seen in previous Fallout games. There are a number of ways to increase this skill, making your weapons cause more destruction. In general, it’s hard to go wrong with explosives—unless you are too close. 

5. C-4 Plastic Explosive (Best for Blowing Enemies Sky High)

This one makes the list purely for the ability to set all the C-4 in an area off at once with the detonator. 

I think C-4 is an excellent option for explosives. It can be purchased from a ton of vendors and can be found for free while exploring all over the Mojave. You set it down at a location of your choice like a mine, but it does not function as one. The C-4 is only activated using the detonator. I usually have a high stealth skill and the ability to take out an enemy camp with a mess of C-4 is SO fun. 

What’s Good About C-4 Plastic Explosive:

  • If you can sneak into an enemy camp and reverse pickpocket C-4 into their pockets (while staying hidden), you can detonate it all at once and it is truly glorious to see. 
  • You place it on the ground like a mine, but it doesn’t have the proximity function, so you use the detonator to activate it. 
  • It is considered an improved holdout weapon and can be brought into casinos with a sneak of 50 or more. 

How to Get C-4 Plastic Explosive:

  • You can find C-4 in too many locations to mention, but try to buy it from Johnson Nash in Primm, Miguel at Miguel’s Pawn Shop, the Gun Runners, and many other merchants throughout the Mojave. 
  • Find C-4 in the Black Mountain storage room, the Vault 34 Armory, Dead Wind Cavern, and many other places. 
  • There is a full list of locations available here.

C-4 Plastic Explosive Full Detail:

  • Skill: Explosives 50
  • Requires: Strength 1
  • Attack Damage: 250
  • Damage Per Second: 81.9
  • Critical Damage: 0
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x1
  • Attacks Per Second: 0.3
  • AP Cost: 24
  • Weight: 0.5
  • Value: 1000
  • Item HP: 10,000

4. Annabelle (Best for Medium to Long Range Attacks)

Sometimes, you don’t want to be bothered killing them up close and personal. Do it from a distance with Annabelle.

When you are fighting at medium to long-range and really want to do some damage before you get close enough to see the enemies, Annabelle is a fantastic option. This unique missile launcher offers insane damage at a decent range. 

What’s Good About Annabelle:

  • It has a built-in guidance system, which makes you more accurate and uses less AP in V.A.T.S.
  • There are no disadvantages to using Annabelle, unlike the standard variant. It also weighs less and doesn’t require as high a strength stat. 
  • With the area of effect from the missiles Annabelle launches, you don’t have to be accurate. You can aim for the middle of a group and get them all in the blast. 

How to Get Annabelle:

  • Get this beastly weapon by killing the nightkin sniper on the radio tower catwalk at Black Mountain. If you kill the sniper, make sure you get the weapon. It will not still be there otherwise. 

Annabelle Full Detail:

  • Skill: Explosives 75
  • Requires: Strength 5
  • Attack Damage: 150 + 200
  • Projectile Damage: 150 + 200
  • Damage Per Second: 663.1
  • Critical Damage: 0
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x0
  • Attacks Per Second: 1.9
  • AP Cost: 47
  • Weight: 15
  • Value: 5200
  • Item HP: 100

3. Microfusion Cell Cluster-- MFC Cluster (Best for Widespread Disaster)

Don’t rely on finding a great explosive. Strap a couple of microfusion cells together and make your own. 

Some people just want to watch the world burn. Others want to blow it up. This is a great weapon for those who like the big explosions and don’t particularly care for energy weapons. This isn’t exactly the most efficient use of Microfusion Cells, but somehow I don’t care. It is just fun to use and has a great area effect. 

What’s Good About MFC Cluster:

  • It is six Microfusion Grenades strapped together and rigged to explode like a mine. Throw it like a grenade, it will use proximity alarms to explode like a mine when an enemy draws close. 
  • Parts that did not detonate can be disarmed and picked up again. 
  • It is considered a holdout weapon and can be brought into a casino with a sneak skill of 50 or higher. It is the highest DPS for holdout weapons. 

How to Get MFC Cluster:

  • The player must craft this weapon. It cannot be purchased from any vendors or found in any containers or on enemies as loot. 
  • To craft the MFC Cluster, you must have: a Workbench, Explosives 70, the Mad Bomber perk, and the Gun Runners’ Arsenal DLC.
  • Materials required: Duct tape (1), Microfusion Cells (18), and Scrap electronics (2)

MFC Cluster Full Detail:

  • Skill: Explosives 50
  • Requires: Strength 1
  • Attack Damage: 6 + 450
  • Projectile Damage: 1 + 75
  • Damage Per Second: 297.4
  • Critical Damage: 0
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x1
  • Attacks Per Second: 0.7
  • AP Cost: 35
  • Weight: 0.5
  • Value: 110
  • Item HP: 5

2. Fat Man (GRA Version) (Best for Crater Making)

Do you want craters? Because that’s how you get craters.

This one doesn't need much description. Named after the infamous nuclear bomb, this tactical nuke is strong enough to vaporize just about anything you aim it at. 

What’s Good About Fat Man:

  • Unchecked, wanton destruction. 
  • It is a shoulder-mounted catapult made to launch a tactical nuke powerful enough to vaporize your enemies. 
  • The GRA version of the Fat Man can launch the variant specialty mini-nuke ammo.

How to Get Fat Man:

  • Buy it from the Gun Runners’ Vendotron outside the Strip.
  • Buy it from Alexander at the 188 Trading Post. 
  • Buy it from the Boomer Munitions Manager at Nellis Air Force Base. 

Fat Man Full Detail:

  • Skill: Explosives 100
  • Requires: Strength 8
  • Attack Damage: 400 + 600
  • Projectile Damage: 400 + 600
  • Damage Per Second: 1578.9
  • Critical Damage: 0
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x0
  • Attacks Per Second: 1.6
  • AP Cost: 65
  • Weight: 30
  • Value: 8000
  • Item HP: 100

1. Holy Frag Grenade (Best for Truly Excessive Destruction)

The paragon of Deux ex Machina, I give you proof of a higher power. 

In our top spot, we have the Holy Hand Grenade. This is one of the highest damage weapons in the game and it will make you feel overpowered fast. It’s a good thing the game only has three. Still, they are awful handy to have in your pocket. For, you know…reasons. 

What’s Good About Holy Frag Grenade:

  • It has the highest DPS of any explosive and is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. 
  • Does so much damage, it would be incredibly hard for anything to put up a fight after a hit from one of these. 
  • An amazing nod to the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Comes complete with the painted white cross on the side and the box that says “Pull pin and count to 5- 3.”

How to Get Holy Frag Grenade:

  • There are only three Holy Frag Grenades in all of the Mojave. Fine them in the church basement in the eastern part of Camp Searchlight. 
  • You must have the Wild Wasteland perk. Otherwise, you will find two mini-nukes. They are still obtainable if you get the perk through the Sink in Old World Blues. 

Holy Frag Grenade Full Detail:

  • Skill: Explosives 0
  • Requires: Strength 2
  • Attack Damage: 1 + 800
  • Damage Per Second: 522.4
  • Critical Damage: 0
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x1
  • Attacks Per Second: 0.7
  • AP Cost: 24
  • Weight: 0.5
  • Value: 500
  • Item HP: 5

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