[Top 10] Fallout New Vegas Best Weapons That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

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Cut through the Wasteland with the deadliest weapons.

What are the best weapons in Fallout: New Vegas and how can you get them?

All the Fallout games are known for a huge variety of standard and unique weapons. But what’s the best weapon in the Wasteland? How do you pick the best weapon for your build when there are so many options? Check out my list of the top 10 most powerful weapons in Fallout: New Vegas and see if your favorite weapon made the cut.

10. Alien Blaster

When just killing your enemies isn't enough, disintegrate them. 

This weapon would be ranked number one for me if not for the extremely limited ammunition. Unfortunately, there are only between 140-250 alien power cells in all of the New Vegas Wasteland. Once they’re gone, you can’t get more without cheating. But while you’ve got the power cells, this weapon is an easy choice.

See the Alien Blaster in action.

Weapon Stats:

  • Skill: Energy Weapons 75
  • STR required: 1
  • DMG/ATK: 75
  • DPS: 131
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: 100%

Why the Alien Blaster is great:

  • You are guaranteed a critical hit with the alien blaster, and targets disintegrate into ash on death.
  • With the Better Criticals perk, this weapon gives a 50% crit damage bonus to every hit.
  • One of only two weapons in New Vegas with no spread.

Here’s how to get the Alien Blaster:

Find the Alien Blaster on the Alien Captain north of Horowitz farmstead. You must have the Wild Wasteland trait to get this weapon. If you manage to kill the hostile captain through stealth before approaching, you can have friendly interactions with the two other aliens, who both carry laser weapons.

9. YCS/186

Who doesn't want to blast the bad guys with lasers?

This unique variant of the Gauss rifle is not available if you use the Wild Wasteland trait, otherwise, it might have ranked higher. It has the highest base damage of any non-explosive weapon in the game, making it a valuable choice for those who prefer the saner side of the Wasteland.

See the YCS/168 in action.

Weapon Stats:

  • Skill: Energy Weapons 75
  • STR required: 5
  • DMG/ATK: 140
  • DPS: 420
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x2

Why YCS/186 is great:

  • It only uses four microfusion cells per shot, compared to the standard’s five.
  • There’s a slight accuracy boost and 20 more item HP than the standard variant.
  • This gun can be fired nearly 500 times before condition breaks.

Here’s how to get YCS/186:

Find the YCS/186 Gauss rifle at the mercenary camp east of Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch. You will be attacked on sight by a hostile mercenary carrying this weapon.

8. Euclid’s C Finder

Sometimes, you just need to hit them with the full force of the sun. 

While not at all convenient for regular use, no list of the most powerful weapons in the Wasteland could be complete without Euclid’s C-Finder. While it looks like a toy pistol, once charged, this is one of the most devastating area-effect weapons in New Vegas (once a day). You must complete the That Lucky Old Sun quest.

See Euclid’s C Finder in action.

Weapon Stats:

  • Skill: Energy Weapons 0
  • STR required: 1
  • DMG/ATK: 0/ 150 with Archimedes II
  • DPS: 30/ 150 with Archimedes II
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x50

Why Euclid’s C Finder is great:

  • Once per day after charging the weapon at Helios One, call down an orbital strike area attack from Archimedes II.
  • You can pickpocket this weapon up to four times from Max in Freeside. He sleeps near Mick & Ralph’s.
  • The visual effect alone for this weapon merits it a place on the list. Who doesn’t want to call down a beam of solar energy to blast their enemies?

Here’s how to get Euclid’s C Finder:

Outside Mick & Ralph’s in Freeside, look for Max during the day. It looks like he is holding a toy gun. Convince him to sell it for 1000 bottle caps or use a Barter skill of 45 and buy it for 20 caps. Otherwise, wait until Max goes to sleep after 9 p.m. and pickpocket the weapon at a loss of karma.

7. Christine’s CoS Silencer Rifle

Silent, but deadly. 

Silenced sniper rifle. That should be enough to merit a place on this list. While it cannot be modified, it comes with the suppressor attached, weighs only 5.5 pounds, and offers high DPS.

See Christine’s CoS Silencer Rifle in action.

Weapon Stats:

  • Skill: Guns 75
  • STR required: 6
  • DMG/ATK: 62
  • DPS: 99
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x2.5

Why Christine’s CoS Silencer Rifle is great:

  • It is the most powerful weapon in the game using .308 ammo.
  • Must have choice for sniper builds. Strike from afar and vanish.
  • With high critical chance and high critical damage, this rifle is ideal for any stealthy Courier with high Luck.

Here’s how to get Christine’s CoS Silencer Rifle:

Find this gun leaning against a wall on the top floor of the broken building in the corner outside the north wall of Little Yangtze during the Old World Blues DLC content. It is next to an ammunition box and can be hard to see.

6. All-American

Any soldier would love this beauty. 

A unique variant of the semi-automatic marksman carbine, this powerhouse gun has a 24-round magazine, a sniper-level 3.5x scope, and better damage than its standard counterpart.

See All-American in action.

Weapon Stats:

  • Skill: Guns 100
  • STR required: 4
  • DMG/ATK: 26
  • DPS: 156
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x1

Why the All-American is great:

  • With 100 Guns skill and perks, DPS can be boosted up to 314.
  • It bears the 82nd Airborne Division insignia on the side.
  • The 3.5x magnification on the scope puts it on par with the sniper rifle.

Here’s how to get the All-American:

Find the All-American in the Vault 34 Armory. Unlock the door through the overseer’s terminal and locate the armory door.

5. Q-35 Matter Modulator

Are you feeling lucky, punk?

Better. Faster. Stronger. Compared to the standard plasma rifle, there is no comparison. The Q-35 Matter Modulator looks better and works much better with my play style. The only drawback compared to the standard version is slightly less damage, but faster attacks mitigate that somewhat. 

See the Q-35 Matter Modulator in action.

Weapon Stats:

  • Skill: Energy Weapons 25
  • STR required: 2
  • DMG/ATK: 40
  • DPS: 96
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x2

Why the Q-35 Matter Modulator is great:

  • It only uses one microfusion cell per shot instead of two.
  • It fires twice as fast with half the ammo, making this weapon a game-changer.
  • Deals less damage, but the critical damage boost of 62 is great for Luck builds.

Here’s how to get the Q-35 Matter Modulator:

Find the Q-35 Matter Modulator at REPCONN Headquarters on the main floor. You have to pick the lock (100 Lockpick skill required) or hack the terminal next to the door (100 Science skill). There is also a briefcase on the third floor holding a keycard that will unlock the door.

4. Ranger Sequoia

Pretty and dangerous, this beauty has bite. 

This weapon is gifted to senior NCR Rangers after 20 years of service. It is engraved with “For Honorable Service” and “Against All Tyrants” along the barrel. This is one of the most attractive weapons in the game.

See the Ranger Sequoia in action.

Weapon Stats:

  • Skill: Guns 75
  • STR required: 6
  • DMG/ATK: 62
  • DPS: 104
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x1.5

Why the Ranger Sequoia is great:

  • This is an iconic Fallout weapon. You’ll feel great with this beauty on your hip.
  • The Ranger Sequoia has the highest pistol base damage in New Vegas.
  • Compared to other pistols, the high critical chance and durability make it a solid choice.

Here’s how to get the Ranger Sequoia:

Get this gorgeous gun from NCR Veteran Rangers starting at level 16. Or visit Chief Hanlon at Camp Golf – One and reverse pickpocket him or take it off his body.

3. CZ57 Avenger

Say hello to my little friend.

The CZ57 Avenger is a unique variant of the standard minigun. This gun combines a vastly higher rate of fire with slightly more damage per hit to offer the highest DPS of any weapon in New Vegas. It can fire nearly 2000 more rounds before breaking than the normal version.

See the CZ57 Avenger in action.

Weapon Stats:

  • Skill: Guns 100
  • STR required: 10
  • DMG/ATK: 13
  • DPS: 390
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x0.01

Why the CZ57 Avenger is great:

  • It boasts a vastly higher rate of fire than its standard counterpart.
  • Weapon spread is reduced to slightly more than half of the normal minigun, making it more accurate at longer distances.
  • It comes with the high-speed motor modification already added.

Here’s how to get the CZ57 Avenger:

Find this beastly weapon in the Devil’s Throat inside a blue truck at the center next to the body of a prospector.

2. Holorifle

See? I have perfect gun control. 

The Holorifle combines a unique visual effect and damage unlike any other gun, making this pump-action energy weapon a solid choice. The base gun is useful, and it can be modified to improve stats further. A fully modified version alongside high Energy Weapons skill can be a powerful combination. It also uses one microfusion cell per shot, while other weapons using that ammo use four or five.

See the Holorifle in action.

Weapon Stats:

  • Skill: Energy Weapons 50
  • STR required: 4
  • DMG/ATK: 80
  • DPS: 88
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x1

Why the Holorifle is great:

  • The projectile is not an electrical charge, EM pulse, laser, flame, or bullet. It is a concentrated photon-based energy projectile.
  • On impact, a “holorifle damage” effect is applied, dealing an additional 15 damage over three seconds.
  • There is a visual effect on hits that looks like glowing flakes drifting off the target. It also knocks the target back.

Here’s how to get the Holorifle:

The Courier is given the Holorifle at the beginning of the Dead Money DLC.

1.  A Light Shining In Darkness

The light might be a muzzle flash, but it totally still counts.

Increased speed, critical chance, and damage make A Light Shining in Darkness my most powerful weapon in New Vegas. With the way I play, attack speed is vital with a lot of builds. In combination with the right perks and skills, this gun has massive overall value and playability. 

See A Light Shining in Darkness in action.

Weapon Stats:

  • Skill: Guns 75
  • STR required: 3
  • DMG/ATK: 33
  • DPS: 144
  • Critical Chance Multiplier: x2

Why A Light Shining In Darkness is great:

  • It’s engraved with Greek text saying, “And the light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.”
  • This gun also has higher DPS, less spread, and greater durability than the standard .45 pistol.
  • A Light Shining in Darkness is a holdout weapon and you can sneak it into casinos with a Sneak skill of 50 or higher.

Here’s how to get A Light Shining In Darkness:

Joshua Graham carries this gun. Find him in the Honest Hearts DLC. You can loot the weapon from his corpse, or the footlocker in Zion Canyon after completing the DLC storyline.

Honorable Mention:

  • Anti-Material Rifle

This sniper rifle is a powerhouse weapon. The .50MG ammo is rare and expensive but has a base damage of 110 and an extremely long range. The Gun Runners sell a moddable version, while the standard can be found on NCR Veteran Rangers.

  • Paciencia

What it lacks in magazine size, this rifle makes up for with a 2x critical chance multiplier and 110 critical damage. Get it from the Gun Runners outside Freeside.

  • That Gun

This pistol has a high critical chance multiplier, reload speed, and item HP, making it a valuable choice. However, it is not an improved holdout weapon so you can’t sneak it into casinos. Buy or steal That Gun from Cliff Briscoe at the Dino Bite Gift Shop in Novac.

  • Holy Frag Grenade

Another option only available with the Wild Wasteland trait, this is an incredibly rare weapon in New Vegas. There are only three in the whole game. At 522, these have the highest DPS for any of the explosive weapons. Find them in the Camp Searchlight church basement.

  • Esther

This unique variant of the Fat Man rocket launcher has a blast shield granting passive damage resistance while equipped. It is ten pounds heavier but can launch GRA mini-nuke variants. Buy it from the Gun Runners outside Freeside.

  • Oh, Baby! Super Sledge

This is a great weapon for melee builds. Alongside maxed melee skill and melee perks, this sledge packs a stunning 309 DPS. Find it in Charleston Cave.

  • Gehenna

This unique Shishkebab variant can be purchased from the Gun Runners near Freeside. It has one of the highest damage stats for New Vegas bladed weapons. It also has the highest DPS and critical chance multiplier.


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