[Top 15] Fallout New Vegas Best Mods Every Player Should Have

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Mod your way into an entirely new game.

What are the most unique and fun mods for Fallout: New Vegas?

Hello again, my nerdy darlings! I’m back with another Top 15 List for Fallout: New Vegas. Today, we’ll dive into the Top 15 Fallout: New Vegas Mods every player should have for a modded journey through the Wasteland. I have spent the past six months delving deep into the best FNV mods the internet has to offer and I can’t wait to share my favorites with you!

First off, there are several mods that are required to make most of the fun stuff work. I’ll link them here, outside the list. Make sure you have these installed, as most of the others on this list won’t work without them. I get most of my mods through NexusMods, which has a great assortment of mods and often links to off-site mods. You will absolutely need a mod manager program. I recommend the Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) or the Fallout Mod Organizer (FOMO). Both can be connected to Nexus and will allow you to install most mods automatically. The Load Order Optimization Tool (LOOT) is also incredibly useful for making a modded game run properly. There are numerous online guides to help you through the modding process. Take it slow, read the instructions, and have fun!

Some of these will not work with the Tale of Two Wastelands mod, and many of them have other files that are required to run properly. Make sure you read the full mod description and that you can meet the requirements before installing a mod. If done incorrectly or incompletely, they can break your game. Also, unless you are an experienced modder, your game will be much more stable if you add one mod at a time and verify that your game still runs. NVSE and the 4GB Patch are absolutely vital. 

You will need:

New Vegas Script Extender - NVSE; 4GB Fallout New Vegas Updated; Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus; The Mod Configuration Menu; Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP; Functional Post Game Ending - FPGE; New Vegas Anti Crash - NVAC; New Vegas Enhanced Content - NVEC; JohnnyGuitar NVSE; NV Compatibility Skeleton; Essential Visual Enhancements - EVE

15. Gnome Wrangler

Gnome Wrangler Intro: 

Anyone can hunt down a pristine box of Sugar Bombs or collect 50 of the elusive Sunset Sarsaparilla Star caps, but if you want a real challenge, the Gnome Wrangler mod is just the right thing for you. Coming in at 15 on our list, this mod is fantastic for fun, and will take you to some potentially new and interesting parts of the Wasteland. 

Rumors of a mysterious and distinguished clan of garden gnomes have persisted throughout the Wasteland since the first bombs dropped. No longer mere lawn decorations, the gnomes seem to have populated the radiated remainder of the world, though no one has ever even seen them move.  Do you have the skill and patience to recover the coveted Gnomes of the Mojave and become the Gnome Wrangler?

How Gnome Wrangler is fun:

  • 10 unique garden gnomes with custom high-resolution meshes and scripted visual effects to collect throughout the Wasteland. It is the ultimate scavenger hunt and a nice break from the usual running and gunning of quests. 
  • The journey to becoming Gnome Wrangler of the Mojave will set you up against traps, puzzles, and custom locations for each gnome.
  • You can claim bragging rights if you find them all. I personally love to explore and find unique collectibles. 

Get Gnome Wrangler here.

14. All Non-DLC Clothing Retex 4k-2k

Remaster your Fallout: New Vegas game for a new experience.

All Non-DLC Clothing Retex 4k-2k Intro: 

In reality, retexturing is a complicated step in the modding process and will have a massive effect on your game. By itself, this mod isn’t exactly what I’d call “fun,” but combined with a selection of other retexturing mods, you can bring a new depth and immersion to the Wasteland that I find is simply game-changing. 

Even if you’ve spent hundreds of hours wandering the Mojave, modding the visual elements of Fallout: New Vegas can give you an entirely new experience. I like the clothing retextures with mods that change the landscape, building, weapon, and armor textures. There are also mods for retexturing food and drinks, medicines, books, magazines, and more. The extent to which you can mod your graphics will be dependent on what your system can handle. 

How All Non-DLC Clothing Retex 4k-2k is fun:

  • This mod retextures all the clothing in the base game to high-quality 4k textures. It makes the game look so much better. 
  • There is another pack by the same creator to retexture all the DLC clothing as well. 
  • Experience the Wasteland all over again by switching the textures. Some of them change the feel of gameplay drastically.

Get All Non-DLC Clothing Retex 4k-2k here.

13. Max Level Cap 255 and Perk Every Level

Want to extend your gameplay in New Vegas? Try this mod!

Max Level Cap 255 and Perk Every Level Intro: 

Have you ever reached the end of a sandbox-style game and just wanted to keep going? I know I have. There is something rewarding about earning experience for completing the small hidden quests tucked away in the corners of an expansive world, and this mod lets you keep earning all the way through. It is important to note that because of a bug in the Fallout: New Vegas game engine, your game is likely to crash once you pass level 99. Make sure you save often, especially before important transitions. There is a version of this mod that only extends the level cap to 99 and still grants a perk every level while keeping the game stable.

The other function of this mod lets you earn a perk with every level, rather than gaining one every two levels. Players were previously limited to the perks they could achieve by level 50, the former level cap. I love this mod alongside mods that grant extra perks because it greatly opens up gameplay. The combination of perks can be game-changing in a lot of ways and I recommend it. 

How Max Level Cap 255 and Perk Every Level is fun:

  • Much more time to earn experience across the Wasteland. 
  • Drastically increase the number of perks you can earn, enhancing your character. 
  • If you want an extremely hard playthrough, you can decrease the perks to only earn them every 3, 4, or 5 levels.

Get Max Level Cap 255 and Perk Every Level here.

12. Nevada Skies/Accurate NASA Stars

There's nothing like the sunny skies of the Mojave.

Nevada Skies/Accurate NASA Stars Intro: 

The skies of New Vegas can’t be ignored when modding. I prefer the combination of Nevada Skies for daytime skies, and the Accurate NASA Stars mod for the nighttime hours. Combined, these two add realism and depth to the game making the whole experience more immersive. 

Nevada Skies doesn’t just bring more realistic clouds. It is a full weather mod including more than 400 weather types and a wide range of functionality that allows you to customize settings to your preferences. Put this at the bottom of your load order, followed by Accurate Nasa Stars to avoid compatibility issues. 

Accurate NASA Stars adds high-definition textures of real-world accurate star fields to the New Vegas skyline. The mod is available in four different resolutions, which makes it available on a variety of systems. With a visible Milky Way and constellations, I love the way it looks. 

How Nevada Skies/Accurate NASA Stars is fun:

  • From sunny skies to blinding sandstorms, experience weather in the Wasteland. 
  • The dynamic, changing skies improve immersion and are a great backdrop for screenshots. 
  • Even after a nuclear apocalypse, the world would still look up at the same stars. Having accurate real-world stars is a great visual addition.

Get Nevada Skies/Accurate NASA Stars here and here.

11. The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino

Have you ever wanted to restore the hotel and casino in Primm? Here's your chance!

The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino Intro: 

I’ve always seen such potential for the town of Primm in New Vegas, particularly the New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino. With so much of the building intact and easily one of the cleanest buildings in the Wasteland, I have always wanted to see it brought back to life. 

This mod lets you do just that. Stop by the Vikki and Vance to pick up a new questline that allows you to restore the hotel and casino to its former glory. Along the way, you will earn the keys to “Buck’s Place,” a gorgeous player home with tons of cool features, including a unique bobblehead.

How The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino is fun: 

  • Who doesn’t want to own a casino with weekly profits?
  • Awesome player home with an automated sorting system.
  • Fun questline to play with new NPCs lets you watch the hotel rebuilt in stages and grants some unique weapons. 

Get The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino here.

10. Vanessa

Vanessa is a unique, sometimes foul-mouthed companion.

Vanessa Intro: 

This mod contains mature content that is not meant for children. Vanessa is a companion mod to add some variety to your trek through the Mojave. Beautifully built, Vanessa is visually stunning, but the accompanying personality and speech built into her character make this a must-have on my list. 

She can be a bit vulgar sometimes and is a beast without her whiskey, but if you keep her well-supplied with her favorite drink, she is a funny and entertaining companion. Find her lounging around the Prospector Saloon in Goodsprings, just waiting for a lonely wanderer to buy her a drink. 

How Vanessa is fun:

  • Vanessa has more than 1200 lines of spoken dialogue, which are all lip-synched. 
  • She’s handy with her energy weapon and heals herself in battle if she has the stimpaks. 
  • Vanessa has 18 quests of medium and short length, taking you to four new world spaces. 

Get Vanessa here.

9. Fallout Character Overhaul (FCO)

Give the people of the Wasteland a new look with this mod. 

Fallout Character Overhaul Intro: 

This is another visual mod that changes the gameplay so completely that it gets its own spot on the list. It should be noted that this mod is not compatible with A Tale of Two Wastelands, but for New Vegas, it is game-changing in the best way. FCO is a high-resolution overhaul of the characters in the Wasteland. Nearly everything that can be changed was changed. This mod also adds some extra playable races to the game.

Not only is your ability to create a high-resolution character as a player included in this mod, but nearly all the NPC faces have been redone, adding a level of variety to the Wasteland that was sorely lacking. There are noticeable neck seams on many of the characters, but there is a mod that automatically distributes necklaces through the Mojave which takes care of that issue.

How Fallout Character Overhaul is fun:

  • Completely changes the visual aspect of the game. People look so much better, and everyone doesn’t look the same. 
  • Increases playability by a lot and looks fantastic with a combination of visual mods. 
  • With more than 130 unique races affected by FCO, you are certain to find one to your liking. 

Get Fallout Character Overhaul here.

8. Willow – A Better Companion Experience

Willow is another unique companion with an interesting back story.

Willow – A Better Companion Experience Intro: 

Willow is another story-driven, fully voiced companion. She can be found in an abandoned tent alongside the road south of Primm. Talk to her to get her backstory and complete her quests to further your relationship with her. She is partial to the NCR, so Willow is not a recommended companion for a Legion playthrough. 

I like companions in general, and particularly companions that come with a story. You can rent the third bungalow in Novac and enjoy a nice home base as you walk the Wasteland with Willow. 

How Willow – A Better Companion Experience is fun:

  • Fully voiced companion with more than 1200 lines of dialogue. 
  • Main and side quest line to build your relationship with Willow. 
  • Unique quest rewards, an engaging story, and the Silver Tongue +1 Charisma perk make Willow a valuable companion.

Get Willow – A Better Companion Experience here.

7. Monster Mod

This is a must have for me. Variety and new monsters galore across the Wasteland.

Monster Mod Intro: 

If I’m going to spend more than 100 hours playing a game, I like to see some variety in the enemies I face. The Monster Mod is a great addition to a modded New Vegas experience because it includes 130 creatures. Some are remodeled and retextured versions of old Wasteland favorites, but there are plenty of entirely new beasties wandering the Mojave to keep even the most avid hunter interested. 

I really liked some of the new enemies. It added a bit of variety that got me excited about a game I have finished to 100% completion. Mods give you such a wealth of new experiences, and I highly recommend this one. 

How Monster Mod is fun:

  • All creatures outside quests are set to respawn, leaving you plenty of prey for hunting. 
  • High-quality texturing on the new monsters, adding to an overall improvement of graphic quality in-game. 
  • Optional Alien and Terminator monsters you can add to the Mojave for more fun. 

Get Monster Mod here.

6. Masters of the Madre

Did you ever want to be the bad guy?

Masters of the Madre Intro: 

For those days when you’re feeling a little more murder hobo than usual, the Masters of the Madre mod is just the thing. This is directly related to the Dead Money DLC for New Vegas. There is a nonstandard ending that allows the player to team up with Elijah to use the holograms and the Cloud to wipe out the NCR and claim the Mojave. Normally, the player gets to watch the cut scene that jumps to years later and then is forced to reload a previous save and choose a traditional ending. 

This mod lets you play the game during the years the cut scene skips, right after you choose to side with Elijah. I typically do not pick the genocidal route ever, but it’s worth a separate save just to experience being the bad guy to the extreme. There’s something to be said for playing the villain at least once. 

How Masters of the Madre is fun:

  • Take joint ownership of the Sierra Madre and rule over the Wasteland. Witness the consequences of your actions.
  • With an extra save, you can activate the mod just for the experience and continue as a force for good on your main save. 
  • Must have for an evil playthrough on your own terms. 

Get Masters of the Madre here

5. The Someguy Series

The Someguy Series Intro: 

This particular mod is a master file that affects multiple quest mods by mod creator Someguy2000. You will need to download them (and their required files) separately, but I thought this was a good introduction to those separate mods. I am particularly referencing New Vegas Bounties I, II, and III, and The Inheritance. I haven’t played through the other quests yet, but I have a couple of them on my new game for A Tale of Two Wastelands. 

I like the New Vegas Bounties because, in the Mojave, there is a lucrative career to be had for those willing to enforce the will of the highest bidder. There’s also a super mutant companion mod included that I adore. 

How The Someguy Series is fun:

  • It’s an expansive series of quests that adds a lot to the gameplay. 
  • Would you kill people for money? If so, this is the mod for you.
  • Dive into a good story and experience the Wasteland in a variety of new ways. 

Get The Someguy Series here

4. Beyond Boulder Dome

Visit the ruins of Boulder, Colorado. 

Beyond Boulder Dome Intro: 

I am a fan of big quest mods that add new world spaces and a lot of new content. Beyond Boulder Dome is perfect for this. I also like visiting new parts of the country, and Boulder, Colorado is a great addition. 

Built before the war as a city of the future, the Boulder Dome was made as a model for future cities off-world. It was a center of science and learning able to withstand a nuclear blast. And it did survive. 

Hours before the world ended, society’s elite and skilled specialists went into cryosleep inside the dome—where they remained for 200 years. When they woke, they found themselves victims of a strange disease. Now, they struggle to survive and they are running out of time. You will face off against the disease, as well as interacting with two factions—the NCR and a Colorado branch of the Brotherhood of Steel. 

How Beyond Boulder Dome is fun:

  • All around awesome immersive addition to the Fallout world and definitely worth a playthrough. 
  • Great story, tons of things to explore, and more than 50 new characters to meet. 
  • Provides several hours of additional gameplay

Get Beyond Boulder Dome here

3. Fallout – New California

How has the apocalypse treated California? Find out!

Fallout – New California Intro: 

This is another vast, expansive quest mod that adds a new place in the Wasteland to explore. Have you ever wondered who the Courier was before they became the legendary Courier? Fallout: New California helps you find the answers. 

You play an adopted, orphaned resident of Vault 18. Starting with the last big Vault-Ball game of the season, your choices will shape the rest of the game. With a great story that ties into the existing Fallout lore, fantastic voice acting and many hours of new gameplay, this mod is a must-have for a modded Wasteland. 

How Fallout – New California is fun:

  • Visit San Bernardino, California, and see how time and war have ravaged the area. 
  • Immersive story-driven quests that see you face off with the Survivalist Raiders or the NCR. 
  • Start a new game and play through New California before visiting the Mojave for an extended timeline. 

Get Fallout – New California here.

2. Fallout – The Frontier

Explore the wintery wasteland of Portland, Oregon in this game-sized mod.

Fallout – The Frontier Intro: 

The Frontier is another massive DLC-sized mod that takes the Courier to the ruins of Portland, Oregon. The adventure is centered around a conflict between the Legion and the NCR. Big enough to serve as a game on its own, The Frontier adds numerous hours of new gameplay and story to the Fallout universe. The events in the Frontier are set before the Battle of Hoover Dam.

This mod features drivable vehicles, which is an interesting and fun addition to Fallout. Due to the size and complexity of this mod, players are recommended to start a new character to minimize potential errors. I personally love this kind of immersive mod that brings so many new experiences to the Wasteland.

How Fallout – The Frontier is fun:

  • Snowy Portland is a nice change from the Mojave Desert. It’s a completely new environment to explore.
  • Three main questlines and more than 60 side quests. 
  • Tons of new weapons, armor, items, and thousands of new voiced dialogue. 

Get Fallout – The Frontier here

1. A Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW)

Merge two games into one, creating something unique. Journey the ruins of what used to be America, from coast to coast.

A Tale of Two Wastelands Intro: 

This one is new to me, but I just got it installed and I’m loving it so far. A Tale of Two Wastelands lets you seamlessly merge Fallout 3 and all of its DLC content into Fallout: New Vegas, so you can play both games in a single playthrough. Fallout 3’s mechanics are updated to the New Vegas system. Through cut and added content, fixed bugs, and other changes, this mod isn’t just FO3 in New Vegas. It stands as a unique game that is different from the original content. 

The ability to merge two of my all-time favorite games into one single experience is beyond awesome. I’ve only got about ten hours into the new playthrough, and I will absolutely be devoting more to exploring this new combined Wasteland to the fullest. 

How A Tale of Two Wastelands is fun:

  • Updated FO3 content with improved graphics and functionality adds so much to the game. 
  • Merging the two games expands the playability and world by orders of magnitude and gives you a much bigger playground. 
  • Some mods won’t work with TTW, but plenty of them work just fine, meaning you can craft an entirely unique Fallout experience. 

Get A Tale of Two Wastelands here

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