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Fallout New Vegas Best animation mods, fnv Best animation mods
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Top 10 Fallout New Vegas Best Animation Mods

Was up, everybody! Your friendly neighborhood Shounen man here again with another fallout list to answer those questions burning within you. We talk a bit about immersion in our lists. Nothing keeps you quite tied into your new vegas playthrough like immersion. To that end, you can download animation mods that add quality of life immersive improving animations. From little interactions with objects to animating your sprint to look smoother, these are good to look into. Here are the top 10 best New Vegas animation mods to get you started.

10. Diagonal Walk

(Now you can dance with the best of them)

Coming in at number 10 we have the Diagonal Walk mod by Xilandro! It may seem as if this is a silly addition to count but the diagonal walk mod is important for keeping your immersion in place. Normally in the vanilla version of the game when you walk diagonally your character model still looks as though it’s running forward even though it’s actually moving at an angle. With the Diagonal Walk mod, your character model now looks as though it’s running diagonally. The legs and torso move in the right direction.

Get the Diagonal Walk mod here

9. Animated ingestibles

(Gotta stop for a drink now and again)

Coming in at number 9 we have Animated Ingestibles by zebumper! This is a very simplistic addition to your game but like much other simple mods, it adds quite a lot to your playthrough’s immersion factor. It will give you the now standard stimpack animations from the new fallouts as well as a bunch of new ones. You will be able to eat food while sitting at a table or just running about. You will also have new animations for every drug. The addition of This mod to your game will not be regretted

Get the Animated Ingestibles mod here.

8. JVS-Just Vanilla Sprint

(Running late on laundry day)

Coming in at number 8 we have JVS-Just Vanilla Sprit by JazzisParis, C16, and Hitman! The title of this mod pretty much explains itself. It’s a very simple addition to your journey through the Mojave wasteland but it has weight due to how important it is. The sprint with this mod now looks so much smoother and has an actual gait to it. The mod really makes it seems like a real person running.

Get the JVS-Just Vanilla Sprint  mod here

7. B42 Quick Throw

(Mojave league tryouts)

Coming in at number 7 we have B42 Quick Throw by Xilandro and Hitman 47101! This mod has more than just animation to it so it may seem like a weird choice but this mod is here for its beautifully smooth grenade throw animation on top of its hot key addition. Not only will you have a much smoother-looking grenade toss every time you’re looking to cause some chaos but you will also be able to throw it like a modern fps by using a hotkey.

B42 Quick Throw

6. Smooth True Iron Sights

(A good day for a firefight)

Coming in at number 6 we have Smooth True Iron Sights by IStewieAI and Hitman47101! During a gunfight there are many things that we are accustomed to due to them being mainstream in all FPS’s. Well, animated reloads, buttons being in the right spots, as well as your iron sights motion looking smooth. This mod makes sure you have this beautiful little addition that we sometimes take for granted. With the Smooth True Iron Sights mod, you will feel like your in a modern shooter while looking down the sights.

Get the Smooth True Iron Sights mod here

5. Bullet Time

(It's like the matrix)

Coming in at number 5 we have Bullet Time by Dunderklumpken! Ever played a shooter from the early 2000’s? A popular thing of those times was bullet-time modes for shooters. A bullet-time mode is where you can slow down time and pick off opponents while you move at normal speed. The Bullet Time mod allows you to have that amazing ability in the Mojave Wasteland. Slow downtime in the middle of a huge battle and watch your opponents fall around you before time speeds back up.

Get the Bullet Time mod here

4. Ragdolls

(That's a crazy flip)

Coming in at number 4  we have Ragdolls by MadAce! This is a beautiful physics altering animation mod. The Ragdolls mod changes the way people and creatures react to your attacks. According to what ammo and gun your using your enemies will have different reactions. If you shoot them in the arm they will grab and hold onto their arm. They will also flail their arms around wildly if they get caught on fire or blown away by an explosion. This mod is great for giving you some more realism in your gunfights.

Get the Ragdoll mod here

3. 1st Person Weapon Animation Overhaul 

(Bringing out the big guns)

Coming in at number 3 we have the 1st Person Weapon Animation Overhaul by hitman47101! Ever been roaming the Mojave and get stuck in a huge gunfight just to notice how bad your reload and aim looks? Or how about how unreal the recoil looks from what you expect when in an FPS style battle. This mod will take care of any of those problems. With the 1st Person Weapon Animation Overhaul mod, you will get all the benefits that a modern FPS gets while still enjoying an adventure in the amazing Mojave.

Get the 1st Person Weapon Animation Overhaul mod here

2.  Real Recoil

(Don't forget your bullets at home)

Coming in at number 2 we have the Real Recoil mod by Deus Gladiorum! During gunfights, one of the easiest ways to have your all-important immersion broken is to be firing some giant gun with huge bullets and yet see no recoil. The Real Recoil mod adds realistic recoil to your shots, according to what ammo and gun you’re using the recoil will change. Becoming bigger and more significant the larger the gun and ammo size. This is one of the if not the best recoil mod out there.

Get the Real Recoil mod here

1. EVE-Essential Visual Enhancements

(Nothing like that scorched earth smell in the morning)

Coming in at number 1 we have the EVE-Essential Visual Enhancements by weijiesen and jonnyeah! This mod is wildly looked at as one of the best. It’s a enhanced visuals mod that includes some good animations in it. First of all, it gives energy weapons an ironsight that looks very smooth when bringing it up and has a nice design to it. The explosions have all also been ramped up to be bigger and bolder. A very interesting little addition is that when you shoot water with an energy weapon the water will begin to boil. There’s this and so much more so go download it and check the mod out for yourself.

Get the EVE-Essential Visual Enhancement mod here

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