[Top 10] Lost Ark Best Solo Classes To Play

Lost Ark Best Solo Classes To Play
Every man must master his own world or be mastered by it

Which are you, a lone wolf or a groupie? This article discusses classes that can handle all aspects of the game single-handedly, including leveling, farming, dungeons, raids, and PvP. Lost Ark is an MMO RPG that offers a lot of potential for solo players. You can do world bosses in the open world without waiting for other people to join, you can level quickly without dying or downtime, you can carry your team in PVP, and you can solo the entire content by yourself with the right gear and setup, so playing a solo class has its benefits.

Let's jump right in, then.


10. Paladin

Channel the power of God through the Holy Book

Paladins are a subclass of Warriors. They combine the functions of a healer and a damage dealer, providing defense buffs and short-term heals while still doing a good amount of damage. This allows them to choose whether they need more healing or more DPS, which is great for soloing content. They also have skills that lower the amount of damage taken, which helps them avoid death as much as possible while soloing. 

What Paladins Excels in:

  • Good damage is done through Executor's Sword, Execution of Justice, Flash Thrust, and Holy Sword.
  • Paladins can also massively boost their damage with the Wrath of God.
  • With the Spacebar and Charge, they can move around to kite or dodge enemies.
  • Can shield themselves with Shield and Holy Protection.
  • Able to lower the damage of the enemies through Heavenly Blessings and Godsent Law.

Choose Paladin if:

  • You enjoy using a combination of healing and shield abilities and buffs to recover from damage and damaging abilities to inflict god's wrath on your enemies.
  • Want something to play that is visually outstanding with cool magic and sword abilities.
  • Looking for a simple and straightforward class with a "holy angel" vibe.

Solo Power Score:  71/100


9. Gunslinger

Rock paper shotgun

Gunslingers, or "ladies with guns," are an advanced class of Gunner, who are deadly at any range by using three different weapons: a pistol, a shotgun, and a rifle. Being a lady means they can be a bit squishy while soloing, but they make up for that with extreme mobility and having many options for any content they try to solo. Also, they can use sixteen different abilities, which makes them so versatile in soloing any kind of content.

What Gunslinger Excels in:

  • Can attack targets in any range by swapping between Pistol, Shotgun, and Rifle.
  • Excellent mobility with damaging attacks such as Dexterous Shot, Spacebar, Spiral Tracker, Quick Step, and Somersault Shot.
  • Strong damage with Bullet Rain, Perfect Shot, Focused Shot, Target down, and Sharpshooter.
  • With a Spiral tracker and Equilibrium, you can reduce critical resistance to targets.
  • Has two counter-attacks with Peacekeeper and Last Request.

Choose Gunslinger if:

  • You want one of the coolest-looking classes, and if you like guns.
  • Like mobile class that can deal massive amounts of damage at any range.
  • Want to show off because many abilities have jumping animations and catlike reflexes.

Solo Power Score:  76/100


8. Machinist

Machines and technology are better than humans

Machinists/Scouters are one of the coolest-looking classes in The Lost Ark. They are a subclass of Gunner, a robot-like class that uses grenades, lasers, and drones to attack enemies from a long range, which makes them good at soloing. Also, every time they enter hypersonic mode, they get massive shields and huge damaging abilities. The gameplay with Machinist is fast-paced and has a high damage uptime, which makes it a fantastic choice for soloing because there is less downtime.

What Machinist Excels in:

  • High sustained damage through abilities such as Command: Flare Beam, Command: Baby Drones, Command: Raid Missile, and Energy Buster.
  • Survivability is enhanced by two shields: Fiery Escape and Hypersonic Mode Activation Shield.
  • Can boost damage to himself with Overcharged Battery.
  • Pretty mobile with Spacebar, Mobile Shot, and the ability to fly. 
  • Able to attack from a long range and stay in the safe zone through Air Strike, Comet Strike, Crimson Breaker, and Echelon Beam.

 Choose Machinist if:

  • You like the Ironman playstyle.
  • Enjoy a variety of skills: normal ones and hypersonic ones, where everything looks like it's from the cockpit of an airplane.
  • Want to have high shield uptime and be able to watch everything from a safe distance while the drone does all the work for you.

Solo Power Score:  80/100


7. Shadowhunter

Descending from the pits of hell to do Satan's work

Shadowhunters, also known as Demons, are an advanced class of Assassins who have a dark and gothic feel to their attacks while remaining quick and agile. Being able to provide great sustained damage and good survivability is what makes them good for soloing. Each time they take on a demon form, they gain six powerful new abilities and restore some of their health. While in demon form, they are also immune to paralysis, status ailments, and pushback, which is very useful while soloing bosses.

What Shadowhunter Excels in:

  • Strong bursts and sustained damage are dealt through Destruction, Blood Massacre, Gore Bleeding, Gate of Eruption, and Demonic Clone.
  • Two counter-attack abilities are Rising Claw and Death Claw.
  • Excellent mobility and gap closing through Demonize, Demonic Slash, Ruining Rush, and Leaping Blow, which is also a high-damage ability.
  • Good survivability with Demonize as well, due to a health pool increase of 20%.
  • Very easy and simple to pick up and play without any downtime.

Choose Shadowhunter if:

  • You want to be able to transform and look like a Demon while destroying your enemies.
  • Fast-paced gameplay and gore effects are your thing.
  • Looking for a class that is cheap to build in the endgame.

Solo Power Score:  84/100


6. Scrapper

One lady army in enormous gauntlets

Scrappers are a martial artist subclass with Hulk-like fists that throw heavy punches like Hulk himself. They are one of the rare classes that have a great mix of everything: stagger, counter, destruction, and great bursty damage, which makes them great for soloing any kind of content. Also, a very durable and mobile class with a lot of utilities for soloing. It doesn't require mana to use abilities, so the downtime is minimal; you can just smash the buttons out of your keyboard until you finish the content you started.

What Scrapper Excels in:

  • High stagger and destruction damage output with Death Rattle, Supernova, Chain Destruction Fist, and Blast of Ruination.
  • There are a lot of damage boost abilities like Crushing Smite, Fierce Tiger Strike, and Target Focus that act as stagger boost buff.
  • Very good mobility with two charges of Dash, Charging Blow, and Dragon Advent as a gap closer.
  • Two counter-attacks are Instant Hit and Roundup Sweep.
  • Quite tanky due to the high health pool.

Choose Scrapper if:

  • You like the classes that hit as hard as a truck with their fists and give you a strong sense of satisfaction when you land your blows.
  • Want to dash and jump around while doing damage.
  • Looking for a class that is very easy to learn and master.

Solo Power Score:  87/100


5. Sorceress

Pick your method of destruction: light, fire, or lightning.

The sorceress is the most similar to a classic mage, with her ability to deal massive bursts and sustained damage from a distance with her meteor, ice, and lightning skills. Since she doesn't require party support to deal damage, she's a great choice for solo content, and the class's positioning options are excellent for those who want to run and gun for experience and level grinding without relying on party synergies as much as other classes do. 

 What Sorceress Excels in:

  • Ranged class with good mobility through Spacebar, Phase Leap, and Blinks for good positioning.
  • Hard-hitting and bursty abilities like Doomsday, Enviska's Might, Explosion, Rime Arrow, and Punishing Strike.
  • Can turn into a killing machine by increasing its attack speed buff through the identity gauge.
  • Able to boost her own damage with Blaze and Lightning Vortex.
  • Has a counterattack as a ranged class through Squall.

Choose Sorceress if:

  • You want to play a traditional mage class.
  • Enjoy the visually outstanding skills and effects.
  • Want a class with high range that can cast spells and chill while doing so? 

Solo Power Score:  89/100


4. Destroyer

The only thing I need is my Big Hammer

Destroyers are a Warrior subclass that uses gravity to deal massive stagger and destruction damage. That's why they call them "Kings of Stagger Damage." This is very useful when soloing to incapacitate your enemies and give you more breathing room. Very bursty class with regular access to shields that allow them to trade blows with the boss or any type of enemy while playing solo.

What Destroyer Excels in:

  • Strong destruction and impairment abilities like Heavy Crush, Big Bang, Perfect Swing, Full Swing, and Seismic Hammer.
  • One of two classes that has the taunt ability Endure Pain to interrupt enemies and Power Strike as a regular counter.
  • Tanky due to regular access to shields via any spender ability and Endure Pain, which provides 5 seconds of damage immunity.
  • Dreadnaught's skill, Armor Destruction, can reduce enemies' defenses.

Choose Destroyer if:

  • You are looking for a class that can do lots of damage while being in the middle of the action.
  • Want to wield a massive hammer and go smash, smash, and smash?
  • Enjoy tanky classes that can stand toe-to-toe with bosses.

Solo Power Score:  91/100


3. Artillerist

Do you feel lucky, punk?

The Artillerist is a specialized type of Gunner who uses a huge multi-gun that can shoot both bullets and rockets, as well as be used as a flamethrower. Their long-range impairment and destruction damage, hardening abilities, and some of the game's largest area-of-effect damage make them ideal for soloing content. Despite their ranged attack style, these characters have some of the highest survivability in the game thanks to their ability to generate shields. When taking on a dungeon or raid boss on your own, it's incredibly helpful to have the option to wipe out your foes with simple missile fire and mine placement.

What Artillerist Excels in:

  • Huge AOE and destruction damage through Homing Barrage, Howitzer, Focus Fire, Energy Cannon, and Heavy Turret.
  • Long-range casting abilities like Multiple Rocket, Air Raid, Flamethrower, and Missile Barrage.
  • Very tanky, with two abilities to cast shields: Energy Field and Impregnability.
  • Consistent uptime of enemies' armor reduction debuffs with the Summon Turret ability and Armor Destruction debuff.
  • One of the best classes for soloing content in terms of damage and survivability. 

Choose Artillerist if:

  • You want to see huge damage numbers while staying on the safe side.
  • Don’t mind not being very mobile.
  • Want something that doesn’t require positioning and it's easy to get a hold on?

Solo Power Score:  93/100


2. Berserker

No one can stop my anger

Berserker is an advanced warrior class that wields a massively huge sword to deal a lot of consistent and burst damage with skills that hit as hard as a train. One of the best classes for soloing content, thanks to hard armor and great mobility, as well as a large amount of stagger damage to easily disable enemies. They can also switch into rage mode, at which point they become an unstoppable force in damage, mobility, and survivability, allowing them to pretty much solo anything the Lost Ark has to offer.

What Berserker Excels in:

  • Powerful burst and high stagger damage with abilities such as Finish Strike, Hell Blade, Sword Storm, and Berserk Fury.
  • By entering burst mode and using Charge and Spacebar, they can become one of the most mobile classes.
  • High survivability thanks to Super Armor, as well as high damage reduction thanks to Burst Mode.
  • They can use Red Dust and Chain Sword to increase the power of their attacks.
  • Very easy combos to land, are very smooth and have pretty much zero downtime while soloing any kind of content.

Choose Berserker if:

  • You want to go, big man, big sword, big armor, big damage.
  • Feel satisfied after hard-hitting abilities.
  • Facerolling on the keyboard in Rage Mode in search of nonstop action gameplay

Solo Power Score:  95/100


1. Gunlancer

The one and true tank

On top, we have a Gunlancer, another advanced class warrior; who would have guessed?  This is the only Lost Ark specialization that can be considered a tank spec while also dealing significant stagger and weak point damage. They have the optimal combination of damage, survivability, and utility to allow you to solo any content. The class has both area-of-effect (AoE) and single-target (ST) abilities, allowing them to quickly and efficiently clear out large groups of enemies or focus on the boss with massive stagger abilities that stun them. If you want to solo everything Lost Ark has to offer, Gunlancers are the way to go.

What Gunlancer Excels in:

  • Very high stagger damage output with Lance of Judgment, Surge Cannon, and Bash.
  • Bash is also used to self-buff with a damage boost and to lower enemies' defense through the Armor Destruction debuff.
  • There are two counterattack abilities: Shout of Hatred, a taunt ability, and Dash Upper Fire, a regular counterattack.
  • Best survivability in the game with massive shields and super armor through Defensive Stance, Shout of Hatred, and Nellasia's Energy.
  • Can simply ignore all the mechanics and keep outputting damage.

Choose Gunlancer if:

  • You like a forgiving class that can tank where no one else can.
  • Do you want a class that has everything you need for soloing content?
  • Like the idea of having a shield and a gun lace and don’t mind the idea of having the backward spacebar.

Solo Power Score:  100/100


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