Will Scalebound Be a Good RPG?

“Charizard!, is that you?”
“Charizard!, is that you?”

Swords, dragons and super powers

Scalebound has to be one of the most anticipated games ever since its reveal at E3 2014. Yes, it's being continually delayed, but as Shigeru Miyamoto once said, “ a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”,

We understand that dragons can bias our judgment (If you don’t love dragons you shouldn’t be on this page), but looking at new gameplay footage we can honestly say that the hype is well deserved. The Developer, Platinum Games have been known to develop some of the best stylized action games, but Scalebound is not just an action game. It's an RPG.

What makes a good RPG?

Any good RPG must do certain things right. They must good have character building and customization options, a rich and detailed world filled with quests and side quests, An interesting setting and last but not the least, exploration.Based on recently revealed gameplay videos, Scalebound promises to do just that. 

Scalebound’s Story and Setting 

A unique world filled with opportunities........ and loot.

Scalebound takes place on Draconis, a magical world bound to a force known as the Pulse. The pulse is what gives Drew - Scalebound's hero - his powers, and it's what gives Draconis its unique appearance. Floating islands, gigantic twisting roots splitting the earth, and the huge warped creatures that served as the trailer's finale.

But it's in this world that he becomes bonded with a dragon called Thuban, who just happens to be the last of his kind. And with Thuban must defeat the forces that threaten their world. But considering the developer's history, we might be treated to an amazing, over-the-top adventure.

Gameplay and Customization

Because this is a Platinum Games title, everyone’s excited about the combat system. From what we've seen of the game so far, you'll be using a variety of weapons, battle strategies and skills in the combat, even pausing to take control of your dragon at tactical points through the Dragon Link skill.

In addition, The more you use your weapon, the more degraded it becomes. The game will not have a crafting system, instead one has to pick up weapons as they go on. The most amazing part of the gameplay is the player's ability to swing onto large enemies and climb onboard to inflict close-range attacks.

Customize your Thuban from head to claw, literally.

Customization in Scalebound will be strictly restricted to Thuban, your dragon. But as far as customizations go, Scalebound seems to have done an impressive job. Thuban can generally be customized into three types. 

Rex         :      A jack-of-all-trades kind of dragon. 
Tank        :     The name says it all. A heavy, four-legged dragon that can take a few hits.
Wyvern    :     The ultimate flying type, agile but not as durable as the other classes.

What’s amazing about Scalebound’s customization is that you are not restricted to these classes. One can create a hybrid best suited for his play style by mixing upgrades from the aforementioned classes. 


Dragon Riding at its best.

Scalebound is a highly ambitious game. But, considering their past exploits and their new endeavors, I believe Platinum Games will produce yet another Innovative and captivating game. Not only is this a breath of fresh air to the genre, it also serves to provide adrenaline filled moments of pure epicness. I for one cannot wait to jump into battle with my own dragon, flying beside me, For more Info on Scalebound, visit their Official Site.


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