Divinity Original Sin: Review and Gameplay

Divinity Original Sin: Review and Gameplay
An Original RPG in the Classic Style


A nasty, electrified spill

Anyone who walks out that door is in for a shock.

Divinity Original Sin is the kind of RPG that many of RPG fans thought they would never see again; and I’m not referring to the isometric perspective, or the turn-based combat system. Both of those features, while missed, were quite low on the hierarchy compared to what we really wanted: Roleplaying.

Those of us who grew up on the likes of Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Ultima VII developed a very different concept of roleplaying to what is often understood by the term today. To us, roleplaying is not about stepping into a predefined character who follows a more-or-less predetermined path containing far more cinematics and quicktime events than it does genuine choices. Nor is it about being led by the hand by sparkling breadcrumb trails to the next thing the game wants us to do, see, or interact with.

No, when codgers like us think “roleplaying game” we think of a game that gives us a robust character creator, a bit of an intro to the world and it story, and then promptly lets us get on with the business of figuring things out ourselves.

Original Sin is that game.

Oversized spidey

Aracnophobics beware…


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