[Top 7] Fire Emblem: Three Houses Best Gauntlet Users

Caspar in battle wearing gauntlets
Caspar gets ready to demolish his enemies!

When you’re putting your Fire Emblem: Three Houses team together, you want it to be well-balanced, but you also want to use the strongest units. Naturally, you’re going to need a powerful gauntlet user on your team! Here are the top 7 best gauntlet users and what they bring to your team. 


7. Alois (War Master)

Get to know Alois for more than just his power. 

Alois is often an axe user, but axes and gauntlets need pretty similar skills in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I find him to be great with a pair of gauntlets! In fact, the very first time I used him, I gave him a pair. I was amazed at how helpful he was in battle!

Overall, Alois’ stats are nothing special. There are other units on this list that have higher HP, strength, defense, and more. Still, he proves to be useful. Alois does cause a lot of damage, plus his personal skill, Compassion, gives him Rally Luck and he can use Rally Strength immediately. This helps other allies on the field, giving him more than one usage for him. 

Alois also learns some powerful combat art, such as One-Two Punch and Mighty Blow. 

What Makes Alois a Great Gauntlet User:

  • Alois has well-rounded stat growths, which give him no clear weaknesses in gauntlet use. 
  • He learns powerful combat arts similar to the other strong gauntlet users. 
  • Alois causes a lot of damage and helps his teammates on the battlefield with his skillset. 


6. Caspar (War Master)

Watch Caspar thrive in this environment.

If Caspar loves anything, it’s fighting. He loves to get his hands dirty, train all the time, and fight when he gets a chance. What is better to put those busy hands to use than gauntlets? 

Caspar’s stat growths are honestly pretty good. His HP is his best at 55%, but strength, dexterity, and speed aren’t far behind at 45%. That’s higher than some other units… Alois for instance. However, his defense and resistance are not high enough to make him a purely physical tank. He still causes a lot of damage and has a good chance at critical. 

Plus, Caspar learns some great combat arts as well for gauntlets, like Mighty Blow and Bombard. Caspar’s enthusiasm for fighting speaks for itself: use him for up close and personal combat and he likely won’t disappoint.

What Makes Caspar a Great Gauntlet User:

  • Caspar was born to be a gauntlet user, given his high stat growths in the necessary fields. 
  • He learns mighty combat arts that prove to be very useful with gauntlets.
  • Caspar’s high health allows him to take a couple of hits before he has to tap out. Not too many, be careful!


5. Dedue (War Master)

Dedue will gladly defend His Highness with gauntlets!

Dedue is strong and has a great defense, helped further by his personal skill that increases his defense upon selecting wait on a turn. This pairs very well with gauntlets as he can get right into the middle of the action without fear for his life. 

That being said, as a War Master, he is incredible when he is offensive. There might still be times he can use his personal skill, but you want Dedue initiating the battles! In fact, as a War Master, he learns Quick Riposte which increases his speed if his health is more than half full. Given that his speed is not anything outstanding, this is great for him. 

Dedue also learns the combat art One-Two Punch, along with Alois. They are the only two to learn this!

What Makes Dedue a Great Gauntlet User:

  • Dedue’s high strength, HP, and defense set him up to be great with gauntlets.
  • As a War Master, the class increases some of his stats to make him stronger, as opposed to other classes that he might have a weakness for.
  • Deduc learns the powerful One-Two punch combat art with gauntlets. 


4. Constance (War Cleric)

Constance's personality might change, but she'll always be powerful.

If you have purchased the FE3H expansion pass and have met Constance, you are likely surprised to see her on this list. Not only because of her low strength growths, but also because women in the game normally cannot use gauntlets. It’s annoying and sexist, but with the DLC comes the War Cleric class that women are capable of using. It is a class that allows the user to use both gauntlets and magic, the latter of which is perfect for Constance. 

The best thing about Constance as a gauntlet user is that she learns the combat art Mystic Blow when you unlock her budding talent. It deals magic-based damage, and with her 60% magic growth, this will cause a lot of damage!

Constance’s speed is relatively low, so she will really thrive with the brave aspect that gauntlets bring. 

What Makes Constance a Great Gauntlet User:

  • Constance learns Mystic Blow, a relatively rare combat art that can be very powerful with her magic.
  • Her personal skill, Circadian Beat, increases her strength and magic when indoors or on a cloudy map. This will be a great time to deploy her so she can use that strength boost!
  • On the other hand, Circadian Beat increases defense and resistance when on a sunny map. This is also helpful with her relatively low stat growths. 


3. Balthus (War Monk)

Watch the King of Grappling at work!

Balthus. Much like Constance and limited to owners of the DLC, he is one of the best gauntlet users. Not only is he strong, you can tell just by looking at his abs on display, but he has a unique gauntlet relic. Plus, he is the King of Grappling. He says so himself!

Balthus has high HP, strength, and defense, plus a decent magic stat. This combination makes him perfect for the War Monk class. Balthus’ crest of Chevalier pairs with the relic, Vajra-Mushti, to enable the powerful combat art Eviscerate. That’s not all! He also learns Mighty Blow.

Overall, Balthus is a very powerful gauntlet user. He calls himself the King of Grappling for a reason! While his ego is a bit much, he deserves it. 

What Makes Balthus a Great Gauntlet User:

  • He has high stats that pair well with powerful gauntlet users.
  • Balthus’ personal skill, appropriately called King of Grappling, increases his strength and defense when he is below half health. 
  • He unlocks powerful, rare combat arts that he can use with gauntlets in battle. 


2. Raphael (War Master)

He's big, but not just for show!

Raphael is really, really good at hitting stuff hard, which is exactly what you need for your best gauntlet users. He has very high HP, strength, and defense stat growths, making him a perfect unit to be on the front lines. He is a tank!

He can take a lot of hits while causing a lot of damage, which is what makes him so impressive. His HP starts at a 65% growth rate, and it increases to a whopping 105% once classed as a War Master! Plus, when paired with his personal skill Goody Basket, he has a chance to recover some HP at the start of a turn. Health will never be a problem for Raphael!

Raphael will already cause a lot of damage as a gauntlet user, but he is the only unit to learn the combat art of Monster Crusher. He is an incredible gauntlet user that you need on your front lines to

What Makes Raphael a Great Gauntlet User:

  • Raphael’s high stats make him a powerful and high-defensive unit who can  take the hits while dishing out more damage.
  • His personal skill and high HP growth means he will have a lot of health, which is necessary for a gauntlet user in his position. 
  • He learns a completely unique combat art in gauntlets, Monster Crusher. 


1. Felix (War Master)

Felix knows he's number one. 

Felix is always going to excel. That’s honestly a fact more than opinion! Speaking of fun facts, I used Felix as my gauntlet user on my Crimson Flower run… because I didn’t really want to use Caspar. Nothing against him as a unit, really! But Felix was probably better anyways. 

Felix does have a proficiency in gauntlets, among many other weapons, so it isn’t difficult for him to class up and excel in the role. He is extremely strong with a 55% growth which increases to 70% when classed as a War Master. He also has high speed and HP, which are necessary for a War Master. Especially the latter, as he’ll be on the front lines of battle with gauntlets in hand. 

Felix’s crest of Fraldarius also increases his attack damage. With enough luck, it can trigger over and over. Lastly, Felix learns powerful combat arts in brawling such as Mystic Blow and especially Nimble Combo, which causes two consecutive hits. 

What Makes Felix a Great Gauntlet User:

  • Felix’s high strength means that he can easily beat up enemies.
  • He learns rare and powerful combat arts for using the gauntlets.
  • His crest occasionally increases his damage. That’s never a bad thing!
  • Felix’s personal skill, Lone Wolf, increases his strength when not using a battalion. 

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