FE 3 Houses Best Girls [All Girls Ranked Worst To Best]

FE 3 Houses Best Girls
So many waifus...

Fire Emblem: Three Houses introduces us to a pretty stellar cast of female characters - but when it comes down to it, who really makes the best (and worst) girls in the game? We’ve ranked all the girls in Three Houses and broken down what makes each girl so great. 


Student Flayn

Flayn is the younger sister of Seteth (Archbishop Rhea’s advisor) who has lived a very sheltered life. Though her physical appearance suggests she’s quite young, she often acts quite maturely. She has an affinity for healing magic.

Ranking analysis:

  • Her sweet, yet naive, nature lends to some lovely (and hilarious) support scenes with other characters
  • She is incredibly weak on the battlefield when it comes to physical attacks. And even though her Faith (healing magic) is moderately powerful, since she doesn’t join your house until a few chapters in, she’ll always be weaker than your other healers.

Overall score: 40/100


Student Leonie

Leonie is a student of the Golden Deer House. Once she trained under the esteemed mercenary Jeralt, Byleth’s father, and has since idolized him. She is skilled at lance and bow skills. 

Ranking analysis:

  • She’s a pretty good physical fighter and adept at both the lance and bow.
  • Her admiration for Jeralt is borderline obsessive. And the majority of her support conversations with Byleth end with her screaming about how they don’t appreciate him. It’s creepy.

Overall score: 45/100


Student Ingrid

Ingrid is a student of the Blue Lions House. Though her family hopes for her to marry well to ensure the longevity of their noble bloodlines, she secretly longs to be a knight. She is skilled at lance and sword skills. 

Ranking analysis:

  • In addition to her physical skills in two different weapons, she’s great at both flying and riding, making it easy to adapt her skills either on the ground or in the sky. 
  • She has huge aspirations, but compared to the others, there are simply more interesting characters than her. Also, she’s kinda racist. 

Overall score: 50/100


Student Annette

Annette is a student of the Blue Lions House. An overachiever who was recommended to the Officer’s Academy after studying at the Royal School of Sorcery, she loves working hard. She is known for her black magic.

Ranking analysis:

  • Her black magic skills are pretty stellar. Sure, they’re not the best out of all the characters, but she’s strong. Plus her “Rally” ability is extremely useful in aiding allies.
  • She has a secret that’s introduced a few chapters into the game, and it’s really heartbreaking when her full backstory is introduced. Unfortunately, that story is only available in the Blue Lions route, but it’s definitely worth it. 

Overall score: 55/100


Student Mercedes

Mercedes is a student of the Blue Lions House. Originally born a noble of the Adrestian Empire, she is now a commoner of the Kingdom who hopes to work for the church. She is skilled at healing magic.

Ranking analysis:

  • She has the highest starting HP of all the healers, which is super useful in early battles. Plus, with a little extra time, she can become pretty strong at black magic as well.
  • Even though she comes off as someone with a super sweet and vanilla personality, she’s remarkably resilient and strong, with another heartbreaking backstory and connection to one of Three Houses’s main villains.

Overall score: 60/100


Student Hilda

Hilda is a student of the Golden Deer House. Noble-born, she’s spoiled and lazy, often manipulating her friends into doing her work for her. She is skilled at the axe.

Ranking analysis:

  • Her starting stats are insane, and her growth stats give her the potential to be one of the strongest characters in the game.
  • Her support conversations are absolutely hilarious; and while she may be lazy, there’s no denying she’s clever considering how well she’s able to convince her friends to do her work. 

Overall score: 65/100


Student Marianne

Marianne is a student of the Golden Deer House. Though she’s noble-born, she cares little for crests and status; instead, focusing more on praying and animals. She’s best at healing magic.

Ranking analysis:

  • Of all the healers, her magic stat is the highest. Plus, her strengths don’t only lie in magic - she’s great at sword-fighting too!
  • Despite her quiet and shy personality, she’s completely unafraid to stand up for what she believes in when it comes to her dislike of crests. And what she lacks in self-confidence she makes up for in other incredible abilities - like how she can talk to animals!

Overall score: 70/100


Student Bernadetta

Bernadetta is a student of the Black Eagles House. An introvert who prefers to spend her time staying inside of her room, she has suffered through much in her short life. She’s skilled when it comes to using her bow. 

Ranking analysis:

  • She’s the best archer in the game, with excellent speed points and growth rates, allowing her to take out enemies from far away.
  • Though the game initially plays off her reclusion as humorous, as the story continues it becomes clear that the reason for Bernie’s introversion stems from something a lot darker. Despite that, she always manages to make a connection with her fellow students in heartfelt support conversations. 

Overall score: 75/100


Student Petra

Petra is a student of the Black Eagles House. A foreign princess from the country of Brigid, she is eager to study and learn all she can in this new territory. She is best at axe and sword skills.

Ranking analysis:

  • In addition to high starting skills in axe and sword, Petra’s strengths also lie in bow and riding skills. Her starting speed stats are also impressive, giving her a number of different opportunities when it comes to deciding what class to assign her to.
  • She’s completely fearless, despite being in a completely new territory. Even when things start to get particularly scary for her home country in the latter half of the game, Petra never gives in or loses her fighting spirit. 

Overall score: 80/100


Student house leader Edelgard

Edelgard is the student leader of the Black Eagles House. As the current princess of the Adrestian Empire, she is next in line to become the Emperor. She is adept at sword and axe skills.

Ranking analysis:

  • All the house leaders have higher stats than their fellow students, but Edelgard’s strength stat outshines even that of her male counterparts. Her additional strength in heavy armor makes her practically invincible when it comes to withstanding attacks. Plus, she’s the sole female student house leader/future ruler! 
  • She has an entire route dedicated to her, which inherently makes her character pretty impressive. Without spoiling anything, her storyline is crucial to the story; it’s filled with loss and heartbreak, but also redemption and joy. Overall, her character is super complex and incredibly well-written.

Overall score: 85/100


Student Lysithea

Lysithea is a student of the Golden Deer House. A prodigy in magic, she has worked hard to be where she is and hates when anyone treats her as a child. She is skilled at black magic.

Ranking analysis:

  • Admittedly, Lysitheat’s starting stats are nothing super extraordinary - except when it comes to her magic. She’s also one of the only two characters in the game (and the only recruitable character) to possess dark magic skills, which can easily kill enemies in one shot.
  • It’s a lot of fun to watch her interact with all of the older students. But her backstory is definitely the most tragic of them all, with a fate that seems inescapable. Definitely brace yourself for these support conversations.

Overall score: 90/100


Student Dorothea

Dorothea is a student of the Black Eagles House. Once a renowned opera singer, Dorothea has found herself at the Officer’s Academy ready to prove herself as a fighter. She is best at sword fighting and black magic.

Ranking analysis:

  • Dorothea’s magic is not only high and powerful (in particular, her “Meteor” ability is great when it comes to defeating long-distance foes), but the rest of her stats and strengths make her an impressive foe on the battlefield. Plus her stats make her a perfect candidate for the special Dancer class, a unique class that comes with the ability to give another ally to move. 
  • Though she comes off as a stereotypical slut who’s constantly flirting with guys, her character is actually deeper than that. She’s worked very hard to get where she is and is scared it could all be taken away from her. Plus, she doesn’t apologize for her womanhood and who she is, which is incredibly admirable. 

Overall score: 95/100


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