[Top 7] Fire Emblem: Three Houses Best Lance Users

Ferdinand holds a lance while blue energy explodes behind him.
Ferdinand gets ready to destroy enemies with his lance!

When you’re putting your Fire Emblem: Three Houses team together, you want it to be well-balanced, but you also want to use the strongest units. Naturally, you’re going to need a powerful lance on your team! Here are the top 7 best lances and what they bring to your team. 


7. Lorenz (Dark Knight)

Lorenz is something special, hm?

Lorenz isn’t miraculous by any means, but he can excel as a Dark Knight if the Fire Emblem gods are in your favor. I’m not talking about Sothis, but whoever gives out stat growths upon leveling up. He has even growths of strength and magic, giving him an equal chance to succeed at both.

Those two growths are at 40%, and unfortunately, none of his other growths are very high, hence why he is so low on this list. He does, however, learn the combat art Frozen Lance, which deals magic-based damage with a lance, allowing him to use both of his strengths. 

Lorenz does have the crest of Gloucester, which can also raise his movement when using magic attacks, especially when paired with his Heroes’ Relic, Thyrsus. While not a lance, he does come with it! Using a lance can be helpful in taking down other magic units on the battlefield. 

What Makes Lorenz a Great Lance User:

  • Lorenz’s personal ability, Distinguished House, increases his attack by 2 when he has a battalion equipped. Whether you use battalions or not, it is worth giving him one so he can take down more with his lance!
  • He learns Frozen Lance, which is not a very common lance combat art. 
  • The lance can be used as a last resort to destroy enemies. You can never go wrong with multiple choices to cause damage!


6. Seteth (Wyvern Lord)

Watch Seteth in all his dad-ly glory. 

When you receive Seteth in Chapter 12, unless you’re playing Crimson Flower, in which case you’ll be locked out of using him, he is already classed as a Wyvern Rider. This is great as it’s already a higher class, and you should have no problem promoting him to Wyvern Lord. However, since you do get him so late, he’s likely behind the other lance users. He would never be my first choice for one.

Since you do get him, it’s worthwhile to use him, especially if you want to try something new and use units you don’t normally go for. His HP, dexterity, and speed are all at 50% growth, which set him up for success. His charm and strength are at 45%, the former of which allows him to be a great gambit user. 

Lastly, he learns some powerful combat arts such as Swift Strikes and Monster Piercer. 

What Makes Seteth a Great Lance User: 

  • Seteth is great because of the ease of classing him up to Wyvern Lord. In this class, lances are their primary weapon, so he has no problem wielding one.
  • He has helpful stat growths that make him strong, high percentage of crit, and double hits with his lance.
  • Seteth also learns some helpful lance-specific combat arts to help take his enemies down. 


5. Ingrid (Falcon Knight)

Ingrid, as knightly as they come. 

Among many, Ingrid has strengths in lances and flying, making her a perfect Falcon Knight. Her stat growths aren’t anything miraculous, save for her speed at 60%, which increases more upon receiving the Falcon Knight certification, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a good unit. Just the opposite!

For starters, Ingrid has access to the Heroes’ Relic Lúin. When paired with her crest of Daphnel, she can use the powerful Combat Art Burning Quake. That’s not all! She also learns the combat arts for Hit and Run, which pairs well with her lower defense and resistance stats, as well as Frozen Lance, like Lorenz. Lastly, her personal skill Lady Knight, increases her might and hit rate when using gambits. It’ll be worth it to use Ingrid at her fullest potential!

While she might not seem like a lot on paper, she is one of the best lance users. She is knightly in ideals and battle performance, proving worthy on your team. 

What Makes Ingrid a Great Lance User:

  • Ingrid learns a lot of powerful and unique combat arts for the lance.
  • Her personal ability increases her might which allows her to cause even more damage with her lance.
  • After completing Ingrid’s paralogue, you unlock Lúin,  which pairs well with her crest. 


4. Ferdinand (Great Knight)

I am Ferdinand von Aegir!

I know, I know, if you’ve read my other articles, you know how I may be a tiny bit biased towards the lovely Ferdinand von Aegir. However, he genuinely is a very strong and powerful unit! With no weaknesses, Ferdinand can excel in any physical class, which lances are. It is usually the class he is pushed into by canon, and for good reason. 

One important thing to note about Ferdinand is his crest of Cichol allows him to wield any Heroes’ Relic without losing HP. So, if you so desire, you can give him weapons such as Sylvain’s Lance of Ruin. Something that goes great with that is Ferdinand’s personal skill, Confidence. If he is at max health, his hit and avoid both increase. This may be tricky to take advantage of in early game, but he will build it up.

Ferdinand also learns powerful combat arts in lance, like Shatter Slash and Swift Strikes. His strength growth is at 45%, and his speed is at 50%. These are great stats for someone like him and will help as a lance user. His strength growth even increases to 55% when he is classed as a Great Knight!

What Makes Ferdinand a Great Lance User:

  • Ferdinand can be given any weapon, including Heroes’ Relics, whose crest doesn’t match his own. Although, it doesn’t need to be a Heroes’ Relic to be powerful! Killer Lances are also incredible.
  • Ferdinand’s personal skill, Confidence, can help him be even more powerful on the battlefield. 
  • While not the best stats, his growths are very strong and make for a well-rounded lance user. 


3. Leonie (Falcon Knight)

Two of many, many critical hits. 

Is it just me, or do so many people severely underestimate Leonie? She has strengths in lances, bows, and riding, so she works well in a cavalry class, but I think that putting her on a pegasus helps to keep her high speed. 

Leonie’s highest stat growths are her speed and dexterity at 55% and 60%. See why we want to keep that high 55% growth? Her other growths are pretty good, with everything else at 40%, except for magic and resistance. Overall, this makes her a very well-rounded unit with no visible weaknesses.

Now, onto Leonie’s power with a lance. She learns the combat art Lance Jab, which not many other lance users learn, along with Monster Piercer. Even without combat arts, her stats make her a very effective lance user who often double-hits and crits.

Lastly, she’s even stronger with her personal skill Rivalry, which, when next to a male ally, her damage output increases by 2 while her damage taken decreases by 2. She is very powerful in almost any class, so you really can’t go wrong with making her a lance. As a Falcon Knight, she’ll keep her high speed and cause severe damage to enemies around her.

What Makes Leonie a Great Lance User: 

  • She is well-distributed in all of her stat growths. She is strong but can also take a couple of hits. 
  • Leonie has strength for lances, so making her a lance user just makes sense!
  • When positioned next to the right people on the battlefield, she is even more powerful in proving her worth. Considering the powerful male allies in the game, she can still outshine them while next to each other! 


2. Sylvain (Paladin)

Watch Sylvain finish this!

Sylvain is easily one of the best units in the game. He excels in a lot of classes, but with his canon class being a lance user and his Heroes” Relic, it’s natural to say he’s great with one!

Sylvain’s growths for HP, Speed, and strength are at 55%, 50%, and 45%, respectively. He is strong, plus he can take a decent amount of hits, especially with his defense at 40%. He is the perfect lance user to put in the middle of the battlefield and cause a lot of damage around him, while still staying strong for your team.

Upon reaching C+ in lances, he learns Monster Fairer, which, while not every lance user learns, multiple on this list do. He also learns Swift Strikes, which even less learn. Sylvain’s crest of Gautier also increases his movement when using any combat art, like these two. Lastly, he has the Lance of Ruin in his family, which he can use the full power of thanks to his crest. He unlocks the combat art Ruined Sky, which can cause a high amount of damage. 

What Makes Sylvain a Great Lance User:

  • While this doesn’t speak to his skills, Sylvain is very easy to recruit if you play as female Byleth. All you have to do is ask, and he’ll join without any required skills. This does help because you can have him and train him from the get-go. 
  • Sylvain learns a lot of powerful, lance-centric combat arts.
  • His crest and Heroes’ Relic combined make him a very powerful unit on the battlefield. 


1. Dimitri (High Lord)

I wouldn't mind if he used his lance on me like that. 

It should probably go without saying that Dimitri is the best lance user in the game. He is incredibly powerful and has high raw physical power output. Of course, as the leader of the Blue Lions, he cannot be recruited into any other routes. 

Dimitri’s most compelling stat growth is his 60% strength! See what I mean about raw output? He can cause a lot of damage, and when combined with his dexterity and speed growths, both at 50%, he can do a lot. 

Keep in mind Dimitri also has a Heroes’ Relic! He has the lance Areadbhar. Which, when combined with his crest of Blaiddyd, gives access to the Combat Art Atrocity! That’s not the only thing his crest is good for. It also doubles damage in combat arts, though it does use more durability. 

What Makes Dimitri a Great Lance User: 

  • Dimitri’s stat growths make him very powerful. Most notably, his strength growth. He can cut through tough enemies, even when they have high HP.
  • Dimitri’s made to be a lance user. He even has his special lance Heroes’ Relic that works perfectly with his skills. 
  • His crest of Blaiddyd contributes to his talent in multiple ways, all around making him a great lance user. 

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