[Top 10] Fire Emblem: Three Houses Best Teams That Are Powerful

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Yuri attacks.
The Ashen Wolves are strong!

You might be wondering, why is team composition important? You’re already given a set of units to work with when you select a house, so isn’t that your composition? The answer is no. Not all units or houses are created equally. You need units that balance each other out.

For example, if you only have sword units, you will be unevenly matched for many of the other enemies. On that same note, not all units are good sword units. Team composition is very important so that you can spread the load of work somewhat evenly between the teammates and so that they all have their distinct roles. 

While some of these teams are only available to specific routes, note that they are all possible in the game at some point. 


10.  Dedue + Catherine + Ashe + Annette

Ashe is kind enough to be a good part of any team.

This is a great team with mostly Blue Lions, but Catherine is easy to recruit as long as your level is high enough. Plus, she has supports with Ashe to give you that added bonus of camaraderie. The rest have supports as well!

This team is easy to possess, but only if you choose Blue Lions because of Dedue. He would never leave His Highness’ side. They have a good range of skills, with up close and far away combat, plus Annette gives you some magic. She is a powerful dark magic user and she can learn to heal with white magic, which can help you in a pinch.

What Makes This Team Great: 

  • You only have to recruit Catherine into the Blue Lions, but she is very easy to recruit.
  • They have a great range of skills! Ashe even has the personal skill Lockpick, so he can unlock doors and chests for you if he’s near them.
  • Catherine comes with her powerful Heroes’ Relic, which combined with her power, allows her to kill enemies in one hit!

Team details:

  • Dedue - War Master
  • Catherine - Mortal Savant
  • Ashe - Sniper
  • Annette - Gremory


9.  Petra + Yuri + Bernadetta

Yuri doesn't have time for this!

Yuri is a member of the Ashen Wolves, part of the paid DLC. While he is not a Black Eagle, he may as well be one because of his connection to Bernadetta. They were childhood friends… Only to reconvene at Garreg Mach. How about that! Petra is also friendly with Bernadetta, though Bernadetta never makes it easy.

Petra and Yuri might both be using a sword, but Assassin and Trickster are two different classes! Petra is a critical beast with a sword, best for finishing off enemies, while Yuri can easily dodge attacks and use some magic here and there.

Lastly, Bernadetta is a very skilled archer that will be killing enemies with her extra hit. She can fly around the battlefield to reach enemies that Petra and Yuri might not be able to.

What Makes This Team Great: 

  • You only have to recruit Yuri, but he is very easy to recruit once you complete the DLC and unlock Abyss in the main story. 
  • Yuri’s relic allows him to move after he’s fought, which comes in handy if you put him in harm’s way.
  • Bernadetta’s crest makes it so that she hits enemies an extra time quite often.
  • The three of them work together on the battlefield with different ranges of combat. 

Team details: 

  • Petra - Assassin
  • Yuri - Trickster
  • Bernadetta - Falcon Knight


8.  Lysithea + Lorenz + Balthus

She'll steal your desserts and your kills!

While Lysithea, Lorenz, and Balthus all hail from the Leicester Alliance, you will have to recruit Balthus if you have the paid DLC. He’s worth it, I promise!

Lorenz and Balthus both have Relics, but I strongly recommend you give Lorenz’s, Thyrsus, to Lysithea. This is the main reason to keep these two on a team! While Lorenz does have his strengths, which he’ll prove to you, giving that relic to Lysithea allows her to hit from three spaces away, keeping her safe with her low defense.

Balthus comes with his own special gauntlets, Vajra-Mushti, that will have him blowing through enemies. You can send him off on his own on the battlefield and he’ll destroy anyone in his way. Lorenz, on the other hand, can stay with Lysithea and take hits for her if people come for her. 

What Makes This Team Great: 

  • Lysithea has fun supports with both of them, which is fitting given her character. 
  • You get two Heroes’ Relics to use in this team. 
  • They are all very powerful on the battlefield and will do your work for you. You just have to worry about their placements!

Team details:

  • Lysithea - Gremory
  • Lorenz - Trickster
  • Balthus - War Monk


7.  Catherine + Shamir + Linhardt

Thunderbrand brings everyone together.

Catherine and Shamir make sense together, but Linhardt? Why is he here? He might seem like he doesn’t fit, but he serves one very special purpose. 

Linhardt has warp. He can warp an ally to somewhere else on the battlefield, within a certain range. Both Catherine and Shamir are extremely powerful and can both easily one shot enemies. Catherine has her Heroes’ Relic, Thunderbrand, while Shamir doesn’t need a relic to be strong. 

Linhardt can heal and warp Catherine and Shamir to wherever they need to be so they can easily power the battlefield. Class Linhardt in a class that doubles his magic skills so he will be doubly useful. Plus, he does actually have supports with Catherine!

What Makes This Team Great:

  • Catherine and Shamir both come classed up when you recruit them, meaning they already have higher stats and combat arts. 
  • Linhardt can heal, warp, and he has defensive magic. He doesn’t like to fight much though, so you can give him what he wants. 
  • Catherine and Shamir are partners that know each other on the battlefield, so they’ll always have their backs. Linhardt is there to help support them best he can. 

Team details:

  • Catherine - Mortal Savant
  • Shamir - Bow Knight
  • Linhardt - Bishop


6.  Dorothea + Ingrid + Mercedes + Hilda

We love to see girlbosses.

Putting Dorothea, Ingrid, and Mercedes together gives you a well-balanced team full of magic, healing, and physical attacks. 

These are all very powerful in ladies in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and they work well together as a team! Ingrid can fly across the battlefield to get far away enemies, Hilda gets up close and personal with a pair of gauntlets and some magic, while Dorothea and Mercedes support them. They both have access to strong magic attacks, but they can hit from a space away. Mercedes can heal while Dorothea can give Ingrid or Hilda another turn if she dances for them.

These four together prevent your team from being lopsided. Instead of too much magic or too many physical attacks, they help each other on the battlefield as needed to ensure that everyone survives. 

What Makes This Team Great:

  • These four balance out your team so that you have all of your bases covered. 
  • Dorothea and Ingrid share a paralogue where they must work together. When completed, you’ll see how helpful Dorothea is in getting Ingrid to her goals. 
  • If you don’t have access to Edelgard for your run but still want powerful women, these are great. While all the FE3H ladies are, you can’t use Hilda when you have Edelgard. This is the next best thing!

Team details: 

  • Dorothea - Dancer
  • Ingrid - Falcon Knight
  • Mercedes - Gremory
  • Hilda - War Cleric


5.  Lysithea + Leonie + Sylvain + Petra

Given Leonie's strength, nothing is too heavy!

Lysithea, Leonie, Sylvain, and Petra might seem like a bit of an odd bunch, but you won’t be complaining when they demolish the battlefield for you. They have some members from each house, meaning you will have to do some recruiting. 

These four give you a little bit of everything, based on how you class them. Lysithea is easily the best magic user in the game, combined with Leonie with a bow on a pegasus, Sylvain with a lance on a horse, and Petra with a sword as a dancer. That will give her a high sword avoid boost, plus she can already easily finish enemies.

Together, they give you a little bit of everything, keeping you well-balanced and able to trump a battlefield. There is a nice mix of high movement and high power, plus Sylvain has a Heroes’ Relic. You can never go wrong with one!

What Makes This Team Great:

  • If you choose a house other than Blue Lions but you play as female Byleth, Sylvain is very easy to recruit. He’ll join you right away! He might be annoying when it comes to women, but hey, he’s one of the best units. 
  • This is a well-balanced team with strengths in a variety of areas, so no enemies can power over everyone.
  • Lysithea has a lower defense, so she can fight from the back while the other units with higher movement can cover for her. 

Team details:

  • Lysithea - Gremory
  • Leonie - Falcon Knight
  • Sylvain - Paladin
  • Petra - Dancer


4. Dimitri + Ingrid + Sylvain + Felix

Me too, Ingrid.

Dimitri, Ingrid, Sylvain, and Felix are all part of the Blue Lions. Since they come from Faerghus and have a history of friendship, they’re nicknamed the Faerghus Four. 

The Faerghus Four is a very powerful team. Not only are these some of the best units in the entire game, but they are all very powerful characters. Since they have known each other for years, their stories are intertwined with everything else going on in Faerghus. 

While Dimitri cannot be recruited to other routes, Ingrid, Sylvain, and Felix can be, and it is recommended that they are since they are so strong with high strength skills. But when they are paired with Dimitri, everything just makes sense. Felix has the Aegis Shield, symbolizing that he and house Fraldarius are always the king’s shield. 

What Makes the Faerghus Four Great:

  • These four have known each other since they were kids, so they know each other’s weaknesses and can save each other as needed.
  • All of them have access to powerful Heroes’ Relics, making them an unbeatable team. 
  • You do not have to waste professor points trying to recruit this team, as you will have them as soon as you select the Blue Lions in Chapter 1. 

Faerghus Four details:

  • Dimitri - High Lord
  • Ingrid - Falcon Knight
  • Sylvain - Wyvern Lord 
  • Felix - Swordmaster


3.  Claude + Hilda + Lorenz

Unfortunately, Lorenz does have good ideas sometimes.

Claude, Hilda, and Lorenz make up the most prominent characters in the Golden Deer. They are quite the cast of characters and do not always get along, but they back each other up on the battlefield. 

Claude, Hilda, and Lorenz balance each other out quite nicely. Claude attacks from a space away with his bow, Hilda gets up close and personal as she swings an axe, and Lorenz can travel on a horse with high movement and use a hefty amount of powerful black magic. They balance each other out in their skills, all while bickering about Goddess knows what. They clash together in a fun way but still find common ground. They’re a great team to play with!

What Makes This Team Great: 

  • You will automatically have access to these three if you select the Golden Deer in Chapter 1.
  • They have a common goal in the Leicester Alliance’s future… though Hilda doesn’t care if she’s doing the work or not. 
  • They have fun personalities that all blend together in an unconventional way. Lorenz is not everyone’s favorite, let’s just say that!

Team details:

  • Claude - Barbrossa
  • Hilda - Warrior
  • Lorenz - Dark Knight


2.  Yuri + Hapi + Constance + Balthus 

The Ashen Wolves support each other on and off the battlefield.

Yuri, Hapi, Constance, and Balthus are all members of the Ashen Wolves, a secret house in “Abyss,” all under Garreg Mach. They are part of the paid DLC for FE3H.

Since the Ashen Wolves have all been cast out into Abyss, they have common goals between them, such as keeping everyone safe in Abyss. When you recruit them, they will join your cause, but it will not stop them from committing to their ideals. They work well as a team, as seen in their supports and paralogues. 

What Makes the Ashen Wolves Great:

  • All of them are very strong units, making them very worth the price for the Three Houses Expansion Pass.
  • Their classes are unique to the DLC. While you can make other units into those classes, they are the best as they were created for them!
  • They all have unique and powerful skills, plus they have unique crests and Heroes’ Relics to use. 
  • They are a great cast of characters that are easy to love and fun to use!

Ashen Wolves details:

  • Yuri - Trickster
  • Hapi - Valkyrie
  • Constance - Dark Flier
  • Balthus - War Monk


1. Ferdinand + Hubert + Edelgard

That's not all Ferdinand is, Hubert!

The Empress Edelgard and her left and right hands, Ferdinand and Hubert. Together, they are an almost unstoppable team, showcased by how short the Crimson Flower route is. They are able to accomplish their goals quicker than the other sides of the war. 

If you play Crimson Flower, you will need to use Edelgard. She is required to deploy for certain missions. Because of this, make use of Ferdinand and Hubert as well. Hubert is a powerful dark magic user, while Ferdinand is a jack of all trades. He has no weaknesses and can easily train in the areas Edelgard and Hubert lack. Edelgard has a special class of her own, but she is best as an axe user. 

Ferdinand obediently follows orders, those of Edelgard included, while Hubert serves Edelgard best he can. He has a mind of his own and will do as he pleases, as long as he believes it is in Edelgard’s best interest. Because of this, they are a great team that strives to reform all of Fodlan. 

I’d recommend making Ferdinand a Wyvern Lord so that he has the ability to fly, while keeping Edelgard and Hubert in their canon roles. 

What Makes This Team Great: 

  • All three of them have very powerful attacks that balance each other out. 
  • They all have unique interactions with each other, on and off the battlefield, as they are all important people to Edelgard/in the Empire.
  • You do not need to waste time recruiting them, as you will have this team at your ready as soon as you recruit Black Eagles in Chapter 1. 

Team details:

  • Edelgard - Armored Lord
  • Ferdinand - Wyvern Lord
  • Hubert - Dark Mage


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