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Maybe astrology isn't so useless after all

Which Star Sign suits your character best?

One of the key moments in The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind’s character creator is selecting a birth sign. While they might be eye-rollingly annoying in real life, Morrowind’s fantastical zodiac has very real implications for your character, with buffs and debuffs that will affect you for the rest of the game. But which signs are best? Read on to find out!


5. The Steed

    In Morrowind Lore, the Steed is one of the charges of the Warrior, one of the three guardian signs that govern the Firmament. However, The Steed’s bonus is useful for any class, whether you spec into magic, combat, or stealth.

    What the Steed Excels in: The Steed gives a 25 point bonus to your speed, allowing you to bypass the slow starting moving speed in Morrowind.

    Pick the Steed if you’re new to the game and are used to the faster moving speed of other Elder Scrolls titles. With the Steed, traveling through Morrowind has never been quicker.


4. The Tower

    The Tower belongs to the Thief, the guardian sign that governs the realm of stealth. The Tower is a great pick if you’re playing a burglar character and spend a lot of your playthrough rummaging through locked chests and pilfering other people’s belongings.

    What the Tower Excels in: The Tower grants you one spell (usable based on your magicka) and one power (usable once a day.) The spell, Beggar’s Nose, highlights all animals, keys, and enchantments on your minimap. This makes it easy to sniff out guard dogs, traps, and keys when you’re trying to break into someone’s house.

    The power, Tower Key, lets you instantly pick the lock of any level 50 or below lock once a day.

    Pick the Tower if you think you’re going to be spending a lot of  time in restricted areas, and want to get away with your loot as quickly as possible.


3. The Shadow

    The Shadow is another one of the Thief’s charges, but it can be useful for any type of build that wants to move around unseen or avoid unfavorable combat encounters.

    What the Shadow Excels in: picking the Shadow grants you the Moonshadow power, which, once a day, renders you fully invisible for 60 seconds. This makes it easy to sneak past guards or creatures without being spotted. Be careful though, your character still makes noise.

      Pick the Shadow if you’re committing to a Stealth build and want a little extra push to get past really difficult chokepoints, or if you’re planning on exploring high level areas as a low level player.


2. The Lady

    The Lady falls under the protection of the Warrior sign, but like many of these signs can be applied to any sort of build, not just a combat based one. With significant stat bonuses, this is one of the best general-use birth signs you can pick.

    What the Lady Excels in: The Lady grants a 25 point bonus to both your characters Endurance  and Personality stats. This is great for combat based characters, or if you just want a health bonus early in the game. The personality boost can also help with prices for you to get the most out of early-game trading.

    Pick the Lady if you’re looking for a leg up in terms of max health, or if you’re sick of early game NPCs being mad at you.


1. The Atronach

    The Atronach is a mage sign, and the stats it grants you are frankly overpowered. While it comes with some downsides, it’s pretty much a must-pick for min-maxers trying to create the strongest mage they can.

    What the Atronach Excels in: The Atronach offers two excellent passive abilities. The first is that it fortifies your maximum magicka, nearly doubling how much magical energy you can hold at once. It also gives you a 50% spell absorption effect, meaning that there’s a high chance any spell used against you will be absorbed into your huge magicka pool. The downside is that you can’t restore magicka by resting, but with enough potions that shouldn’t be a problem.

    Pick the atronach if you’re playing a magic-based character and want to make the most out of your playthrough, causing as much damage with your spells as possible!


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