[Top 5] Elden Ring Best Lightning Weapons To Have

[Top 5] Elden Ring Best Lightning Weapons That Are Powerful
Ice, lightning or fire, either way you will have a great time in Elden Ring.

Melina is a great character and is probably one of the best in Elden Ring.

With a lot of weapons and a lot of different shields in Elden Ring, there is something for everyone. Lightning is great in Elden Ring and this top 5 list will show you how to get these amazing lightning weapons. Lightning has been in the souls franchise for quite some time with Nameless King still giving players goosebumps with just the thought of him, sadly he is not in Elden Ring, as he is on leave after losing a battle in Dark Souls 3.

 An important note, most weapons that can have a different Ash of War applied to them can have lightning on with the Sanctified Whetblade. The Whetblade can be found in Leyndell, Fortified Manor, weapons that can be buffed with magic or consumables can also deal lightning damage with the help of Lightning Grease.


5. Dragonclaw Shield

The Dragonclaw shield has some great stats and is great for all shield users.

The Dragonclaw shield, a mighty shield wielded by the Draconic Tree Sentinels, like most of the weapons on this list. The shield has some great stats with it being a greatshield and all. The shield also does +30% damage to dragon enemies and +10% damage to ancient dragon enemies, not that you’ll really be hitting enemies with a shield. 


What’s great about the Dragonclaw Shield:

  • Has great absorption to most damage except holy damage.
  • The weapon art, shield bash can do a hefty chunk of damage to enemies.
  • Pairs well with a lot of weapons.
  • Can do extra damage to dragon enemies with the weapon art.
  • Is one of the best-looking shields in Elden Ring.

Dragonclaw Shield Stats:

  • For damage, it has 118 physical damage.
  • 76 Lightning damage.
  • And 100 critical damage.
  • 0 for magic, fire, and holy damage.
  • For guarding it has 100 physical absorption.
  • 52 magic and fire absorption.
  • 76 lighting absorption.
  • 47 holy absorption and 61 guard boost.
  • It has D Strength scaling and E Dex scaling but can go up to C and D at +10.
  • It requires 28 Strength and 12 Dex to use.
  • The shield has a weight of 13.5 

How to get the Dragonclaw shield:


4. Dragon Greatclaw

The Greatclaw and the Shield will turn you into a Draconic Tree Sentinel in no time.

The Dragon Greatclaw is one amazing weapon, with it being one of my favorite colossal weapons. The weapon has some amazing damage and a good weapon art that boosts your poise and reduces damage. The weapon also deals an extra +30% damage to dragon enemies and +10% damage to ancient dragon enemies.


What’s great about the Dragon Greatclaw:

  • Has extra damage to Dragon enemies.
  • Has a great weapon skill that reduces damage and raises poise.
  • Has good damage.
  • Pairs well with the Dragonclaw Shield.

Dragon Greatclaw stats:

  • For damage, it has 120 physical damage.
  • 0 for magic, holy, and fire.
  • It has 78 lightning damage and 100 critical damage.
  • It has 66 physical damage absorption.
  • Magic and fire absorption of 40.
  • 52 lightning damage absorption.
  • 40 holy damage absorption.
  • With a guard boost of 47.
  • It has the requirements of 30 strength and 14 dex.
  • And has D scaling in both strength and dex, with it going up to C strength scaling at +10.
  • It has a weight of 16.

How to get the Dragon Greatclaw:


3. Veteran’s Prosthesis 

Taking a veteran’s prosthesis seems kinda wrong…

The Veteran’s Prosthesis is a great weapon dropping from one strong boss, Commander Niall. The weapon has one cool-looking weapon art with a great area of effect, the weapon also deals solid damage for a fist weapon. The weapon also has low requirements to use, so even if you’re at the late game with a holy build you will most likely be able to use the weapon.


What’s great about the Veteran’s Prosthesis:

  • Has low requirements.
  • Deals good damage with a good area of effect weapon art.
  • Drops from one of the best bosses in the game. 
  • Is a solid choice for any fist builds.

Veteran’s Prosthesis stats:

  • For physical damage, it deals 83.
  • 0 for magic, fire, and holy damage.
  • It has 53 lightning damage.
  • And 100 critical damage.
  • It has 30 physical damage absorption.
  • 20 in magic and fire.
  • 48 lightning damage absorption.
  • With 20 holy absorption and 24 guard boost.
  • It has D scaling in both strength and dex and can change to C scaling in strength at +6 to 10.
  • It only requires 15 strength and 12 dex to use. 
  • It has a weight of 4.

How to get the Veteran’s Prosthesis:


2. Dragon King’s Cragblade

Santa using the Dragon King’s Cragblade, pictured 1920.

The Dragon King’s Cragblade is one amazing weapon, with one of the best weapon arts. It has great damage and can be found after beating one of the best dragon bosses in Elden Ring, Dragonlord Platypus… I mean Placidusax. 


What’s great about the Dragon King’s Cragblade:

  • Has one of the best weapon arts, which deals great damage and can knock down enemies.
  • Does some great damage, especially with B dex scaling at plus 10.
  • Does an extra +30% damage to dragon enemies and +10% damage to ancient dragons.
  • Special R2 attack that is shared with the Bloody Helice.

Dragon King’s Cragblade stats:

  • For physical attack, it has 92.
  • Lightning damage is 59. 
  • It has 0 damage in magic, holy, and fire.
  • It has 100 critical damage.
  • When it comes to guarding it has 46 physical absorption.
  • 32 fire and magic absorption.
  • 46 lightning absorption.
  • And a 32 holy damage absorption.
  • It has 34 for guard boost.
  • It has E in strength and D in dex scaling at + 0.
  • It requires 18 strength and 37 dex.
  • It only weighs 8.

How to get the Dragon King’s Cragblade:


1. Bolt Of Gransax

The Bolt of Gransax deals massive damage and turns you into Zeus.

This Zeus-like weapon is the best lightning weapon in Elden Ring, it has one amazing ranged weapon art and deals massive damage. It also has the extra +30% damage to dragon enemies and +10% damage to ancient dragons, the weapon is also one of the 9 legendary weapons.


What’s great about the Bolt of Gransax:

  • Has one amazing weapon art that deals damage at a range.
  • Deals solid damage to enemies.
  • Has extra damage to dragon enemies.
  • Weapon art deals 100% lightning damage.

The Bolt of Gransax stats:

  • Physically the weapon deals 98 damage.
  • For magic fire and holy, it deals 0.
  • Lightning damage is at a solid 63.
  • With a critical of 100. 
  • It has 60 physical damage absorption.
  • With 31 in magic, fire, and holy.
  • And 47 lightning damage absorption.
  • The weapon has D strength and dex scaling at plus 0 and it goes up to C dex scaling at plus 7.
  • The weapon weighs 8.5

How to get the Bolt of Gransax:


This concludes our list of the top 5 best lightning weapons in Elden Ring, if you enjoyed this article be sure to check out these ones as well.


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