[Top 10] Lost Ark Best Beginner Classes To Play

Lost Ark Best Beginner Classes To Play
Fun classes for the new players in Lost Ark

Hello, new Lost Ark fans! Here are the greatest classes for new gamers to start their Lost Ark adventure with that are pleasant and engaging. The most important thing is to choose the gameplay style that best matches you and with whom you will have the most fun. Classes are ranked according to how simple it is to learn and play the class, how expensive it is to build, and how powerful the class is. 

So let's get started.


10. Sharpshooter

Legolas in the Lost Ark

Sharpshooters are the ranged combatants who engage their foes with the use of mechanical bows and specialized arrows. In addition, they are aided by their pet hawk. A simplistic, easy-to-learn class with easy-to-use abilities and short cooldowns Given that they are rather mobile and prefer to launch their attacks from afar, newcomers can feel at ease. Using their arrow powers, players can deal damage and fill the hawk gauge, releasing the hawk pet to aid them with powerful damaging abilities.

Why Sharpshooter Is a Great

  • This is a very friendly class for new players due to its simplicity.
  • Safe to play with long-range abilities and good AoE.
  • Can summon the hawk pet to attack if you feel stuck in some situations.
  • All abilities have pretty short cooldowns, which will keep you engaged.
  • Good mobility and easy-to-dodge mechanics.

Choose Sharpshooter if... 

  • You have good aim and like the idea of a Bowman class.
  • Looking for a class with a low learning curve.
  • The satisfying feeling of charging and waiting for a big hit with big numbers.

Sharpshooter Fun Factor: 81/100


9. Scrapper

Pretty but deadly Taijutsu master

Scrapper is a very new player-friendly class that uses big-fist weapons to destroy her enemies. You may deal damage simply by pressing buttons rather than trying to memorize complex combos. She has a respectable defensive coefficient and is quite sturdy. All things considered, her class is quite versatile, allowing her to deal damage, stun opponents, and move freely. Scrapper doesn't need mana because her green and yellow powers work together to help her defeat her enemies.

Why Scrapper Is a Great

  • Can stun her enemies quite often and avoid being hit.
  • Good mobility with two dashes.
  • If you end up in a tight situation, you'll be very tanky thanks to her super armor.
  • There are no combos to learn, making it very simple to play.
  • She can also buff herself and debuff enemies to win more easily.

Choose Scrapper if…

  • You are a fan of martial arts.
  • Want a class that is easy to learn.
  • Looking for a class with big punches and satisfying effects.

Scrapper Fun Factor: 83/100


8. Artillerist

Nuclear weapon specialist

Artillerists are soldiers who specialize in operating large artillery pieces such as turrets, launchers, and flamethrowers. Due to its lack of attack modifiers and its great durability thanks to its extensive use of shields, it is an excellent starting class. A versatile class that can dish out significant amounts of both stagger and destructive damage, making them ideal for players who prefer to focus their attention on a single character. After filling up their firepower meter, their identity skill transforms into turret mode. 

Why Artillerist Is a Great

  • High-damage abilities with a lot of stagger damage.
  • They can shield themselves.
  • Very large hitbox from all of their abilities, making it hard to miss enemies.
  • Provides good synergy buffs.
  • Does not have any attack modifiers.

Choose Artillerist if…

  • You like the soldier type of the class.
  • You desire satisfying big-hitting abilities.
  • Class that carefully controls skill placement.

Artillerist Fun Factor: 81/100


7. Sorceress

Rules the battlefield by commanding the elements

Sorceress is a traditional mage who wields elemental destruction to defeat her foes. With her arsenal of powerful area-of-effect attacks, she is an obvious pick for the first few story quests you'll face. As a highly adaptable class, novice players can pick between dealing massive, sustained magic machinegun damage or short bursts of damage. Although it's rather squishy, she makes up for it with good mobility by using blinks and dashes. Her regular fighting skills charge her arcane gauge, which she subsequently uses for her more potent combat abilities.

Why Sorceress Is a Great

  • It is a very simple class that doesn’t require any combos.
  • Her abilities don't have attack modifiers and don't require positioning.
  • Good mobility and overall damage output.
  • Because she is a caster, it is simple to counter enemies from a distance.
  • Very versatile and adaptable class that fits everyone's playstyle.

Choose Sorceress if…

  • Like the traditional mage class.
  • You want to see your name often listed as the "MVP" at the end of the counter.
  • Looking for a class with the best visual effects that come from her skills.

Sorceress Fun Factor: 83/100


6. Berserker

Unleashing wrath with a mighty sword

Berserker is a classic style of melee warrior who wreaks havoc on his foes with his greatsword. His abilities provide a lot of stagger damage and are simple enough for beginner players to use. It's a tanky and mobile hero class that provides everything new players need to get adjusted quickly and easily. When the gauge is full, they enter a burst or "madness" state that serves as their defining ability. It gives them an advantage in every respect, boosting their attack speed, movement speed, damage, and defense.

Why Berserker Is a Great

  • Very tanky thanks to his armor.
  • Provides good damage with a simple rotation.
  • One of the most mobile classes in the game.
  • They can enter mayhem mode, which gives them access to everything.
  • Berserker has one of the best combat animations in the game.

Choose Berserker if…

  • Like the idea of a big man wielding a big sword and just smashing everything around him.
  • Like fast-paced game style.
  • You are looking for a class with no learning curve and just want to smash buttons.

Berserker Fun Factor: 85/100


5. Scouter

I am the Iron Man

Scouter is an advanced tech class that can transform into a robot and employ advanced drones and lasers to wipe out his enemies. This is a wonderful starting class because you can safely avoid close combat and focus on damaging your foes from a distance. As an added bonus, it has a robot-like playstyle that looks great, allowing the player to enter hypersonic mode by filling a gauge and then flying around while blasting lasers and bombs. 

Why Scouter Is a Great

  • Very mobile and versatile class to suit everyone's playstyle.
  • Good survivability with shields provided by hypersonic mode.
  • Very safe to play ranged class with great damage.
  • One of the coolest-looking classes in the game.
  • It is very inexpensive and simple to build.

Choose Scouter if…

  • You're into high-tech and Iron Man.
  • Looking for a class that doesn’t require horizontal content to progress.
  • Want to feel like controlling the spaceship.

Scouter Fun Factor: 89/100


4. Shadowhunter

Shapeshift into a powerful demonic form

The Shadowhunter is another sort of transformation class that may change into a demon and use its devastating attacks to destroy its foes. It has a very fast-paced game style that allows you to maneuver around your enemies and fire out abilities quite quickly without getting caught in an animation that might end up getting you hit with some sort of attack. That's why shadowhunters are so great for new players; they're simple to pick up and play.

Why Shadowhunter Is a Great

  • One of the most mobile classes in the game.
  • Very good survivability thanks to super armor, and it heals every time it enters demon form.
  • Very high damage with less effort.
  • One of the easiest classes to learn.
  • In addition, it is one of the least expensive classes to build.

Choose Shadowhunter if…

  • You like the idea of playing with a demon lady-like character.
  • You're looking for a class with fast-paced gameplay that will have you mashing buttons until your keyboard breaks.
  • Want a class that has good visuals and combat animations.

Shadowhunter Fun Factor: 91/100


3. Gunlancer

The first line of defense

The Gunlancer class in Lost Ark is the most similar to a typical tank. Aside from being tanky, it also possesses excellent damage and team synergy. A good all-around class for inexperienced players that has everything and lets them get struck by the mechanics until they learn how to execute them correctly. It is also in high demand, so they will always be able to find groups for any type of content they need. Gunlancers have a shield meter that, when filled, allows them to raise their shield and become extremely tanky and immune to various types of harmful effects.

Why Gunlancer Is a Great

  • Tankiest class in the game.
  • Forgiving and easy to learn for the new players.
  • Very desirable to the PVE groups.
  • Allows players to choose if they want to deal more damage or  become tankier.
  • Has one of the best counterskills in the game.

Choose Gunlancer if…

  • Like a tank's roll in the game, and if you want to face tank everything,
  • You don’t mind slow classes and having a backward spacebar.
  • Want to make fights easier for your party members.

Gunlancer Fun Factor: 93/100


2. Bard

Musicians of the Lost Ark

Bard is a supportive class that uses beautiful musical sounds to heal and shield their allies or destroy their enemies. The best class in the game for new players as well as for unfamiliar content, they can also use healing and shielding abilities to be more durable and take more damage. Also, they provide various buffs for themselves and other players to make the content much easier and faster to overcome. Buffs are available as soon as the bard charges her identify skill, known as the serenade meter, by attacking foes.

Why Bard Is a Great

  • New player-friendly class that is easy to learn.
  • Best class for new content.
  • Makes everything easier by providing shields, buffs, and healings.
  • Very cheap to build later in the game.
  • One of the most desirable classes in any group.

Choose Bard if…

  • You enjoy the sound of music produced by your abilities.
  • Want to play the female support class.
  • You don’t mind doing less damage than other classes.

Bard Fun Factor: 94/100


1. Paladin

Channel the power of the gods

The Paladin is a combat fighter that relies on holy power to protect his allies and destroy his foes. It is another support class in the game that sacrifices a little bit of its damage to provide healing and supportive buffs to its allies. Even more than other classes, paladins give new players freedom of choice in how they want to play. They can either optimize for more healing or for more damage. The majority of the paladin's support abilities are auras, making it easier to use them without interrupting your own performance.

Why Paladin Is a Great

  • Tanky support class that provides shields and damage buffs.
  • Very popular for any group as support.
  • It is relatively inexpensive to construct because it only requires two engravings to function properly.
  • Very simple skills to use and to maintain their buffs.
  • Has good damage for a support class.
  • Provides consistent healing, which is very valuable for new players.

Choose Paladin if…

  • You like the idea of a holy knight with cool armor.
  • Want to play as male support.
  • Looking for a class with nice visuals of holy spells and AOE effects.

Paladin Fun Factor: 96/100


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