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Don't Starve Together Best Weapons, DST Best Weapons
Don't Starve Together's legendary title screen.

Combat is one guarantee offered in the ‘Don’t Starve’ world, but luckily there are an assortment of weapons to use in order to combat that. We’ll be counting down in this article the top 10 weapons in ‘Don’t Starve Together.’

10. Spear

Wilson standing readily with his spear.

The spear is one of the first craftable weapons. While this melee weapon doesn’t pack as much punch as other weapons, we think it deserves a spot on this list since it’s available so early (given you have the resources and a science machine.)

Weapon stats: 

  • 34 damage
  • 150 use durability
  • Doesn’t stack

What makes the spear awesome: 

  • Available as soon as you have a science machine.
  • Doesn’t take many unique resources, only needing 1x rope, 2x twig, and 1x flint.
  • Can be used to craft fire staff or ice staff.

Spear info: Wiki 

9. Blow Dart

A blow dart or two makes the frigid winters so much warmer...

The blow dart is available to craft as soon as the spear. This weapon packs a punch, but the materials to make it can be difficult to find.

Weapon stats: 

  • 100 damage
  • 1 use durability
  • Stacks up to 20

What makes the blow dart awesome: 

  • Available with science machine.
  • Can often be found next to skeletons.
  • Comes in a few different flavors, such as sleep dart and fire dart.

Blow dart info: Wiki 

8. Ham Bat

The ham bat is much more than meats the eye.

The ham bat may not be the best weapon in regards to damage, but this melee weapon is surely the most memorable weapon of the game. Instead of durability determined by uses, it’s determined by the amount of days until spoilage.

Weapon stats:

  • 29.75 - 59.5 damage (spoilage effects this)
  • 10 day durability.
  • Doesn’t stack.

What makes the ham bat awesome:

  • Can use it as many times as you want, days until spoilage determining durability.
  • Deals up to 119 damage as Wolfgang
  • Don’t cause mobs such as bunnymen to become aggressive despite being meat.

Ham Bat info: Wiki

7. Tentacle Spike


The mighty tentacle spike- held by heroic Wilson.

The tentacle spike is a melee weapon dropped by tentacles. That’s right, there’s no making this weapon, only getting it as a drop. That means before you can even craft weapons, you have the ability to get this should you defeat a tentacle.

Weapon stats:

  • 50 damage
  • 100 use durability
  • Does not stack.

What makes the tentacle spike awesome: 

  • No need to gather items to craft it.
  • You can farm for it by battling against tentacles.
  • High drop rate at 50%

Tentacle Spike info: Wiki 

6. Tail o’ Three Cats

Yes, Tail O' Three Cats is WX-78 compatible.

Not all weapons cause just damage. The tail o’ three cats causes damage to multiple mobs at once, but can also be used to pacify them. Due to its primary use of pacification, it has a low damage rate.

Weapon stats:

  • 27.2 Damage
  • 175 use durability
  • Does not stack

What makes the tail o’ three cats awesome:

  • Can be used on multiple mobs at once.
  • Has a chance to pacify mobs due to its crack.
  • High use durability.

Tail o’ three cats info: Wiki

5. Ice Staff

Wilson holding an upgraded form of the spear- an ice staff.

While we’ve already covered the spear, we’re now going to cover one of the weapons you can make with it: an ice staff. The ice staff is a ranged weapon which doesn’t cause damage but can be used to freeze an enemy so that your allies can attack and defeat it. You need a Prestihatilator to be able to craft this.

Weapon Stats:

  • 0 Damage (freezes enemies)
  • 20 use durability.
  • Does not stack.

What makes the ice staff awesome:

  • Can be used strategically instead of relying on kiting.
  • Only needs a spear and a blue gem to craft.
  • It's pretty cool.

Ice Staff info: Wiki

4. Fire Staff

A fierce step above the ice staff: the fire staff.

The first staff is another weapon you can make with the spear, this time needing a red gem and 2 nightmare fuel. This is a bit harder to make not just because of the need of nightmare fuel, but also because of the need for a Shadow Manipulator. This ranged weapon works similar to the ice staff, but instead of freezing it ignites mobs and flammable items.

Weapon stats:

  • 48 - 56 damage.
  • 20 use durability.
  • Does not stack.

What makes the fire staff awesome:

  • With it, you can set the world on fire (or, use it to set 20 different items/mobs on fire)
  • Gives a use for nightmare fuel.
  • Hot item to have.

Fire Staff info: Wiki

3. Glass Cutter

A refurbished celestial altar, the perfect place to piece together a glass cutter.

In the realm of melee weapons there are two weapons tied for first place of the most powerful weapon, glass cutter being one of them. This is a weapon exclusive to Don’t Starve Together, requiring the celestial altar be assembled to grant the recipe for this weapon.

Weapon stats: 

  • 68 damage.
  • 75 uses regular, 150 uses against shadows.
  • Does not stack.

What makes the glass cutter awesome:

  • One of the three most powerful melee weapons.
  • Made from celestial altar, meaning it’s a bit harder to come by.
  • Great for use against shadow mobs.

Glass cutter info: Wiki

2. Dark Sword

The Darksword , something of nightmares- literally.

The dark sword is the only other weapon tied with the glass cutter as the best melee weapon. It only requires a shadow manipulator to create, though it’s also the starting weapon for Maxwell. It also can be dropped by some shadow mobs.

Weapon stats:

  • 68 damage.
  • 100 uses.
  • Does not stack.

What makes the dark sword awesome:

  • One of the most powerful melee weapons.
  • Can be dropped by shadow creature mobs.
  • Doesn’t require the celestial altar.

Dark sword info: Wiki

1. Axe

Two trusty axes and one trusty Wilson.

Ok, we acknowledge that the axe isn’t exactly a ‘weapon.’ However, in a pinch where your last real weapon broke, your trusty axe is always there for you. It doesn’t judge that you lost count of how many uses your dark sword had left.

Weapon stats:

  • 27.2 damage.
  • 100 uses.
  • Does not stack.

What makes the axe awesome:

  • Can help in a pinch.
  • Useful for mobs that have less health so that you can save your more hard hitting weapons.
  • Available from the start for every character.

More axe info: Wiki

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