[Top 10] Don't Starve Together Best Beginner Characters

Don't Starve Together Best Beginner Characters
Playing with different characters gives you a different kind of gameplay. There are a total of 17 playable characters in Don’t Starve Together, out of which, 15 are free of charge, and two of them are either obtained by weaving or you have to buy them.


Wolfgang, The Strongman is, along with Wigfrid, the best fighter in the game.
He has 3 forms of mightiness which all depend on his Hunger. His starting form is his Regular form. He has 200 health and will stay in this form while his hunger is between 100 and 225. His stronger form is his Mighty form, which will be activated after his hunger exceeds 225 points. His maximum health will go from 200 to 300, his damage will increase between 1.25x to 2x and he will also receive a 25% movement speed boost. However, because of this state, his hunger will decrease quicker than in the regular state. The third and last state is Wolfgang’s Wimpy State, which occurs on 100 hunger and less. His maximum health goes down to 150 and his movement speed decreases by 10%. His damage will be 0.75x to 0.5x, depending on hunger. Wolfgang is afraid of the dark and the monsters and will get 10% more sanity drain during nighttime.
• Favorite food – Roasted Potato
• Birthday – October 2
Because of his forms, I wouldn’t recommend you to start off with Wolfgang as it can be kind of complicated, and his turning animations could cost you time and even an extra hit by a mob if nearby. However, if you do start with Wolfgang you would be good in combat.

9. Wendy

Wendy, The Bereaved, is one of the weakest combat players you can choose from. She has a 25% damage reduction, however, that is when her sister Abigail comes in hand. You see, Wendy enters the Constant with a flower in her inventory. After the flower opens up, Abigail is ready to spawn. Abigail will make you gain 15 points of sanity, per spawn. She deals 20 damage per hit. Abigail is amazing while fighting grouped mobs, such as spiders, bees, or hounds. Wendy has been through a lot in her life, so nothing really surprises her anymore. That’s why she has reduced sanity drain during nighttime and while fighting mobs.

• favorite food – banana pop
• Birthday - November 11

She has a special Ectoherbology tab that can be used to make various ghostly elixirs. These elixirs are:
• Revenant Restorative – triples Abigail’s health regeneration rate
• Spectral Cure-All – massively increases Abigail’s health regeneration
• Unyielding Draught – Extends Abigail’s shield
• Distilled Vengeance – Extends Abigail’s Shield and deals extra damage to the mobs
• Nightshade Nostrum – Increases Abigail’s damage output
• Vigor Mortis ‘ - Increases Abigail’s speed
All things considered, she is not the best character and definitely not my first choice, but hey, for a start, she’s pretty decent and gives you a unique way of gameplay

8. Wigfrid

Wigfrid, The Performance Artist, is one of the best fighters in the game. She enters the Constant with her own Battle Spear and Battle Helmet. Her Spear deals 42.5 damage per hit and her battle helmet absorbs 80% of damage. Since she only eats meat, you get 4 pieces in your inventory when starting the game. Her perks and quirks include:
• Excels in battle
• Absorbs the power of fallen foes
• Performs well under pressure
• Only eats meat
• Favorite food – Turkey Dinner
• Birthday - July 23
She does extra 25% damage to her enemies, and killing them gives her sanity and health. Health & sanity gain = Mob's damage × 0.25. For example, if she kills a Spider, she gains 5 Health and Sanity (20 × 0.25 = 5).
After her rework she can now eat food items classified as "goodies", such as Taffy, Jellybeans, and Volt Goat Chaud-Froid.
Wigfrid has a special Inspiration meter, which allows her to perform Battle Songs available in her special Stagecraft Tab. To gain Inspiration, Wigfrid needs to fight mobs.
There are five battle songs:
• The Weaponized Warble - makes weapons drain durability 25% slower
• The Heartrending Ballad - Provides extra 1 health point per hit for all the other nearby players, and an extra 0.5 for Wigfrid players
• The Clear minded Cadenza - Provides 1 sanity point per hit for nearby players
• The Bel Canto of Courage - reduces sanity drain by half for all the players nearby
• The Fireproof Falsetto - Provides 33% decrease in fire damage
• The Rude Interlude - gets enemies‘ focus to Wigfrid (costs 11.6 inspiration per use)
• The Startling Soliloquy - sends nearby enemies into panic for 4 seconds (costs 11.6 inspiration per use)
Note that neither of these effects impact bosses.

7. Willow

Willow, The Firestarter, is good with all things fire-related and we are loving it!!! Let’s start off with her sanity gain when near fire or the Star caller’s Dwarf Star. She is immune to fire damage! Yes! IMMUNE. She can literally stand in a burning forest and get out untouched. Speaking of which, she can also put out the fire more quickly than the other players and on the other hand, her fuel is 50% more effective. That means that adding only 1 board or 3 logs to the fire can put the fire to the max strength. In the summer, Willow takes longer to overheat, but she takes more damage and sanity drain when cold. 

Willow spawns in the constant with a lighter and her teddy bear, Bernie. The lighter can be used for an early game light source or to cook food items over it.
Bernie is a game changer! You can equip him for a sanity boost of 2.5 per 1% durability, you can use him as insulation during winter, but his biggest perk is fighting shadow creatures and mobs while you or any other player is insane. In that state, Bernie becomes bigger, has 2000HP, and does 50 damage per hit. If his durability drops down to 0%, it takes only one use of the sewing kit to fully repair it.
Here’s what the game itself has to say about Willow:
• has a fondness for fire but hates the cold
• protected by her cuddly bear, Bernie
• has a reliable lighter
• favorite food - spicy chili
• Birthday – May 7

6. Webber

Webber, The Indigestible, is a monster, therefore cannot befriend pigs or Bunnymen as they are hostile towards him. However, he can befriend spiders, and boy, oh boy, that can come in handy. Feeding 1 monster meat to a spider makes him and a few others in the range start following you. You can start a spider war by then hitting one spider which is not in your gang, and when it all ends, you can pick up an insane amount of loot. Befriend the cave spiders too, and you will get amazing protection down under as well. Being a spider himself, the spider queen won’t be hostile towards Webber. Webber can eat monster meat without any downsides, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally make monster lasagna. Stuff yourself with that monster lasagna all the way!

•Favorite Food – Ice Cream
•Birthday – April 30

Maybe one of the best Webber’s perks is that he can upgrade spider den tiers with only 5 silk for each tier, and that way go easily from tier 1 to tier 3.

Webber can grow a silky smooth beard. Let’s see how the beard grows and what are its perks:
      • 3 days beard – 11.25 insulation or 1 silk if shaved
      • 6 days beard – 33.75 insulation or 3 silk if shaved
      • 9 days beard – 101.5 insulation or 6 silk if shaved

5. Winona

Winona, The Handywoman, crafts everything faster than the other players, but it will cost her 5 hunger. However, when her hunger reaches 50 points, she becomes the slowest crafter of them all, so you want to make sure that she is always well fed. Let’s see what Klei has to say about her:
• is a skilled builder
• gets one free hit from the dark
• invents her own gadgets
• Favorite food: Vegetable Stinger
• Birthday – September 13

Winona is Charlie’s sister, therefore if she is in the complete dark, Charlie’s first hit doesn’t deal any damage to her. It can help a lot if you didn’t notice the dark is coming and you didn’t prepare that firepit yet.
She enters the Constant with her trusty tape which can come in handy for crafting and repairing various gadgets. Winona has her own Engineering tab and can craft a few additional items that other players can’t. These items include Trusty Tape, Winona’s Catapult, Winona’s Spotlight, Winona’s Generator, and Winona’s G.E.M.erator.

4. Walter

Walter, The Fearless, enters the Constant with his fluffy friend, Woby, who is a portable chest, similar to Chester. If you feed him 3 Monster meat, he becomes bigger and Walter can ride it. However, if hit by a mob, Walter falls down and is stunned for a couple of moments which can be tricky because the mobs can get their free hit and therefore deal damage to Walter. He has its own ranged weapon – a slingshot. You can craft your own preferred ammo and they all deal different damage, so here’s a quick break down of them all:
• pebbles – 17 damage
• gold rounds – 34 damage
• marbles – 51 damage
• poop pellets – deaggro mobs
• freeze rounds - freezes mobs
• slow-down rounds - 17 damage + reduces target‘s speed by 1/3, for 30 seconds
• cursed rounds – 51 damage + 50% chance of spawning a shadow tentacle which deals 34 additional damage
Walter has no extra sanity loss, except for when he deals damage, however, if his health is low then his sanity drain is greater. He cannot gain sanity from clothing items, so forget about the Top Hat or the Tam o’ Shanter as they’re no use for our Walter. Walter can cook things faster on the firepit and during nighttime he can tell various stories for extra sanity points for him and the other surrounding players. He can craft a portable tent, which is basically the same as a normal tent, apart from the fact that it can be picked up and put in the inventory. One of Walter's biggest downsides is his severe allergy to bees which makes him take 20 damage per hit from one.
He also comes with a Pioneer Hat that is the only clothing item that can give a sanity gain, with 2 sanity points per minute but its main perk is reducing Walter’s sanity drain by 50% when losing health.

• Favorite food – Trail Mix
• Birthday – March 31

3. WX78

WX78, The Soulless Automaton, is the only playable robot in the game and therefore can be upgraded via gears. For a full upgrade you will use a total of 15 gears and with that, updating WX78’s stats:
• Health from 150 to a whopping 400
• Hunger from 150 to 200
• Sanity from 150 to 300.
One of his biggest perks, apart from upgrading, is him being able to eat any kind of food, even spoiled.
One of his downsides is that he gets 0.5 damage per second from rain, however, if hit by lightning he reaches System Overload – it gives 50% more movement speed, WX78 becomes a light source and in this state, he is also immune to freezing. The System Overload state lasts for one full day. Here is what the compendium says about WX78:
• not a picky eater
• is charged by lightning, but damaged by water
• can upgrade with gears
• Buildday – November 28
• Favorite Food – Butter Muffin

2. Wickerbottom

Wickerbottom, The Librarian, is the oldest and therefore the wisest in the Constant. She comes with all the knowledge of a Science Machine, therefore you can make anything without it. You will only need an Alchemy Engine later on.

She enters the Constant with 2 papyrus. Papyrus is the most important item for Wickerbottom as her biggest perk is to craft various books in her Books tab. Here is the list of the books she can craft:
• Birds of the World – calls 20 to 30 birds
• Sleepytime stories – it causes animals and other players nearby to fall asleep
• On Tentacles – Creates 3 tentacles
• The End Is Nigh! - generates 16 consecutive lightning strikes
• The Horticulture, Abridged – grows up to 10 plants with edible harvest
• Applied Silviculture – it advances trees by one stage and grows grass tufts, saplings, and reeds

Wickerbottom’s downside is that she suffers from insomnia and therefore cannot sleep at all. So do not waste your resources for crafting tents or sleeping rolls. Her other downside is that she cannot eat spoiled food as it will drastically drain her sanity. All things considered, I think her disadvantages are not that drastic and that Wickerbottom can be a good choice for beginners, and her combat is decent as well.


Wilson, The Gentleman Scientist, is the very first playable character in Don’t Starve. It should give you a hint that it is the best one to start with. He has no downsides whatsoever, and therefore he can be extremely helpful while you get a hang out of the game. His only perk is that he can grow a beard which gives you insulation during winter but makes you overheat in summer, so you better shave it first thing when summer starts.
Here are the stages of the beard:
• 4 days – 15 seconds of insulation time or 1 beard hair if shaved
• 7 days – 45 seconds of insulation time or 3 beard hair if shaved
• 15 days – 135 seconds of insulation time or 9 beard hair if shaved.

As mentioned, shaving the beard off will drop beard hair, which is used to make a meat effigy which is a craftable effigy of Wilson that resurrects the player on death.

• Favorite food – Bacon and Eggs
• Birthday – April 23

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