[Top 10] Don't Starve Best Armor (And How To Get Them)

don't starve best armor
Wigfrid standing triumphant, untouched by the horror of this survival fantasy. For now.

To tank, or not to tank? Is it really a question?

Taking damage is inevitable. There are ways to avoid getting hit when fighting in Don't Starve, but due to mob tactics, missteps, or just plain time saving you're eventually gonna take damage in the game. But don't worry! Fortunately for you the game isn't called 'Don't Get Hit' so losing a bit of health here and there isn't the end of the world.

If you've decided that avoiding damage is just not in your best interest, don't go crazy. Here's a list of armor in the game that will let you keep a bit more of your HP in your body instead of outside of it.

10. Grass Suit

How to Build a Grass Suit

The Grass Suit is the baby's first armor. Less for protection and more to learn how armor works. The durability is nothing to be desired and it only absorbs 60% of damage. The lowest in the game with the exception of 0% of course. It costs 10 grass and 2 sticks. If you really want to go through with making it, it might keep you alive for a little bit longer if you have no other options. Or it makes great kindling for your fire.

What makes the Grass Suit great:

  • Always available.
  • Very cheap to make.

9. Beekeeper Hat

How to make a Beekeeper Hat

The Beekeeper Hat is a necessity for farmers. When harvesting from a bee box or destroying bee hives this will protect from 80% of damage from bees. Only bees though, so don't try fighting anything else. If you're playing Don't Starve Together this does apply to the Bee Queen boss in Don't Starve Together.

What makes the Beekeeper Hat great:

  • Only protects from Bees/Bee Queen.
  • Necessary if farming honey.
  • Will protect you if you stumble across Killer Bee Hives.

8. Battle Helm

Don't Starve Together Character Guide: Wigfrid How to get the Battle Helm

When playing as Wigfrid, she starts with her own special weapon and armor. These can be crafted pretty cheaply and she can do this whenever. It blocks 80% of damage and has 750 durability which is pretty good.

What makes the Battle Helm great:

  • Good armor.
  • Cheap to make.
  • Exclusive to Wigfrid.

7. Log Suit

How to get the Log Suit

The Log Suit is the real first set of armor you should be building. At least while you're still gathering the materials to build more effective armor. Using 8 logs and 2 ropes - or you can find one while exploring - you can have a suit that protects from 80% of damage. It has very low durability so you'll have to craft a few, or get really good at kiting enemies. Kiting enemies  means hitting them and running away during their attack to avoid taking damage.

What makes the Log Suit great:

  • Good armor.
  • Accessible.
  • Easy to make.

6. Football Helmet

How to get the Football Helmet

 The Football Helmet is made of one pig skin and one rope which is pretty inexpensive as far as materials go. Like the log suit it protects from 80% of damage and has low durability. The difference however is that the resources are more cost effective to craft more. In addition, pigs or bunnies (or even spiders) you befriend can be given these helmets to also benefit from damage reduction.

What makes the Football Helmet great:

  • Cheap to make.
  • Can be given to friendly mobs.
  • If you're not playing Don't Starve Together, the damage absorption stacks with other armor.

5. Marble Suit

How to make the Marble Suit

I heard you wanted to tank and I got the armor for you. The marble suit protects from a whole 95% of damage when worn. It’s the perfect use for all that stray marble you have lying around. The catch? It reduces movement speed by 30% so kiting isn't going to work for you. You're gonna take hits, but you won't be taking much damage. But even bosses are hardly a threat with that kind of protection.

What makes the Marble Suit great:

  • Highest damage protection in the game.
  • Doesn't reduce movement speed unless you're wearing it, so you can still carry it in your inventory.
  • You can tank bosses with a good weapon using this armor.

4. Scalemail

How to get Scalemail armor

This armor takes a bit of work to get, but it's well worth the effort. You'll need a scale from the Dragonfly boss in the desert. You don't have to defeat her to get the scale, she also drops it mid-fight. Not only do you get to wield the spoils of a battle well fought, it also blocks 70% of damage, restores sanity, and grants immunity to fire damage. Oh, and it  sets enemies on fire when they attack you. Who even needs a weapon when your armor fights back?

What makes the Scalemail great:

  • Sets enemies on fire after hit.
  • Immunity to fire damage.
  • You don't have to kill the boss to get the scales to make the armor.

3. Night Armor

How to make the Night Armor

Come to the dark side, everyone knows that a cool costume upgrade makes you super strong. The Night Armor will net you 95% protection against damage. The cost is sanity, as with all night protection in this game. You'll lose 10 sanity a minute plus 10% of damage taken while wearing it. This is in addition to the sanity drain you already take from fighting monsters. So it will protect your body, but don't lose your mind in the process.

What makes the Night Armor great:

  • Highest damage protection in the game.
  • No speed drain so you can still kite enemies.
  • Sanity drain while wearing and taking damage.

2. Thulecite Crown

How to make the Thulecite Crown

Once you start exploring caves, thulecite can be crafted from thulecite fragments found by mining ancient statues. If you put in the work, you can make some pretty interesting things. One of which being a crown that protects from 90% of damage on its own. It also has a chance to generate a forcefield with each hit that will protect from 100% of damage. Each hit to this forcefield will take out a piece of your sanity, but what's a little mind over matter?

What makes the Thulecite Crown great:

  • Can make a forcefield.
  • Drains sanity.
  • Head armor will stack with body armor if you're not playing Don't Starve Together.

1. Snurtle Shell Armor

How to get Snurtle Shell Armor

And now, the number one protective force. The Snurtle shell can't be made, but there's a 75% chance defeating a snurtle will drop you one. This shell can only protect from 60% of damage when used like normal armor, but it has a special feature where you can hide inside. This will protect you from 100% of damage from anything and everything. Really, everything. Even the darkness. In addition, when hiding after 5 seconds, enemies will give up the fight. Snurtles are rare and hard to kill, but it's well worth the venture for such a useful item.

What makes the Snurtle Shell Armor great:

  • Good to have, decent armor.
  • Can hide in the shell for 100% damage protection.
  • While hiding enemies will give up after 5 seconds.

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