[Top 5] Don't Starve Together Best Healing Food

Don't Starve Together Best Healing Food
You have ended your boss fight with Deerclops but he managed to hit you a couple of times so now you need some health boost? No worries! Our chef, Warly, has a few recipes in here that can help you with healing.

5. Butterfly Wings 

Butterfly Wings are food items dropped by killing a butterfly. They do not give much health points, but they are available early game because the butterflies can be killed even with players’ bare hands, and therefore can be collected as soon as you start the game. There are a lot more food items that give more health points and didn’t make this list, but just because of the accessibility, butterfly wings were a go! 

  • Health: +8 
  • Sanity: 0 
  • Hunger: +9.375 
  • Spoils after: 6 days 
  • Dropped by: butterflies, tumbleweed 

4. Jerky 

Jerky is dried meat and, apart from a good healing food item, it is also a good sanity item which I talked in one of the articles before (you can check it out here). Similar to Butterfly wings, this item isn’t on the list because of the amount of health points it gives, but because of the accessibility in the mid-game. Once you build a base, you will have a few Drying Racks built, therefore starting your own Jerky farm. 

  • Health: +20 
  • Sanity: +15 
  • Hunger: +25 
  • Spoils after: 20 days 
  • How it’s made: drying meat on the Drying Rack for 2 days 

3. Honey Ham 

Honey Ham is a Crock Pot recipe that gives 30 health points. However, the ingredients are very accessible to the player and it makes it really easy to stack. It is my go-to food when I’m playing with Wigfrid because of its good stats. You can have honey ham early game if you find beehives, but my advice is to make your own beehives and farm honey. Honey does not spoil quick (after 40 days!) and therefore, if you manage to farm a lot during winter, you can keep eating honey ham throughout the year. The other ingredient is Meat, that can be obtained by beefalos or pigs. The meat value must be greater than 1.5 points. 

  • Health: +30 
  • Sanity: +5 
  • Hunger: +75 
  • Spoils after: 15 days 
  • Time to cook: 40 seconds 
  • How it’s made: 2 Meat, 1 Honey, 1 Berries or 2 Meat, 2 Honey 

2. Dragonpie 

I was thinking to either put Fishsticks or Dragonpie on the list, but since we have a vegetarian character in the game, I chose to put Dragonpie. It is a Fruit Food Item that cooks in a Crock Pot after 40 seconds. The only ingredient that is not that easy to get is a dragonfruit. You can get Dragonfruit only by planting seeds and hoping a Dragonfruit will grow out of it. Once you get your first Dragonfruit you need to give it to your Domesticated Bird in the Birdcage to obtain more Dragonfruit seeds. This process is repeated until you have the desired number of Dragonfruits.  

  • Health: +40 
  • Sanity: +5 
  • Hunger: +75 
  • Spoils after: 15 days 
  • Time to cook: 40 seconds 
  • How it’s made: 1 Dragonfruit, 3 Fillers (3 Twigs is the best option) 

1. Pierogi 

Pierogi are a Meat Food Item cooked in a Crock Pot for 20 seconds. All the ingredients are easily accessible. Like I’ve mentioned, it is a food dish, and therefore even Wigfrid can eat it. Since one of the ingredients is an egg, you will either need a Birdcage in your base to obtain them from a domesticated Bird, or if you like to complicate your life, hope to find a Tallbird and steal from its nest. The second ingredient is any type of meat, even if it’s the Monster Meat. The other ingredient is any vegetable, and the last one is a filler or another egg/vegetable. However, bear in mind that Twigs cannot be fillers in this recipe. 

  • Health: +40 
  • Sanity: +5 
  • Hunger: +37.5 
  • Spoils after: 20 days 
  • Time to cook: 20 seconds 
  • How it’s made: 1 Meat, 1 Vegetable, 1 Egg, 1 Filler (can be another egg, vegetable or ice) 


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