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There are a lot of ways of gaining sanity in the game. Before we begin, I want to put a disclaimer and say that this is not necessarily a list of items that increase sanity the most, rather than a list of items that are easily accessible or cheap to craft

10. Telltale Heart (if used on a player)

If killed in Don’t Starve Together, the player turns into a ghost. If another player crafts a Telltale Heart and uses it on the ghost, it revives that player. The Telltale Heart can be crafted using 3 Cut Grass and 1 Spider Gland, without a Science Machine. It also automatically takes 40 health from the player who crafted it. If the player doesn’t have 40 health, he won’t be able to craft it, however, if they have exactly 40 health, they will remain with 1 health and most likely die soon if they don’t have any healing items in the inventory. The Telltale Heart does give you a lot of sanity, however, you should not rely on it as your main sanity source, as there are not so many deaths among players plus there are other players that can resurrect, too, so they can take that “honor” from you.

  • Sanity increase: +80 points when resurrected
  • Durability: 1 use
  • Stacks up to: Does not stack

9.  Glommer

Glommer is a passive mob that spawns during Full Moon along with the Glommer’s flower, near the Glommer’s statue. Picking up the flower will make Glommer follow you around, similarly to Chester when picking up the Eye Bone. Glommer would be a good sanity boost with +6.25/min, however, you have to be extremely close to it. Like, EXTREMELY CLOSE. And since he is a passive mob like Chester, he can be killed by other mobs or anger the ones you don’t want to anger.

  • Sanity increase: +6.25/min (when allied)
  • Periodically drops Glommer’s Goop
  • Immediately spawns Krampus if the player kills it

8. Killing Shadow Creatures

Farming Nightmare fuel is somewhat a difficult task to do for beginners, but once you learn the kiting pattern, no one can stop you. There are two main types of Shadow creatures on the ground that you can kill. Those are the Crawling Horror and Terrorbeak. When on the ground, they spawn when your sanity reaches 15% and below. Once you learn how to kill them, you can go down to ruins and start farming Nightmare Fuel. Because of the Nightmare Cycle, you don’t need your sanity to reach 15% to be able to see and engage with Shadow Creatures. However, you will have to deal with multiple at the same time, so I would not recommend going unless you are really comfortable and experienced to do so. Once you kill a shadow creature, you get an instant sanity boost of 15 from the Crawling Horror or 33 from the Terrorbeak.

  • Sanity Aura: –100/min
  • Sanity increase: 15 or 33

7. Sleeping

Sleeping is a decent option for gaining sanity or if you gotta go to the bathroom real quick and leave your DST unattended. Keep in mind, though, that Wickerbottom is not able to sleep, so if you are playing with her, this option isn’t available. To go to sleep, you can use a bedroll or a tent. It reduces 1 point of hunger and adds 1 point of sanity and 2 health per second. This is time-consuming because since you are sleeping you can’t be doing anything else, duh! Therefore, this is not my favorite way of regaining sanity, but it is good enough to make the list. 

  • Straw roll: 1 use, +0.67 sanity/sec
  • Fur roll: 3 uses, +1 sanity/sec
  • Tent:  6 uses, +1 sanity/sec

6. Top Hat

The Top Hat is a craftable item from the dress tab. It requires 6 Silk to craft and a Science Machine to prototype. You can use it for 8 days straight, and repairing it with a Sewing Kit restores 62.5% of durability. It is also used to make a Prestihatitator. I would recommend using the Top Hat until very low durability, using it to craft a Prestihatitator, and then crafting a new Top Hat that you can continue wearing. It is helpful during spring as well, as it has 20% wetness resistance.

  • Sanity increase: +3.3/min
  • Durability:  days
  • Wetness resistance: 20%

5. Jelly Salad/Ice Cream

Jelly Salad and the Ice Cream are both recipes from the crockpot, and they are tied when it comes to Sanity increase. When consumed, both give +50 instant sanity boost, each. The ingredients, however, are not that easy to access. For the Jelly Salad, you need 2 Leafy Meat, that drop from a Lureplant, which can be hard to find. For the Ice Cream, the key ingredient is a Dairy Product, either Butter or Electric Milk, which are both quite rare items in early gameplay. Electric Milk can be obtained easier than Butter, as you just need to find the Volt Goats and attack them with an Electric Dart, Morning Star, or let them be hit by a Lightning. If you play as Wickerbottom, I recommend you using her book The End Is Nigh! to summon lightning.

  • Sanity increase: +50 points when consumed
  • Hunger increase: Jelly Salad +37.5, Ice Cream +40
  • Perish time: Jelly Salad 6 days, Ice Cream 3 days
  • Cooking time: Jelly Salad 40 secs, Ice Cream 10 secs
  • Stacks up to: 40 (both)

4. Flowers

Flowers are a good early, mid, and late-game sanity resource. They don’t give much per flower, however, when you pick a lot of them it increases your sanity drastically. The flowers are renewable because of the bees, so don’t worry about picking them up. They grow in Grasslands biome, but can sometimes be found in others, too. You can also craft a Garland out of 12 flowers which gives +1.33 sanity/minute. However, Garland is not that efficient so I usually either eat the picked flowers for a health boost or use them as fuel if really needed. 

  • Sanity increase: +5 when picked
  • Renewable: yes

3. Mushrooms/Cactus flesh

Green and Blue mushrooms and Cacti flesh are accessible throughout the year, as they grow in winter too. Mushrooms are available mostly in the Swamp and Forest area but can be found in others too. Cactus, however, is only found in the desert. Green mushrooms are available in the dusk and blue mushrooms are available at night. Although you can use the shovel and dig them up anytime, I wouldn’t recommend that as then they don’t respawn anymore. Only if you know you won’t be accessing that area anymore, then it is fine. They can also be found in the mushroom forest in the caves.

Cactus deals damage when picked, so you need to use armor. In Summer, they also have a flower on them which is used to make a Flower Salad. Cacti can’t be dug up with a shovel.

  • Sanity increase: Green Cap (when cooked) +15, Blue Cap (when cooked) +10, Cactus flesh (when cooked) +15
  • Cacti health decrease when picked: -6

2. Jerky

You get jerky by drying meat on a Drying Rack for two game days, or small jerky for one game day. You don’t want to put monster meat, because it will result in Monster Jerky, which can only be consumed without any penalties by Webber. To make a small jerky you can use the following meats: morsel, fish, eel, drumstick, frog legs. To make a jerky you can use only meat (pigs, beefalos). Your base should have multiple drying racks in the mid-game. That way, Jerky is always accessible as long as you have meat. It spoils after 20 days, so you should really consider it one of the main food resources in the game.

  • Sanity increase: Small Jerky +10, Jerky +15
  • Hunger increase: Small Jerky +12.5, Jerky +25
  • Health increase: Small Jerky +8, Jerky +20

1.Tam o’ Shanter

This is a Hat item obtained by killing MacTusk in Winter. When killed, it has a 25% chance of dropping. Its durability is 25 days! And with one use of the Sewing Kit, it can be repaired by 20%. It gives 120 insulation which delays freezing by a rate of 1 degree every 5 seconds. Because of its long durability, this is, in my opinion, the best sanity booster in the game. However, until you can obtain one in the winter, use our other sanity boosters listed here.

  • Sanity increase: +6.7/min
  • Durability: 25 days
  • Insulation points: 120

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