[Top 10] Don't Starve Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

don't starve best weapon
Don't Starve's tin man, WX-78, brainlessly fleeing from monster hounds holding an axe with no armor.

Fight or Flight in Don't Starve, how much is your life really worth?

Don't Starve is a survival horror game where anything that moves is probably trying to kill you. ...And some things that don't move. Since almost everything in this world wants you dead, you'll have to fight at some point. Seriously. There are bosses that love to wreck shop as soon as they see you. 

In a world where you can't trust anything, you need a trusty weapon to protect yourself. Some of them are good and reliable, some are there just to be difficult. That being said, there's plenty of debate on the best way to handle these enemies. Some characters can fight, others make mobs fight for them. So I'm going to tell you about the top ten weapons and how they can keep the demons at bay in this messed up world.

10. Lucy the Axe

How to get Lucy the Axe

Lucy the Axe is Woodie's first item that he spawns with when you start the game. A free, talking,  unbreakable axe; what's not to love? Turns out it also makes for a pretty decent weapon.

Okay, decent is a stretch. It's still just an axe which isn't made for protection. But considering fighting without a weapon is slower and makes it harder to avoid getting hit, having a weapon in your inventory that doesn't break is a pretty sweet deal. 

What makes Lucy the Axe great:

  • Starter item.
  • Never breaks.

9. Battle Spear

How to get and craft the Battle Spear in Don't Starve Reign of Giants

Another character exclusive item, except this one is made for fighting. Wigfrid's Battle Spear is an actual spear that does 53.125 damage compared to the normal spear's own 34. Wigfrid starts the game with it and it has 200 uses. Once it breaks however, all you need is flint, sticks, and a little gold before you're back in business. If you're playing the multiplayer sequel, Don't Starve Together, she can even make this spear for other characters. You don't even need to unlock it.

What makes Battle Spear great:

  • Starter item.
  • Better than the regular spear.
  • Can be made for cheap.
  • Good durability.
  • No science needed.

8. Spear

How to make or find the Spear

The Spear does 34 damage and is an upgrade from the game's axe at 27.2. You need to craft an alchemy machine to make it, as you need to prototype the Rope and the Spear. Once you get the science machine however, you might as well go the extra mile to make an alchemy engine and craft a weapon that does more damage than the Spear. The Spear is better than nothing, but it's hardly worth the effort compared to the rest of the arsenal the game presents you. 

What makes Spear Great:

  • Base weapon.
  • Relatively cheap to make.


7. Ice Staff

How to find or make the Ice Staff in Don't Starve Together

The Ice Staff is unlocked once you start dabbling with  magic items in the game. You'll need a Spear and a Blue Gem, which can be found by digging graves or fighting clockwork creatures. You'll have to watch your sanity, but this ranged weapon is good for creatures that run like Gobblers or Koalefents. It doesn't do any damage itself, but it does freeze enemies if you're taking on a horde of creatures or just want to avoid getting hit a little longer. Whereas the fire staff will set the surrounding area (and your loot) on fire, the ice staff only affects the creature targeted. 

What makes Ice Staff great:

  • Freezes enemies.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ranged weapon.

6. Bat Bat

How to make the Bat Bat in Don't Starve Together

The Bat Bat is another magic item. This can be found in cave chests if you decide to go mining. Otherwise you can craft it yourself. In addition to doing 42.5 damage, it will also leech 6.8 health from enemies and add it back to your total health. This may not seem like a lot, but can be an easy way to farm health if you have Chester - a portable backpack follower- as he regains health quickly and won't attack you.

What makes Bat Bat great:

  • Leeches health.
  • Does good damage.
  • Can be found in chests in caves.
  • Can salvage spoiled wings.

5. Gunpowder

How to make and use Gunpowder in Don't Starve Together

Gunpowder is a trap item. It requires manual ignition and is single use. Gunpowder is made using a rotten egg, nitre, and charcoal. It has the same fire effect as lightning strikes and must be activated by lighting it. You can set up multiple gunpowder traps, especially for bosses, as it does 200 damage. 

Each explosion can also be used to trigger other explosions, so sit back and watch the magic. Be careful though! It will set the surrounding area on fire. Meaning any items that drop from your target will catch fire if they're flammable. Food items will be cooked and you'll lose anything that can catch fire, so best to use this sparingly. Bosses in Don't Starve Together also have a gunpowder resistance for ten seconds after the first explosion so it's not the best way to handle bosses unless you have the time to spare.

What makes Gunpowder great:

  • Does a lot of damage.
  • Sets surrounding things on fire.
  • Targets multiple enemies.

4. Tooth Trap

How to make and use a tooth trap in Don't Starve

Tooth traps are... well, traps. You set them up and watch them work. They're not ranged weapons, but mobs will run in a straight line if you chase them. Meaning any that you can't attack outright with a melee weapon will dart straight into tooth trap town. They do 60 damage per hit, and aren't triggered by yourself or Chester. This means they can kill most, if not all neutral mobs and you can grab the loot after. Each one has 10 uses and will give you a visual cue when it's on its last use after resetting.

What makes Tooth Traps great:

  • Multiple uses.
  • Doesn't hurt the player or Chester.
  • Can kill innocent mobs without raising player's Naughtiness.
  • Can farm enemies that are hard to attack (Gobblers).
  • Can take on hostile mobs or bosses.

3. Dark Sword

How to make the Dark Sword in Don't Starve

The Dark Sword is a powerful magical weapon at the cost of a high sanity drain. Not your highest priority early in the game, but can be accomplished with a little effort and determination. More magic means more sanity manipulation. I had to list this item because it is the most powerful weapon in the game. At a whopping 68 damage per hit, it tops the Thulecite Club and the Ham Bat, which both peak at 59.5 damage. It costs 5 Nightmare Fuel, 1 Living Log, and 20 points of sanity per minute when equipped; this item has a pretty big toll. If you're planning to take on a number of creatures, it might just be worth it.

What makes Dark Sword great:

  • Does a lot of damage.
  • Good durability.
  • Worth the craft time.

2. Ham Bat

How make the Ham Bat in Don't Starve Together

The Ham Bat is one of two food weapons - the other being the Bat Bat. Being made of food means you have to worry about spoilage. This spoilage replaces the durability you usually worry about with tools. So if you make it, you better be using it. Because of this, it takes on the unique trait of receiving a damage modifier, decreasing damage the closer it is to spoiling. It can be made out of spoiled meat and still be crafted fresh - and mobs don't register it as food. So pigs and spiders won't eat it, and the cave bunny men will not attack you for carrying it.

What makes Ham Bat great:

  • No durability.
  • Damage modifier based on spoilage.
  • Finally a use for pig skin.
  • If you have too much meat, good use of it.

1. Tentacle Spike

How to get the Tentacle Spike in Don't Starve Together

Best weapon, no contest. The Tentacle Spike is an accessible weapon for all skill levels. You can't craft it, you just have to find it. It's dropped after fighting tentacles. Since tentacles are monsters, they can anger any mob they hit. So you don't have to do the fighting! You just have to reap the spoils. It does 51 damage and has 100 uses. Better than the normal spear and almost as good as Wigfrid's own spear. Not the most powerful weapon in the game, but the trade off for being easy to obtain makes it worthy of the number one spot.

What makes Tentacle Spike great:

  • Great weapon.
  • No crafting.
  • Don't even have to fight the tentacle.

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