[Top 10] Don't Starve Together Best Foods (And How To Get Them)

How about some turkey dinner and dragonpie for dessert?
How about some turkey dinner and dragonpie for dessert?

I’ve chosen the best Crock Pot food items which increase your health, hunger, and sanity. For context, I’m also providing an intro guide here on food basics and gardening, so feel free to skip down to the list if you’ve already got that handled!

In this article, we will focus on food items that can be made in the Crock Pot. In a pinch, you can always roast food over a campfire to eat, but it won’t be as efficient nor as filling.

To make a crock pot, all you need is a basic science machine (which requires 4 logs, 4 rocks, and 1 gold nugget – if you haven’t found the rocks which drop gold nuggets yet, try your chances walking around any graveyard!).

Then burn down a few trees in a safe area – away from your camp, structures, flowers, berry bushes, or anything else you may need in the future. Wait at a safe distance for the fire to die down, then chop down the burned trees for some charcoal. 

To craft the crock pot, you will need 3x cut stone (9 rocks total – refine them at the science machine), 6x charcoal, and 6x twigs.

Note that some foods have higher crock pot priority, and for most crock pot recipes you can use twigs or ice as a filler (most of them accept only 1 filler and 3 ingredients –you really don’t want to end up cooking wet goop, trust me).

Later on, you can make drying racks, mushroom planters, bird cages, bee boxes, set up your berry farm (or gobbler prison!), etc.

Once you get some gears, you can make a fridge (be sure to place it near the crock pot so you can open the fridge and crock pot at the same time – and mine for some ice as soon as possible after you get your fridge, ice is an excellent filler). After you beat Bearger for the first time, you can make an insulated pack to carry your foods around, they will spoil more slowly.

And when you feel daring enough to begin your sailing adventures, you can make a Salt Box, which is a long-term storage solution for raw ingredients, they will last so much longer!

A note on food ingredients which require gardening to obtain, fresh veggies and fruit (and weeds):

If you don’t want to rely on combat to obtain your foods, or your character is a vegetarian, it is quite easy to get started with gardening.

After the gardening/farming overhaul in the Reap What You Sow update, you can no longer make basic or improved farms in Don’t Starve Together.

They have been replaced with a new type of turf called farm soil. To get started with this, you need to craft a Garden Digamajig (requires 3x boards, 2x rope, and 2xflint – as of now the total raw mats for this are 12 logs, 6 cut grass, and 2 flint – use a science machine to refine the logs and grass). This item has 4 uses.

You can deploy the Garden Digamajig on a chosen spot where you’d like to have your garden. It will do its whirly business on 1 tile and there we go! You’ve just got your fresh, new garden plot. You can use a garden hoe (craft it with the science machine) to plow and till soil for planting seeds. Seeds are everywhere on the map and they’re usually dropped by birds.

After planting, you should fertilize them with compost or a Bucket o’poop, and water them with a watering can if it’s not raining. Gardening involves a lot of aspects! Craft a Gardeneer Hat and research the plants themselves like a proper mad botanist (since one of the ingredients required to make the hat is a bucket o’poop, I certainly have no desire to know how it smells!) – but right-clicking the hat while it’s equipped will allow you to see your Plant Registry, with a tab for Fertilizers.

Note that there’s no way of telling at the beginning which plants are growing in your plot. Here is a list of the plants you can grow:  carrot, corn, dragon fruit, durian, eggplant, pomegranate, pumpkin, watermelon, potato, asparagus, toma root, onion, garlic, pepper.

I will first suggest some vegetarian dishes which require absolutely no combat or gardening to obtain.

This way, you can focus on finding your way around the map, and pick up some of these ingredients as you gather your basic resources.

Important: Never use 2 Monster foods (such as monster meat or durian) in the same recipe, or you will end up with the dreaded Monster Lasagna on your hands!

1. Trail Mix (Best for Health, beginner-friendly)

Trail Mix is a fantastic snack to stock up on, just in case you run into some trouble with some mad frogs or spider warriors jumping at you during dusk/night or for simply setting foot near their silky nest webbing!

What makes Trail Mix great

  • It’s easy to get in the beginning
  • No combat needed
  • One of the cheapest healing dishes, restoring more Health than its components
  • You can use a twig as a filler ingredient
  • Berry bushes and birch trees are everywhere in the Autumn starting season
  • Lasts a longer time

Trail Mix details:

  • Restores: 30 Health, 12.5 Hunger, and 5 Sanity
  • Vegetarian
  • You can cook it by placing 3 berries and one roasted birch nut in the crock pot (you can replace one of the berries with a twig)
  • Collect berries (or juicy berries) from bushes, and chop down a larger birch tree (and pray no Poison Birchnut Trees come to life) to get the birch nuts. Roasting the birch nuts over a campfire will allow you to use them in a crock pot (in raw form, birch nuts can be used to plant more birch trees).
  • If you’re strictly going by Hunger, then the individual ingredients roasted over a fire restore more Hunger than the completed dish.
  • This is Walter’s favorite food, and it will restore extra 15 Hunger when he consumes it.

How to Get Trail Mix:

Starts at 4:20.

2. Ratatouille (Best for Hunger while making use of poison mushrooms without losing stats, beginner-friendly)

As you walk around the map, you will see red (day), green (dusk), and blue (night) mushrooms popping up from the ground. You will notice they cost a lot of heath and sanity to eat, even while cooked.

What makes Ratatouille great

  • Easy way to deal with the drawbacks of mushrooms in a dish that doesn’t cause you to lose stats
  • You can collect all the types of mushrooms while collecting resources during all times of the day

Ratatouille details:

  • Restores 25 hunger, 3 Health, and 5 Sanity
  • You can use 3 different types of mushrooms (or all the same) and one ice, but no twigs
  • Using carrots for this isn’t the best because roasted and eating them individually, carrots will restore more Hunger that way.
  • You can use carrots if you’re missing one ingredient, and all the rest are mushrooms

How to Get Ratatouille:

Starts at 5:24.

3. Meatballs (Best for Hunger and annoying your camp mates)

Ah, the good ol’ meatballs. This food has a high crock pot priority, which means that if you add the wrong filler foods for a recipe, you may end up with meatballs.

Though arguably the bane of every DST player's existence ("We're having meatballs? Again?! Shocking." - at least one player in every base), this reliable dish will keep you filled in the worst of times, and it’s fairly easy to make.

What makes Meatballs great

  • Easily accessible in the early game
  • You only need one meat morsel and three berries to make them (you can swap one berry for ice filler later on)
  • To get one meat, you can easily trap a rabbit or a bird (or throw a boomerang at one) and there’s no need for combat (you do have to click Murder, though)
  • Great use of monster meat and poisonous mushrooms

Meatballs details:

  • Restore 62.5 Hunger, 3 Health, and 5 Sanity
  • You can experiment quite a bit with ingredients, as you are likely to get meatballs either way

How to Get Meatballs:

Starts at 1:07.

4. Pierogi (Best for Health)

This is one of my favorite go-to meals in the game. I hear Bearger roaring in the desolate autumn atmosphere? I better dig into my supply of pierogi and get the heck out of dodge.

Now, it does require an egg to make. To get an egg, you must trap a bird and then put it in a birdcage. Then when you feed meat to the bird, it will give you one egg in return! It’s a great way of getting rid of almost spoiled meats and turning them into fresh eggs.

If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can try to steal eggs from sleeping pengulls in the winter at night time. They will also usually leave some behind when spring arrives.

What makes Pierogi great

  • It spoils very slowly, so it’s a good snack to pack away while exploring the map even before you get an ice Chester/Insulated pack
  • All you need is an egg, meat, and a veggie or two (you can use ice as filler, and get rid of poisonous mushrooms this way) to get a whooping +40 Health boost, and the hunger value it fills is not bad, either!

Pierogi details:

  • Restores 40 Health, 37.5 Hunger, and 5 Sanity
  • Average cooking time    

How to Get Pierogi:

Starts at 1:39.

5. Taffy (Best for Sanity)

If you have a few Bee Boxes set up, this is easier than pie to cook when you need an extra sanity boost. It will make your time being chased around by mad bees while wielding a bug net worthwhile!

What makes Taffy great

  • You can make it from 3 Honey and a twig, or 3 Honey and Ice.
  • Wigfrid can eat it since it’s considered a Goodie
  • It is Wanda's favorite food. Taffy will restore an extra 15 Hunger and not cost her a Health penalty

Taffy details:

  • Restores 15 Sanity, 25 Hunger and Costs 3 Health
  • If you make it from 3 Honey and add a filler as explained above, you can consume the extra Honey you would have added to the crock pot for immediate restoration of all the lost health!
  • Spoils slowly

How to Get Taffy:

Starts at 4:48.

6. Fishsticks (Best for Health)

Here’s one for all of you casual fishing enthusiasts!

If you set up your base near a pond, and often fish at dusk after the froggies jumped back in for the evening, this is a really easy way to make use of your fish in a health-efficient way, with some hunger benefits!

What makes Fishsticks great

  • You must use twigs in this recipe!
  • Adding 2 Monster Meat is safe and won’t turn into Monster Lasagna, since that lasagna recipe excludes twigs
  • Particularly good for restoring large amounts of Health without using expensive resources

Fishsticks details:

  • Restores 40 Health, 37.5 Hunger, 5 Sanity
  • You can use one pond fish morsel and twigs to make it, then add veggies or fruit or monster meats as a filler (adding corn may result in Fish tacos)
  • Cooks slowly

How to Get Fishsticks:

Starts at 2:17.

7. Bacon and Eggs (Best for Hunger and Health)

Mmm, did someone say breakfast? I don’t know about you, but whenever I cook this scrumptious food, it makes my mouth water.

It’s pretty straightforward, you need 2 meats and 2 eggs. The meat value must be of at least 1, which means one morsel of meat will not be enough, as it’s considered a 0.5 meat value.

So, you should either add an extra morsel or also add a larger piece of meat in there, such as monster meat.

What makes Bacon and Eggs great

  • If you got your drying racks set up or have a crazy amount of meat on hand, this is the recipe for you! Use a birdcage to turn some of the meats into eggs
  • It restores a large amount of Hunger and a decent amount of Health
  • It is Wilson's favorite food and can be consumed to get an extra 15 Hunger

Bacon and Eggs details:

  • Restores 75 Hunger, 20 Health, and 5 Sanity
  • Spoils very slowly, so it’s safe to pack on trips

How to Get Bacon and Eggs:

Starts at 8:12.

8. Surf'n'Turf (Best for Health and Sanity)

Ah, Surf'n'Turf! The dish that makes you feel like you’re eating in the fanciest restaurant in the Constant.

Surf'n'Turf sounds like something only Warly could make, doesn’t it? Worry not, I present to you a simple way of getting this precious dish without getting your hands too wet!

What makes Surf'n'Turf great

  • You don’t need to venture out to the sea looking out for bigger fish, this recipe can be made from 3 regular pond fish morsels and a monster meat
  • It restores a ton of health and sanity and is a decent huger filler on top of that

Surf'n'Turf details:

  • Restores 60 Health, 37.5 Hunger, and 33 Sanity
  • Can be cooked in the Crock Pot by adding any Meats and Fish with a total Fish/Seafood value of at least 1.5 and a total Meat value of all the ingredients of 2.5 or higher, but using the trick I mentioned above will give you an easy way out of this and won’t require you to search for a Wobster for it
  • It is the favorite food of Wickerbottom, and consuming it will restore her extra 15 Hunger

How to Get Surf'n'Turf:

Starts at 6:07.

9. Turkey Dinner (Best for Hunger)

We’ve all been there. Just as you set your sights on a juicy berry bush, the Gobbler makes his appearance and starts stuffing his face with your berries!

How satisfying is it to throw a boomerang at him, catch him in a tooth trap or wait until he exhausts himself and you can corner him into the edge of the map?

Revenge has never tasted as sweet as Turkey Dinner. Gobble, gobble.

What makes Turkey Dinner great

  • You get to eat that troublesome berry thief
  • Great hunger filler with an added Health bonus
  • Tastes like home and warms you up

Turkey Dinner details:

  • Restores 75 Hunger, 20 Health, and 5 Sanity
  • Spoils quickly (better get it while it’s hot!)
  • The Turkey Dinner is Wigfrid's favorite food and will restore her 15 bonus Hunger

How to Get Turkey Dinner:

Starts at 6:58.

10. Dragonpie (Best for Hunger and Health)

The famed Dragonpie! Ever felt like you’re a dragonkin? This dish will make you feel like you have wings and you’re on fire!

Once you grow a Dragon fruit in your garden (it does happen pretty rarely, though), cook it into a dragonpie.

All you need are 3 twigs as fillers!

What makes Dragonpie great

  • It is highly efficient to cook, as the only ingredient required is the dragon fruit and 3 twigs (or 3 Ice) can be added as cheap fillers
  • When consumed, it increases the player’s temperature by 1 degree per second, for 10 seconds
  • It can restore much more Health and Hunger than most of its ingredients, and given how rare it is, it would be wasteful to not cook it into a pie

Dragonpie details:

  • Restores 40 Health, 75 Hunger, and 5 Sanity
  • You can’t use meats or mandrakes as fillers. Adding 3 Sweeteners will result in Taffy. Adding a Mandrake will result in Mandrake Soup.
  • Adding more than 1 Durian will give you monster lasagna (unless you are also using twigs). Adding an Eggplant and another Vegetable could result in Stuffed Eggplant.

How to Get Dragonpie:

Starts at 3:01.

Tip: Cactus Flesh, when cooked over a fire, will give you a +15 sanity boost!

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