[Top 10] Don't Starve Together Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

Wilson riding a beefalo into battle
To battle!

1. Tentacle Spike (Best for damage output, easy to get)

wendy in her mourning weeds dress with a tentacle spike

Wendy in her Mourning Weeds dress with a tentacle spike.

Ever walked around the map on a quaint autumn day only to excitedly discover the marsh biome? Was your next thought to run straight for some reeds? And then promptly got the shock of your entire life in the Constant when some rude tentacles popped up from the ground and slapped your character silly? Been there myself, friend!

This is how you get your sweet, sweet revenge! If you have some extra monster meats, befriend some pigs with them and take them on a trip to the marshlands… they’ll make quick work of the tentacles, which may then drop the excellent tentacle spike weapon! Bonus: you may get some extra pig skins, tentacle spots, and meat in the fight! Win-win-win-wi-sorry piglets, the Constant can be a rough place.

What makes the Tentacle Spike great

  • Does much more damage than the spear
  • Great durability
  • Can often be found for free from the marshlands after fights between tentacles, spiders, merms, etc.

Tentacle Spike details:

  • Damage dealt: 51
  • Durability: 100 uses
  • 50% drop from Tentacle or Tentapillar, does not require crafting

How to Get the Tentacle Spike:

Wilson gets slapped around a bit, which is always fun to see! Starts at 1:40.

2. Ham Bat (Best for infinite uses while fresh)

wendy with ham bat

Wendy in the Winter with her ham bats and kitcoons.

This is a weapon with no durability in the classic sense. It will cause a solid amount of damage and its use will end only when it turns into Rot. The efficiency decreases as it spoils, so to keep it fresh, you can store it in the Fridge, Insulated pack, or an Ice Chester.

What makes the Ham Bat great

  • Infinite usage until it spoils
  • Can be easily obtained by feeding four monster meats in a row to a pig. Then when the pig transforms into a Werepig, you can defeat him for extra loot.
  • Wendy will benefit more from it, as her reduced damage output won’t increase the usage of this weapon.

Ham Bat details:

  • Damage dealt:  59.5 (fresh) to 29.75 (just before turning into Rot)
  • Requires 1x Pig Skin, 2x Twigs, 2x Meat (to craft), and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.
  • It will keep longer during Winter.

How to Get the Ham Bat:

Wilson makes a werepig to get the ham bat! Starts at 2:20.

3. Glass Cutter (Best for strongest damage output and reduced usage when fighting Shadow Creatures)

Wendy with glass cutter on brick road and kitcoon yawn

Wendy brandishing her Glass cutter as her kitcoon yawns.

Once you’ve begun your beautiful sailing adventures, you will find the Lunar Island. There, you can mine moon shards and make weapons and tools from them!

It can be crafted with 1 Board and 6 Moon Shards. However, crafting it requires the player to be near the Celestial Altar.

What makes the Glass Cutter great

  • Does the same amount of damage as a Dark Sword, but without the added Sanity drain
  • It has the unique advantage of losing only half as much durability when attacking certain creatures.
  • This makes this weapon more effective against Shadow Creatures, Shadow Pieces, Maxwell's Shadow Tab minions, and the Ancient Fuelweaver
  • Strong damage per hit.

Glass Cutter details:

  • Damage dealt: 68
  • Can be crafted with 1xBoard and 6x Moon Shards near the Celestial Altar
  • Paired with Volt Goat Chaud-Froid and Chili Flakes on a wet target with no damage modification, a Glass Cutter deals 204 damage per hit, making it more powerful than Gunpowder.
  • If the player is playing as Wolfgang in his Mighty form, it is possible to deal up to 408 damage per hit.

How to Get the Glass cutter: 

Wilson wears a cool hat in front of the Celestial Altar, then tries out his new blade on an unsuspecting Tree Guard. Starts at 3:17.

4. Morning Star (Best for night time fights and attacking wet targets)

Willow with morning star in the Caves

"Morning light for a nighttime fight."

What makes the Morning Star great

  • It doesn't lose durability when it strikes
  • You can have long night-time fights with Giants while wielding it (such as during Winter with Deerclops)
  • Striking an uncharged Volt Goat with the Morning Star will charge it. This can be useful if the player is hunting for Electric Milk.
  • Very convenient to use during rainy Spring in the Caves and Ruins due to increased damage against wet targets and light emission.

Morning Star details:

  • Damage dealt: either 43.35 or 72.25
  • It requires 1x Volt Goat Horn, 2x Electrical Doodads, 2x Nitre to craft, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.
  • Loses durability constantly while being held and emits light while equipped
  • The following enemies are permanently wet, making the Morning Star the strongest melee weapon against them regardless of weather: Depths Worms, all varieties of Tentacles, merms.

How to Get Morning Star:

Wilson sees some Volt Goats about a Morning Star, then tries out his cool, new shiny thing on unsuspecting creatures. Starts at 4:15.

5. Boomerang (Best for kiting and tiny ranged DPS)

Wendy in the Winter with kitcoon and boomerang

Wendy with a boomerang in the Winter, while her kitcoon grooms and a winter bird is flying past.

The Boomerang is very useful for throwing at birds, greedy gobblers, and kiting koalefants or volt goats. As long as you remember to catch it on the way back!

What makes the Boomerang great

  • Ranged weapon
  • Easy to craft (1x Spider Silk, 1x Charcoal, 1x Board)
  • When playing as Wolfgang, he may do more or less damage depending on his hunger level, or mightiness (he also receives the same damage multiplier from uncaught Boomerangs).

Boomerang details:

  • Durability: 10 Uses
  • Damage dealt: 27.2
  • The standard way to catch it on the way back is the action key (Space key default)
  • If it isn't caught after being thrown, it will hit the player. This will cause damage to the player and the weapon will lose twice its durability on return. The player will have to pick it up from the ground to use it again.
  • It is a clever way to get Abigail to attack a fleeing target
  • The Boomerang kills Rabbits and Birds in one throw (except for characters who don't hit as hard, such as Wendy and Wes), making it a great tool for gathering Morsels and Feathers. However, nearby Rabbits and Birds will run away after dying, and additionally, killing them raises the player's naughtiness.

How to Get the Boomerang:

Wilson makes a boomerang and starts throwing it around like a madman. Starts at 5:30.

6. Blow Darts (Best for stronger ranged DPS)

Wigfrid channeling her inner warrior goddess, preparing for the Winter Walrus hunt with blow darts.

This is the only thing you’ll ever need if you plan to take on the Winter hunting trip for your first walking cane, or if you like to kill your targets without letting them get close.

What makes Blow Darts great

  • It is useful when handling dangerous Monsters, destroying Bee Hives, and in a pinch, causing fleeing mobs to become aggressive.
  • The high damage of the darts allows players to easily kill dangerous monsters or bosses without risk to their own HP (such as Krampus).

Blow Dart details:

  • Damage dealt: 100
  • Requires 2x Reeds, 1x Hound’s Tooth, and 1x Azure Feather (dropped by Winter birds) to craft.

How to Get Blow Darts:

Wilson spits teeth at his enemies. Starts at 6:14.

7. Electric Darts (Best for super-strong ranged DPS, they also charge targets with electricity)

Electric Darts vs Tree Guard

Electric Darts, manned by Wilson, vs Treeguard.

Electric darts are the only items you will need to finally get your Electric Milk!

What makes the Electric Darts great

  • Like the Morning Star, these darts will electrify Volt Goats, making them useful for players seeking Electric Milk.
  • Increased damage against wet targets.

Electric Dart details:

  • Requires 2x Cut Reeds, 1x Gold Nugget, and 1x Saffron Feather to craft
  • The Electric Dart's base damage is 60, but since it is electrical, it gains a 1.5x modifier, allowing it to do 90 damage.
  • If the target the player is attacking is wet (has a Wetness prefix), there will be an additional 1x modifier for a total of 2.5x. This means that the Electric Dart can do either 90 or 150 damage (when used by characters with normal damage modifiers).

How to Get the Electric Dart:

Wilson hangs out with a scarecrow and some seeds. Starts at 7:48.

8. Gunpowder (Best for inflicting massive damage from a safe distance)

Wolfgang with a pretty flower garland and gunpowder

Wolfgang chillin' with skeletons, beard hairs a pretty flower garland, next to some gunpowder.

What makes Gunpowder great 

  • The best way to kill bosses with large health pools without attacking them directly in combat
  • Cheap to craft: 1x Rotten egg, 1x Nitre, 1x Charcoal

Gunpowder details:

  • It deals 200 damage per charge and can be exploded in stacks
  • Any loot dropped by Mobs killed with Gunpowder will turn to Ashes or the cooked version of their respective Meat (Cooked Morsel, Fried Egg, etc.), except for any loot dropped from the boss monster Dragonfly in Reign of Giants DLC. 
  • Gunpowder sinks in the water, meaning it cannot be used to fight the Malbatross and Crab King without sacrificing a raft unless an Ice Flingomatic is used.

How to Get Gunpowder:

Wilson forgets some eggs in a chest and things go boom. Starts at 8:33.

9. Dark Sword (Best for strong magic damage)

Willow gloomily watching a dark sword in the Caves

Willow gloomily watching a dark sword in the Caves.

"Lucid dreaming damage."

What makes Dark Sword great  

  • Magical melee weapon
  • One of the strongest weapons in the game, in terms of reliable player-dealt damage
  • Wolfgang, Maxwell, Wigfrid, and Wanda benefit the most from it
  • Can be used on the Lunar Island to keep your character’s Enlightenment low.

Dark Sword details:

  • Does 68 damage per hit
  • Has 100 uses
  • Drains Sanity by 20 Sanity/minute while equipped
  • It requires a Shadow Manipulator to prototype
  • Costs 5x Nightmare Fuel and 1x Living Log to craft.

How to get the Get Dark Sword:

Wilson, the dark knight. Starts at 10:30.

10. Thulecite Club (Best for epic damage and increased movement speed)

Wolfgang wielding a Thulecite Club and meaning business.

Wolfgang wielding a Thulecite Club and meaning business.

This is it. The ultimate. The epic. You gotta have it.

What makes the Thulecite Club great 

  • Deals 59.5 damage per hit and increases movement speed by 10%. The increased movement speed makes kiting mobs and bosses easier without the Walking Cane
  • The Thulecite Club loses 0.67% of its Durability with each hit, meaning it has 200 uses before breaking
  • When attacking with a Thulecite Club, there is a 20% chance that a Shadow Tentacle will spawn from the ground, which lasts for 9 seconds attacking enemies within its range.

Thulecite Club details:

  • Requires 3x Living Logs, 4x Thulecite, 4x Nightmare Fuel, and being near an Ancient Pseudoscience Station to craft each time
  • Has an 8.3% chance to be found inside a Large Ornate Chest
  • Like all items from the Ancient Tab, Thulecite Clubs cannot be prototyped and Characters always need to be near an Ancient Pseudoscience Station to craft them again
  • Thulecite is renewable by Ruins regeneration and by feeding Amberosia to Dust Moths.

How to Get the Thulecite Club:

Wilson slams things around like a boss. Starts at 12:45.

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