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Don’t Starve Together Best Weapons, dst best weapons
The weapons look stylish when you pair them right

We have so many weapons to choose from when it comes to playing Don’t Starve Together. Even simple tools like an ax or pickaxe can be used as a weapon. I mean the game is all about survival after all. Out of the many weapons throughout the game, we have some great and not so great ones. I will tell you the ones that I think are the best to play for seasoned players and beginners.

10. The Tentacle spike

Wilson and a tentacle spike

This melee weapon can only be obtained by fighting the slimy tentacle beasts in the swamps. They will have a 50% chance of dropping one when you defeat them. Don’t worry though because they spawn like mad in the swamp so their spikes are pretty easy to get.

What Makes This Weapon So Awesome:

  • 51 damage per hit which is the fourth highest damage given with any weapon.
  • This weapon is easy to get.
  • There aren't any drawbacks or downsides to using this weapon.

Tentacle Spike Stats And Details:

  • Damage is 51
  • Uses is 100
  • 50% chance of being dropped by any tentacle and a big tentacle will only drop one per day.
  • Easy to get and doesn’t affect sanity or health to use.
  • Cannot be crafted.

9. Ham Bat

Wilson and a ham bat

This weapon is just as easy to get as the tentacle spike, however, you do have to craft it. You’ll need a single pig butt, 2 sticks, and 2 big pieces of meat. The damage can be good but the downsides are that you have to 1: find pigs and 2: it’ll spoil within 10 days.

What Makes This Weapon So Awesome:

  • It is easy to get, easy to craft, easy to use!
  • You can make the Ham Bat last longer if you store it in the Ice Box, Insulated Pack (The ice backpack), Warly’s Chef’s Pouch, or Snow Chester.
  • Can be used as a form of fertilizer when you are done with it.

Ham Bat Stats and Details:

  • The highest damage is 59.5 when fresh (First made).
  • The lowest damage is 29.75 before turning to rot.
  • Lasts 10 days
  • Decreases damage for each day it isn’t fresh.
  • Can be put in food storage to make it last longer.
  • Can be crafted with 1 pig butt, 2 sticks, and 2 big pieces of meat.

8. Wigfrid’s Battle Spear

Wigfrid with her spear and helmet

This melee weapon is one of my favorites, but can only be crafted by Wigfrid herself. So, either have her on your team or play as her so you can get it. However, it is better than the normal spear. I will tell you that much.

What Makes This Weapon So Awesome:

  • It deals an impressive amount of damage when you are playing as or with a Wigfrid.
  • It makes hunting easy.
  • There are no drawbacks to using it.

Battle Spear Stats and Details:

  • Damage is 42.5
  • Uses 200
  • Only Wigfrid spawns with it.
  • Can be crafted with 2 sticks, 2 flints, and 2 gold (Only by Wigfrid).

7. The Morning Star

Wortox and the morning star

This melee weapon is electric, it can do more damage when the mob is wet or it is raining. It can be used as a light source! If you are eating Volt goat jelly it deals more damage!

What Makes This Weapon So Awesome:

  • With its multiple uses, it tops the weapons as a multi-purpose tool.
  • When fighting tentacles, swamp creatures, and anything wet it will deal electrical damage.
  • It can be used as a torch so surviving the night away from the base is easy.

The Morning Star Stats and Details:

  • Regular Damage 43.35
  • Wet Damage 72.25
  • Lasts 6 minutes
  • Can be used as a light source when held.
  • Can be crafted with 1 volt goat horn, 2 electrical doodads (the battery looking thing), and 2 Nitre.

6. Glass Cutter

Wortox and the glass cutter

It may not look pretty but it does its job with it being one of the strongest weapons in the game. Not easy to get but well worth trying. You need 6 moon shards and 1 board to craft it. You also have to craft it near the celestial altar which is only on Lunar Island from what I have found. Happy sailing!

What Makes This Weapon So Awesome:

  • It lasts longer when you are fighting shadow creatures (Except Shadow monkeys).
  • You don’t lose sanity or health from using it.
  • High damage input.

Glass Cutter Stats and Details:

  • Damage is 68
  • Uses 75 (150 against shadows)
  • Can only be made on the lunar island.
  • Can be crafted with 1 board and 6 moon shards.

5. Dark Sword

Wortox and the dark sword

This weapon has some drawbacks to it but it hits hard! It makes you crazy while holding it but the damage that it deals to mobs is so nice! It is one of the strongest weapons in the game.

What Makes This Weapon So Awesome:

  • Even though it makes you crazy while holding it will deal a hefty amount of damage.
  • It can be repaired with what you use to make it.
  • Works great when playing as Maxwell and Wigfrid.

Dark Sword Stats and Details:

  • Damage is 68
  • Uses 100
  • Drains 20 sanity points per minute while held.
  • Can be crafted using 5 nightmare fuel and 1 living log.

4. The Blow Darts

Wortox and the darts

I love these things but refuse to allow my husband to play with the fire dart. He has caught our base on fire way too many times for him to be allowed to use it EVER! I love them very much though as they are a ranged weapon.

  • What Makes This Weapon So Awesome:
  • They are ranged.
  • They come in a variety of different types: Fire, Electric, Sleep, and Regular.
  • They can be stacked and they pack a punch.

Blow Darts Stats and Details:

  • Damage 100
  • Fire Darts give 120 fire damage and can set mobs and things on fire.
  • Sleep Darts put certain mobs to sleep (EXCEPT Butterflies, Ghosts, Shadows, Tentacles, Depth Worms, and Mandrakes).
  • Electric Darts deal 90 damage and 150 when a mob is wet.
  • Regular Darts can be crafted with 2 reed, 1 hound tooth, and an azure feather.
  • Fire Darts can be crafted with 2 reed, 1 charcoal, and 1 crimson feather.
  • Sleep Darts can be crafted with 2 reed, 1 stinger, and  1 jet feather.
  • Electric Darts can be crafted with 2 reed, 1 gold, and 1 saffron feather.

3. Bat Bat

Wortox and the bat bat

This melee weapon can, like the dark sword, drive you crazy. However, it’ll only drive you nuts if you aren’t in full health because it has life steal. It is a good weapon when going up against small mobs and the tamer of the seasonal bosses.

What Makes This Weapon So Awesome:

  • It has a nice life steal every small wack counts.
  • The damage dealt with mobs isn’t anything to sneeze at.

Strident Trident Stats and Details:

  • Damage is 42.5
  • Uses 75
  • Leaches 6.8 of a mob’s health, but steals 3.4 of the player’s sanity.
  • Can be crafted using the Shadow Manipulator with 3 batilisk wings, 2 living logs, and 1 purple gem.

2. Fire Staff

Wortox and the fire staff

You will need a regular spear to create this magic weapon but it is a ranged weapon. The ability to cast fire from it makes fighting certain mobs a breeze. Sadly always use this with caution because if you kill a mob using it the loot will either be cooked or turn to ash.

What Makes This Weapon So Awesome:

  • It is a magic ranged weapon.
  • It deals a small amount of damage but allows you to catch a mob on fire to either run away or finish it off.
  • Great tool for deforestation.

Fire staff Stats and Details:

  • Damage 48-56
  • Can be crafted (only using a Shadow Manipulator) with 1 sanity, 2 nightmare fuel, 1 spear, and 1 red gem.

1. Thulecite Club

Wortox and the Thulecite Club and Armor

I love this weapon because of its ability to call upon shadow tentacles. There are so many perks and a few disadvantages, but so worth going into the caves to find the ancient pseudoscience station.

What Makes This Weapon So Awesome:

  • It grants the holder 10% movement speed.
  • It has pretty high durability for a melee weapon.
  • The tentacles are awesome to have around when fighting a horde of any mob.

Thulecite Club Stats and Details:

  • Damage 59.5
  • Uses 150
  • Can be crafted at the ancient pseudoscience station with 4 nightmare fuel, 4 thulecite, and 3 living logs.
  • The tentacle shadows do drain your sanity by 40 points per minute, but it is no different than running around the swamp with the real tentacles.





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