[Top 3] Don't Starve Together Best Backpacks And How to Get Them

Don't Starve Together Best Backpack
Since we are limited only to 15 slots, plus the wearable items, sometimes we need to opt-out for backpacks. There is a lot of discussion about this item, and whether or not you should wear one, since it takes away from your body armor slot.

3. Backpack

The Backpack is crafted with 4 Twigs and 4 Cut Grass and is the most common one to use to extend your inventory. It has 8 inventory slots and needs a Science Machine to prototype. It has no pros and cons compared to other backpacks, which makes it easy for most of the players as it doesn’t affect the overall gameplay.

  • Crafted with: 4 Twigs - 4 Cut Grass
  • Inventory Slots: 8
  • Prototype: Science Machine
  • Can be found in certain setpieces on the map

2. Insulated Pack

As opposed to Don’t Starve Reign of Giants DLC where the Insulated pack has only 6 slots, in Don’t Starve Together it has 8 slots and is cheaper to craft. Along with 1 gear and 1 electrical doodad, to craft this item you also need 1 thick fur, which you get after defeating Bearger, a Giant that appears in your second Autumn. 
The perk of having an Insulated Pack is that the contents inside receive a 50% spoilage rate. However, it cannot stop the ice from melting, and cannot freeze a Thermal Stone.

  • Crafted with: 1 Thick Fur - 1 Gear - 1 Electrical Doodad
  • Inventory Slots: 8
  • Prototype: Alchemy Engine
  • Spoilage rate of contents inside: 50%

1. Krampus Sack

The Krampus Sack is an extremely rare item that can be dropped by Krampus with a chance of only 1%, or found in the Loot Stash with a chance of 10%. It has 14 additional slots. Yup, you read that right. FOURTEEN additional slots. Even with those 14 slots, the Krampus Sack does not decrease the player’s movement speed, and in general, has no cons apart from being one of the rarest items in the game.

  • Crafted with: cannot be crafted
  • Dropped by: Krampus (1%), Loot Stash (10%)
  • Inventory Slots: 14


There are 2 more backpacks that didn’t make the top 3 cut. Those are the Chef Pouch (left) and the Piggyback (right), which are similar to the Insulated Pack and Krampus Sack, respectively.

The Chef Pouch has 6 slots instead of 8, and the contents receive a 75% spoilage rate.
The Piggyback has 12 slots instead of Krampus Sack’s 14 but also decreases the player’s movement speed by 20% making it inferior to the Krampus Sack unless you use a Walking Cane. I wouldn’t advise you to do that, as you would lose an additional weapon slot along with the body armor slot. 

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