[Top 5] Don't Starve Together Best Way To Get Food

Don't Starve Together Best Way To Get Food
Best Way to Get Food

5. Bee Box Farm

For this farm, you will need to get a proper weapon and armor, prepare your Bug Net and go to Grasslands biome. You will need to need 4 Bees per box, along with 1 Honey Comb and 2 Boards. You will catch Bees with the Bug Net, however, be mindful of Killer Bees that attack you the instant you catch one Bee. After you get the number of Bees you need, you need to start destroying some Beehives to get Honey Combs. The ideal time to get it is right before Dusk when all the Bees are outside collecting pollen. However, once you attack, the Killer Bees will come out and start fighting back. With proper armor and weapon, they are pretty easy to kill and won’t cause any issues. Once you‘ve collected all the things you need, you can now craft your Bee Box and start collecting Honey. Honey can be combined with meat in the crock pot to get Honey Ham, an amazing recipe that gives 30 Health points, 75 Hunger points, and 5 Sanity. Honey itself spoils after 40 days and, therefore, can survive Winter/Summer, depending on which season you start with. The amount and speed of producing Honey depend on the number of flowers nearby. Once a Bee collects pollen from 6 Flowers, it will go back to the Bee Box, increasing the Honey inside by 1. Visually they progress through 4 different stages to indicate Honey saturation at 0, 1-2, 3-5, and 6 units respectively. For example, a bee box at stage 3 (almost full) may contain between 3 and 5 pieces of Honey. 

4. Pig/Werepig Farm

To make a Pig/Werepig farm, you need to build several Pig Houses around a Fence with a Gate. In the middle of that area, you need to put a Food Item, like Berries. Once they spot the Berries, the Pigs will try to get them. However, if you attack a Pig, you will get the attention of other Pigs around. Therefore, you will need to wait for a Full Moon, when Pigs turn to Werepigs, completely ignoring your attacks. Here is a quick list of things you will need for this:

  • Fence with a Gate
  • Pig Houses
  • Food Item (eg. Berries)
  • Full Moon (for the werepigs to spawn)

3.  Berries/Gobbler Farm

Similar to a pig farm, you need a Fence with a Gate surrounded by Berry Bushes. When picking the bushes, there is a chance of a Gobbler spawning. It will be preoccupied with getting the Berry inside the fenced area that it will completely ignore the fact that you want to kill it and eat it for dinner.

  • Dug up Berry Bushes
  • Manure (to fertilize Bushes)
  • Fence with a gate
  • Berries ( One for the bait)

2. Farm, Drying Rack, and a Birdcage

This is more of a setpiece than a method of collecting food. Put a set of Improved Farms next to each other for fruits and vegetables (fillers), use Drying Racks to get Jerky, and a Birdcage to get specific seeds/eggs. In the end, make a small kitchen area with 5-6 Crock Pots and an Ice Box, and you have your perfect little dining paradise.

  • Improved Farm
  • Seeds
  • Drying Rack
  • Meat
  • Birdcage
  • Bird Trap (to catch a Bird and imprison it in The Birdcage)
  • Crock Pots
  • Ice Box

1. Bunnymen/Spider Farm

This is the ultimate setpiece you can make if you ask me. The idea is to put a bunch of Bunnymen Houses and a couple of Spider Dens together, just like the picture. The spiders and the Bunnymen will fight each other and that will result in a bunch of loot. You will get Monster Meat, Meat, and Carrots among the Food Items, and, in addition, Fur, Silk, and Spider Glands that can be used for various things. Do not, however, collect the loot while the Bunnymen are outside of their houses as they will become aggressive towards you once you pick up even one Meat. Wait for them to go back inside and then collect the loot. Make sure you have many Bunnymen Houses so they can kill all the spiders, because, if the spiders are stronger, they will consume all the meat and you will be left only with Carrots.

  • Bunnymen Houses
  • Spider Dens
  • Strong Fence with a Gate
  • Patience


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