Top 5] Zelda: Breath of the Wild Best Beginner Weapons (And How To Get Them)

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A Link will always defend his Zelda.

5. Tree Branch

Your first weapon is a literal stick

A tree branch is likely the first weapon Link will find after leaving the Shrine of Resurrection. There are trees everywhere coming down into the Great Plateau and tree branches will be littered throughout your initial path into your new world. While they are not the most effective weapons, they will hold you over until you can increase your arsenal.

Item Stats 

  • Attack 2
  • Durability 4
  • Stock up on as many few tree branches as you can find when you first enter the game. You’ll need themto battle your first monsters.
  • Use your makeshift weapon to disarm an armed enemy and then steal their weapon.

How To Get a Tree Branch:

  • Tree branches can be easily found by foraging in wooded areas.
  • Once you have a woodcutter’s axe, tree branches can be obtained by cutting down trees.


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