87% Of All Console Gamers Also Play On PC

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Two ways to play

Whether you like to play laying on a couch holding your controller or sitting behind a desk playing your PC, there’s no denying that these two platforms are still the most popular among gamers. In fact, recent statistics show, that 87% of all console gamers also play on PC

What this clearly means, is that gamers realize that both platforms have their obvious advantages over each other, which is probably the reason why so many multiplayer games also support cross-platform play.

The console vs. PC debate is one of the oldest debates in gaming history, but the simple fact remains that they both have their obvious advantages.

The right tools for the job

Playing Rocket League on a mouse and keyboard and playing CS:GO on a controller is like eating soup with a fork and eating a steak with a spoon. The genre of the game is usually the deciding factor on which platform to play it.

When it comes to first-person shooters, strategy games and genres where it it comes down to precision and responsiveness and the utilization of tons of hotkeys need to be utilized, the mouse and keyboard configuration of the PC takes the crown. When it comes to platformers, sports games, and games where complex combos and a hefty amount of keys need to be pressed at the same time, consoles clearly win the game.

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When it comes to graphical fidelity and advanced graphical features, the PC is still the undisputed champion.

Best way to play

Based on all of this, it’s no wonder why 87% of all console gamers also use the PC. I doubt that any real eSports player would forego his mouse and keyboard for a gamepad. However this does not mean that consoles are inferior.

PCs are expensive and need to be upgraded constantly in order to offer the most up-to-date experience, but that’s also their saving grace - customization. While consoles on the other hand do not need upgrading, and once you buy one, you’re set for the next half decade until a new version of the console comes out. Be it either one, gamers obviously know that both systems have their advantages, despite all the PC vs. console debates out there.

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