A surprising win at the beginning of the 2016 League of Legends World Championships

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An unusual start to the League of Legends world championships

League of Legends World Championships 2016 opens with surprising victories

When it comes to eSports, Chinese and Korean players usually play the best and always win. However, the opening of the 2016 League of Legends world championships shows one particular exception to this rule when the main victors from the three of four groups playing two matches a day were teams from either North America or Europe against one-another, so China and Korea are still going strong except for their surprising loss against the Brazilian Wildcards.

To see how major this is, one should look at the strength of the teams playing. The EDG got 16-0 in the Chinese League of Legends Summer Split, being the second strongest region behind Korea, and they won the final 3-0 against world competitors Royal Never Give Up, which gained them a spot in the League of Legends World Championships. Looking at INTZ, it can be seen that they are the best team in Brazil. They got into the world championships through the wildcard system, which allows weaker proleagues to compete at the highest stage. So it was solely by luck that the teams were able to get any games, even from Chinese champions.

Misclicks and Errors in World Championship quarter finals

One of the most interesting games of this season was the match between Rox Tigers and SK Telecom T1

On the 21st of October 2016, the quarter finals for the League of Legends World championship quarter finals started off. It began strong as SK Telecom was put against Rox Tigers, their Korean rivals. In the second game, there appeared to be a problem as the Rox Tigers seemed to have picked the wrong character as Miss Fortune was picked, even though Ashe was the character that was chosen. This resulted in a lot of confusion as the casters were unsure as to whether or not the player made the decision themselves or if their choice of character in that moment was a mistake. As it turns out, the character choice was intentional and Rox Tigers decimated SK Telecom in one of the most interesting games in the championship season. In spite of their skill though, Rox Tigers were unable to beat SK Telecom, who emerged victorious after a close loss in the first game.

Sk Telecom T1 wins 2016 World Championship

After a close match, SK Telecom T1 managed to claim victory for the 2016 League of Legends World Championships

In the final round of the competition, SK Telecom T1 has won the League of Legends World Championships for the second year. The Korean team defeated Samsung Galaxy in a close match, beating them 3-2. Tk Telecom’s victories mainly lie with their two top team members, Faker and Bengi. The duo’s chemistry easily dwarfs that of many other players throughout the history of League of Legends. In addition to this, Faker was the 2016 World Championship MVP as he manages to dodge offensive abilities with ease. He always dances away from seemingly hopeless situations.

Of course not all of the team’s accomplishments can be isolated to these two players. The whole team managed to control the pace of the game. Their slow and tactical play enables them to crush anyone that challenges them in the game. Additionally, much like Faker, the team will constantly dodge opponents. They will deny a fight, kite them around and strike at the opportune time. This was quite a tough year for SK Telecom however, as they were pushed to match point by both the ROX Tigers in the semifinals and SSG in the final game of the world championships.


With surprising wins being prevalent in the league of legends world championship 2016 and a tense final match, the world championships come to a close with the victory of SK Telecom. Their win from a nearly hopeless match made for a very exciting end to the World Championship season.

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