[Top 10] LOL Best 1vs1 Champs (That Are Great!)

The World of League of Legends

League of Legends has many 1vs1 champs!


League of Legends is more than filled with champions who are beyond amazing at surviving 1vs1 fights! Here are some of the best champions to main and survive these great duels!


10. Heimerdinger

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The smartest yordle comes into Summoner’s rift to take down foes with his amazing and defensive utility. Heim, as a whole, is great in team fights and can chunk down enemies quite fast, but when he’s alone with just one enemy, he’s an absolute menace!

Why Heimerdinger Is Great for 1vs1:

  • 3 Turrets at all times on the battlefield.
  • Very speedy, being able to kite his enemies as he surrounds them with his turrets and walks around them being difficult to target.
  • His ultimate allows for any of his moves to have a temporary upgrade for a final strong blow!

9. Ezreal 

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The Prodigal Explorer, Ezreal, has one of the weirdest move sets in the game, but they all relate to his safety and the power needed for his great adventures!

Why Ezreal Is Great 1vs1:

  • He can build so many different items which all work amazingly and differently with his kit.
  • Ezreal’s E ability allows for him to basically “flash” towards or out of combat. 
  • Ezreal’s ultimate is universal and can snipe his foe down from across the move or if they are trying to back under turret!

8. Kennen 

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This tiny yordle is not one to mess with! Although he is tiny and quite adorable, his kit is meant to completely destroy his foes in lane with a shocking KO!

Why Kennen Is Great 1vs1:

  • Kennen does not use mana, keeping him in lanes as long as possible.
  • Can stun his opponents.
  • Ultimate allows for him to have the severe speed to either target foes or run to safety if needed. 

7. Illaoi

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Possibly the most horrifying Top Laner, Illaoi takes down her enemies not even needing to be in front of them! 

Why Illaoi is Great 1vs1:

  • Her passive plants random tentacles to intimidate opponents.
  • Illaoi can damage her opponents from great distances!
  • Her ultimate slams a bunch of tentacles down destroying her opponent in seconds!

6. Zeri 

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One of League of Legends’ most recently released champions! Zeri slides into battle with an electrifying move set to annoy her foes!

Why Zeri Is Great 1vs1:

  • Her Q ability does not use any mana, she can use this shot whenever and wherever she wants.
  • Zeri can escape anything as long as she is near a wall!
  • Her passive and abilities heavily rely on the use of shields, the more she gains shields, the stronger she is, allowing her to snowball through games, especially when going through 1vs1 fights!
  • Her ultimate allows her to catch up to enemies or run if needed!  

5. Ahri

Pro Gameplay

This nine-tailed summoner's beautiful self impacts 1vs1 fights so easily with just her perfect charm! Ahri recently just got buffed to be much stronger than she was before making her all the more great and fun!

Why Ahri Is Great 1vs1:

  • Her severe magic penetration ends opponents in seconds!
  • Her ultimate has been revamped to include several dashes to either go towards opponents or run from them if ever needed.
  • Her charm easily lures opponents in not letting them be able to touch you as they are in love with you!

4. Sett 

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This momma’s boy is one to fear! Sett is an easy snowball champion who gets stronger as the game goes on but is already quite strong the moment he steps into Summoner’s rift.

Why Sett Is Great 1vs1: 

  • Does not use mana, only relies on cooldowns.
  • Sett’s priority is his attack, the closer he is to his opponents the more intimidating he is.
  • Sett, when fighting, gets a shield and can last longer in fights. He can use these shields to protect himself at the last minute before it seems like he might die. 

3. Gwen 

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Do not let her cute appearance deceive you! This doll’s scissors are one to look out for especially when it comes to 1vs1 fights.

Why Gwen Is Great 1vs1:

  • Her W ability allows her to become immune to ranged attacks unless the enemy is in her circle.
  • Gwen is dependent on attack speed meaning she will always be one up from her opponent.
  • Gwen’s ultimate is long-ranged and can commit to multiple attacks for the final needed hit.

2. Fizz

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This aquatic demon is one to stay far away from when a 1vs1 is in place. Fizz’s speedy abilities are one to impact lanes heavily!

Why Fizz Is Great 1vs1:

  • Fizz’s main ability, his E, allows him to dodge every single move possible, as well as dodge turret shots!
  • Fizz’s ultimate sends out a shark which is long-ranged and slows his enemy down and launches them upward. 
  • Unlike several assassins, Fizz is focused on magic penetration, something enemies are not so used to building as much, making him so much stronger and more effective for teams. 

1. Warwick

Pro Gameplay

Who doesn’t fear a Werewolf? Warwick is insane when it comes to fighting one or many opponents at once!

He has severe life steal when fighting a foe.

Warwick’s speed is insane, especially when running toward enemies with low health.

His ultimate allows for him to catch up to his enemies with a quick launch!



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