[Top 15] LOL Most Handsome Champions That Are Hot (Ranked)

[Top 15] LOL Most Handsome Champions That Are Hot (Ranked)
Their muscles reflect light.

We've covered the hottest female champions, so let's move on to the males. And the game has a lot of them. Most males have abs and muscles on top of muscles, but who doesn't in this game? If you've ever been to the gym, you'll know that the gym bros compliment you more than your girlfriend. There’s no need to feel bad about your body type. Everyone is accepted like in League of Legends.

There isn't a single male champion who doesn't have a six-pack or a well-defined physique. Of course, different body types exist, and I've listed them all here. I'll also consider how powerful or useful the champion is, but they'll be ranked primarily based on appearance. Now that we've established that, let's get into this article!

15. Kayn

Let's start with a handsome man named Kayn. He has a split personality, he talks to his scythe or something. After dealing some in-game beatings, you can choose between becoming a manly chad Rhaast or a hot edge lord assassin Kayn. Both of these forms are hot in their way, with smoking-hot bodies and slim muscles. Of course, you won't choose these forms based on who's hotter, because they're both hot, but rather on who's stronger during that specific match. 

Each form serves a specific purpose. Kayn is a jungler champion who can walk through walls with his E "Shadow Step" and enter people with his R "Umbral Trespass," which grants him immunity for a few seconds. His Q "Reaping Slash" and W "Blade's Reach" are excellent for farming the jungle or dealing with quick AoE damage. He's a great champion to play, especially if you have a thing for edgy men. 

14. Yasuo

Yasuo, the wind-controlling huge katana wielder, is the next hottie. He is totally not compensating for something with that katana. He also finishes quickly. If you know how to play him, he finishes the match quickly. What else would he finish quickly? You'll not only have a good time playing him in the mid or top lane, but you'll also have a hot body to admire. Yasuo is your champion if you like the anime style of a lone wolf with long hair in a bun which also has a very fit body. 

Not only that, but he also carries a long katana with him in case he needs to slice up someone's mind because playing against him is very annoying. Yasuo is great at blocking out any love or affection that is thrown at him with his W "Wind Wall," and he can also dash and slash into someone's DMs with his E "Sweeping Blade," which is never on cooldown. Yasuo is coming in hot so protect your partner's people!

13. Udyr

Udyr is the hottest guy with the dad's body. He is also one of the few fathers in this game. Sejuani is his daughter, and she enjoys riding on a huge boar. It's a war horse or something. But we're not here to discuss her; we're here to talk about her father. If you dated Sejuani, you'd spend more time with him than with her simply because he's so hot. 

You’d probably invite him to play 8 ball pool on your phone. He is also one of the few champions with realistic body expectations that aren't from an anime. He not only has a hot dad body, but he can also transform into four different stances, each with a different effect. A tiger, turtle, ram, and firebird are among them. 

You can combine these stances, but the bird is the most useful. Do not even attempt to argue with that. Udyr is the type of guy who will assist you with anything, but he will be shirtless during that time. If you drop the flashlight while assisting him with the car, he may yell at you but that will only make him hotter. So you might drop the flashlight on purpose, I know I will.

12. Graves

If you get my drift, that's father material. I wouldn't mind being ganked and blasted by him at all. When it comes to a hot body, he is the man. And the best part is that it only gets better from here. I have no idea why Riot Games would include a "Smoke Screen" ability that prevents you from seeing anything. Graves has an older badass look with his beard and mustache and I'm envious of his beard. Not to mention the champion's rough voice. 

He appears and sounds like someone you don't want to mess with. He's a ranged jungler who excels at kiting and keeping his distance from others. Of course, if that person is his partner in crime Twisted Fate, he will be as close to him as possible. That’s called homie love. To help you keep your distance from enemies, you can use the E "Quickdraw," which grants armor and an extra shot in the shotgun if you dash toward them. Or he can use his R "Collateral Damage" to blast a whole team with a shotgun load.

11. Varus

So there are three people trapped in that hot body. One is the weapon, and the other two fell into a well while attempting to flee a war zone. At least, that's how I interpret it. In reality, it's a touching love story about three people trapped in one body. He's a softie, but he's also a bad boy, which some people find very appealing. Who wouldn't fall for this hot archer with his white hair and charming face? I'm sure you didn't notice the two red jewels he wears all the time because we were all too busy looking at those abs and pecks.

 I mean, every archer in movies or video games is an instant hottie. Consider the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You don't have to look any further. A huge plus for Varus and his skin is that he never wears a shirt or any top body armor. Because he doesn't require it, and those rock-hard pecs require constant air ventilation. His gameplay revolves around trapping people with his R "Chain of Corruption" and then shooting an arrow through their heart with his Q "Piercing Arrow." Varus is a certified handsome bad boy who enjoys controlling large groups of people.

10. Gangplank 

This is a rough and handsome man. Because he's a pirate, don't expect him to have good hygiene or to smell good. His hair looks like he escaped from a lunatic asylum, but that beard is even better than Graves'. Gangplank tells a story with his rough body. He has been through difficult times, but they have only strengthened him. He's a jerk, but he's addicted to oranges because you need those vitamins when you're out on the open sea.

 I'm not sure how he doesn't have a beer belly or anything because he drinks so much rum, but maybe those oranges are full of steroids and they keep him looking so fit. He also has numerous scars that represent the battles he has fought. As previously stated, the body is rough, and don't expect someone like him to yield because he never will. When he reaches level 13, he can one-shot pretty much anyone because he can just spam his barrels, which send everyone flying to the moon. I'd say they fly to the moon like crypto, but they are crashing down harder than the dinosaur-era meteor.

9. Rakan

He is a full-bird person with offensive and defensive abilities that revolve around looks and feathers. Rakan has one and only woman in mind, and that is his Xayah. It's quite endearing that he's considered one of League of Legends' hotties and that he belongs solely to Xayah. He has a big ego, but if that's your thing, go for it. I'm not sure how Xayah can stand him, but I'm sure that just looking at him makes her fall in love all over again. Theirs is the cutest relationship in League of Legends. 

Rakan has a sporty body that has been infused with a bird, resulting in chicken legs. The upper half has a muscular, attractive body, while the lower half is all chicken legs. I wonder if he can dip those feet in a broth and make chicken broth. His head is covered in feathers, but for some reason, he has strange sideburns that he refuses to shave. Rakan works best with Xayah because he gains extra range to cast his abilities, which would otherwise be half the size. He's the guy who likes to charm people, especially girls, with his R "The Quickness." Because Rakan is aware that all the other girls love him and he does not stop saying it. 

8. Taric

Taric has to be one of the most vulnerable champions in Runeterra. He cares about life and people, but if you get in his way, he won't hesitate to beat you down with his massive arms. Taric was a normal human with a skinny body before deciding to ascend Targon's holy mountain and take on the body of a Greek God. You should wear sunglasses because that physique will blind you. His pecs catch the light and reflect it. Taric is the protector of love and beauty, and he will defend anyone he considers a friend. 

He has his shirt unbuttoned in almost every skin of his because he knows you'll look at him and he needs to be ready for a photoshoot anytime. Not to mention that the pool party skin looks great on him. The gameplay is also enjoyable, as he can make everyone immortal if they are within the range of this R "Cosmic Radiance." Some of the other abilities are useful during the match and laning phases, but they are unimportant. Because your team will want you to look good and time your ultimate correctly when you first start playing Taric. 

7. Akshan

He's pure fan service as one of the more recent champions released. Akshan is a mash-up of Assassin's Creed's Ezio and League of Legends. Not only that, but Ezio was a very attractive man, but just look at Akshan. Everything about him screams "handsome." You'll also enjoy the sound of his voice, and he's quite talkative in-game and will respond to almost everything you do. This is what we call the future. Akshan is a pain to deal with during the game, so make sure you play him before the enemy picks him. 

Every ability of his has a passive side to it, but the most annoying one is the W "Going Rouge," which can make him invisible. This is the active side, and the passive side is that he revives anyone who has died. Even though he has to murder the people who murdered his teammates. When you get a quadra kill and Akshan kills you, he revives everyone you killed. It may cause you to lose the game quickly. Now you might know why people hate him but also love him because of his attractiveness. 

6. Sylas

This bad boy is kinky damn. Being imprisoned twisted his mind. He wields the same shackles that were used to imprison him. To either latch onto or slap them. That's straight out of 50 Shades of Gray. I'm sure he was one of the characters in that book. But don't forget that Sylas is a mage who was imprisoned solely because he could perform some hocus pocus. And he must have used a spell to enhance his body because look at those well-defined muscles that can destroy any type of rock thrown at them. 

I wonder if he used hocus pocus down south. As well as his well-defined facial features. Even that jaw can sever the high-grade metal. But the best part of his face is his beard, which appears to be growing back. Oh, and the man bun. Because there is nothing else to look at during the game, you will only see his body. He's not wearing a shirt and is only wearing chains and pants. But the main role of Sylas and those who play him is to figure out who has the ultimate ability to steal. That's his R "Hijack." 

5. Sett

Sett is of the same species as Rakan, but he is more human than a bird. That's because one of Sett's parents was human, and all he wants now is to beat the living daylights out of his father. He never got him the milk so he could have stronger bones. He got orange juice. He will most likely succeed because he has the body of a true warrior. Sett, unlike some people who claim to be fighters behind a keyboard, knows how to fight. Also, if Riot Games is wondering how to get more girls to play their game, they simply need to release more champions who are 6 feet tall and have bulletproof muscles. 

White hair, a chiseled face, and purple colors complement each other well. The best thing about him is that he has an eight-pack rather than a six-pack. Try to outdo that. When you try to play Sett, you'll mostly be throwing down WWE punches and abilities, with the best part being the ultimate R "The Show Stopper," which allows you to supplex an entire building into the ground. I mean huge void monsters when I say "building." If you take a beating, you can always cast W "Haymaker," which deals massive true damage while shielding you from death. Fantastic individual. 

4. Viego

If you have a thing for handsome guys who are as pale as a ghost, look no further than Viego. This guy will be pale no matter how much the sun burns him. That's because he's an undead king, but that's irrelevant. Even though he died tragically, Viego has only one goal in mind: to resurrect his deceased wife. His body is both literally and metaphorically smoking hot. He's also the first person on this list to have the V shape down the bottom for those who like it. 

Riot Games certainly knows how to maximize fan service, don't they? Viego is a jungler champion who excels at carrying late-game matches. Partly because he can take over a dead body that he has killed and cast all of their abilities except their ultimate. He also carries a passive Blade Of The Ruined King, which is useful against tanks. There's nothing negative I can say about Viego, and those piercing blue eyes look right into your soul.

3. Pantheon

If you've ever needed the motivation to work out or do anything in your life, look up a Pantheon motivational video. You will experience a massive burst of energy and will feel as if you can move mountains. He is also the manliest champion on this list, having been built like a Greek God warrior. And I adore that he dresses simply because his massive body is made of steel and he doesn't need armor. He also has one of the most fascinating backstories ever. His backstory is both touching and inspiring. 

But don't forget about that razor-sharp beard that can pierce you as hard as his spear. Pantheon can be played as a top, mid, or support if you want to relax. During gameplay, you'll feel a huge surge of energy, as if you can take on the entire enemy team, but don't be fooled because you'll die horribly. This happens to me a lot. His kit revolves around team support, and his ultimate ability "Grand Starfall" is most similar to that. Pantheon is launched across the map like a flaming rocket, ready to crush mountains if necessary. 

2. Lucian

Lucian can steal every girl's heart because my girlfriend considers him to be the game's hottest male champion. So advise your partners not to play the ADC role. But I can't deny that he's a good-looking guy. The top spot goes to someone with whom we can all agree and who works well with Lucian during the match. The most unfortunate aspect of Lucian is that we do not yet have a pool party skin for him, even though we all want one. 

Because he barely reveals anything in his skin. But we all know what lies beneath is as hot as the sun. However, because he is a huge bully, he is more or less annoying to deal with during the laning phase. He can be a real sweetheart to his wife and the people around him in the cinematics and trailers, but you don't want to mess with him during a match. This is due to his passive, which allows him to auto-attack twice. 

1. Braum

This man's heart is bigger than his body. He is the sweetest and most wholesome champion on the Summoners Rift. Nobody in the game will be able to beat him. Riot Games created perfection here, and nothing can change that. He comes from Runeterra's coldest region, and the most bizarre part is that he doesn't even wear any clothes. Because he doesn't need to, those muscles keep him warm. Not only that, but he can make friends with anyoneand he has no trace of evil within him. 

My favorite aspect of him is his strong protective vibe. When it comes to actual gameplay, he will always charge into battle first. Not only that, but he carries a massive door that was said to be immovable and indestructible. I swear he can punch a mountain into dust. He could pull a black hole out of the universe and use it as a ping-pong ball. His strength is limitless. Oh, and he works well with Lucian because he can freeze people and knock them out with his ultimate ability. He gets along with everyone. 

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