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KD/A pop stars because the article is about KD/A haha get it?

What's up, here's another LoL article for ya'll nerds to read. I'll be talkin' about most kills from a couple of games I have watched from the past week. I'll mention the duration of the game, the name of the player, which champion he played, and why he was kick-ass. Anyways, let's get to it:

10.QuinnAD Daddy - Quinn - 21 kills!

9.Cut The Grass - Xerath - 40 kills!

One thing that I love about Xerath is how difficult he is to play and his ability to inflict gazillions of magical damage from long distances, his primary role is a mage and he works great as a support, but there's also potential for the mid lane. In this video you can see gameplay Zwag Xerath pulling off some crazy combos and annihilating the enemy team with ease, he obviously mains the champion and pulls off bawsy plays. He offers an educational commentary with humorous elements, if you wish to learn Xerath and destroy some kids with him, this video is a great starter!

8.PSZilean - Draven - 48 kills!

7.Dota was funner - Master Yi - 63 kills!

Master Yi is one of those underrated champions that gets little recognition, yet people underestimate his potential in ranked. Here, I'd like to show you a player who completely destroyed his opponent team by getting 63 kills - he successfully ganked, shut down, and limited his opponent’s farm by quite a large margin - he had a decent team that communicated with him on a decent level and he rarely lost a team fight! So, if you were motivated by the gameplay, go out there, pick Master Yi and chase some scrubs and whoop their butts!

6.IIIIIIIIII - Sylas - 110 kills!

5.BunnyFuFuu - Jhin - 100 kills 

4.PSZilea  - Karthus - +100 kills!

3. Nerf Godzu - Fizz - 104 kills!

2. BunnyFuFuu- Veigar - 118 kills!

1. BunnyFuFuu- Illaoi - 500 kills!

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