[Top 15] LOL Most Annoying Champions To Play Against

League of Legends Most Annoying Champions To Play Against
I hope these champions die in-game and get removed.

Let me start this article off with a question for you. How many champions do you hate playing against? Too many to count on your fingers? Well, those champions will probably be on this list. But let’s be real there’s a difference between being trash at the game and playing against annoying champions.

If you don’t know in which category you go, maybe you should try getting good at the game and see what it means to play against annoying champions. So let’s list these champions and maybe I’ll tell you how to play against them. 

15. Fiddlesticks

“The oldest demon in Runeterra.”

Let’s start this list off with a guy that can fear anyone who comes in contact with him. He can fear your whole team, suck them off and then run away into the jungle to hide and do it all over again. Will your team learn from that encounter?

Hell no they will make the same mistake over and over again until you lose the match. That’s how the brain of sheep people works. What can you do against a menace like this? Honestly placing wards and having vision on Fiddlesticks is your best bet.

If you have vision over Fiddlesticks his passive ability won’t work then and your team will be able to finally kill him. That’s the most annoying thing about this champ. The fact that he can fear a whole team single-handedly and kill them while you stand there unable to do anything sucks. 

Why Fiddlesticks Is Annoying:

  • Has the ability to fear your whole team.
  • Has an AoE ultimate ability. 
  • He can suck multiple people off and drain their health slowly and he can recast the ability again instantly. 

14. Rammus


Next up we have a turtle. How can this turtle be annoying? I mean he’s just a tank, right? Well, there’s your first issue: he's a tank that can leap towards you. He can also roll around and the more he rolls the faster he gets.

Rammus is the best counter to AD champions. Any champion that only deals AD damage is the one who is in trouble. Good luck trying to deal damage to this creature. Because you won’t make a single dent on his shell. This champion annoys me the most because I’m an ADC main and playing against Rammus sucks a lot.

You can’t push the wave, you can’t start a fight against the other team or do anything at all. You never know when he’s going to pop out of the jungle rolling at the speed of sound to beat you up. Not to mention when you attack this creature you’ll be dealing damage to yourself as well. And sometimes you’ll deal more damage to yourself than to Rammus himself. He can also taunt you with the click of a button. 

Why Rammus Is Annoying:

  • Counters every single AD champ in the game. 
  • Can taunt you with the click of a single button. 
  • When attacking him you’ll also be dealing damage to yourself. 

13. Darius

“You will bleed for Noxus!”

If you love playing this champion, good for you I guess. There was a time when this guy was constantly banned on top lane simply because he could make you bleed, light you on fire and you’d give him first blood.

That was always fun to do but not fun when you were on the other end of the stick. How would someone counter this demon? Well, the solution was simple. You just wouldn’t farm your lane and the best thing you could do is get XP and sit under your turret. Because you knew what was coming. But today he’s not that much of a bully but it’s still annoying to play against him.

You see if Darius auto-attacks you 6 times and stacks his passive on you you’re good as dead. Not to mention that his ultimate ability deals increased damage to people who have 6 stacks over their heads. But the best part is that Darius deals true damage when he ults you. Hehe, xd thank you Riot Games.

Why Darius Is Annoying:

  • Impossible to lane against. 
  • Has the potential to get first blood on you if you’re caught off guard. 
  • His ultimate ability deals with true damage. 

12. Amumu

“Does anyone wanna play with me?”

Riot why is Amumu able to cast his Q two times now? Why would you buff this champion? He was already a pain in the ass. If you see this little midget mummy coming to your lane you better get the hell out of there and sit under your turret.

Because someone is dying and it won’t be anyone on the enemy team. The best counter against this jungler is placing wards so you can escape ganks. Apart from having two charges on his Q, he can also CC with his ultimate ability.

The thing about his ultimate is that once it’s cast the range of it is big as the lane. So good luck trying to escape him if you’re caught by his Q. With his Q Amumu can attach himself to you. It’s a reverse Blitzcrank hook. Instead of pulling you towards him, he pulls himself towards you. 

Why Amumu Is Annoying: 

  • A tank jungler who has lots of CC in his kit. 
  • Deals AoE damage just by crying. 
  • Can hook himself towards you two times in a row. 

11. Ekko

“Leader of the Fireflies.”

Every second counts as Ekko says. Or does it? I mean when it comes to League of Legends of course it does. A single mistake can cost you, to lose the whole team fight and perhaps even the whole game. If you love playing this champion I have nothing to say to you.

This champion as soon as he gets to level 6 can dive under the turret, take 6 turret shots, and just ult away like nothing ever happened. The only counter to this is simply stunning him until he dies. That’s all you have to do to play against Ekko, the child who plays with time. Also, people who step into his W are pretty much dead so just leave them to their fate don’t bother. 

Why Ekko Is Annoying:

  • Can return in time when he had full HP and Mana. 
  • Has a dash in his kit that allows him to get closer to you. 
  • If Ekko times his W correctly he can successfully stun you and get a huge shield at the same time. 

10. Heimerdinger

“Albert Einstein of League.”

Here we have Heimerdinger, the smartest League of Legends champion probably. He’s also kind of a boomer but we won’t talk about that part. What makes Heimerdinger so special is the fact that he can place 3 small turrets anywhere on the map and those turrets will attack anything that’s in their range.

Not to mention if you get CC’d by Heimerdinger you’ll get a huge blast wave of energy shot at your face. Plus with his ultimate ability, he can empower one of his three main ones. Which are all broken no matter what. But the most annoying ability in this guy’s kit is the rockets he fires.

Why that ability in particular? Well, because it can shred anyone that’s in its range to tiny pieces. Just imagine you’re normal mid-laner farming, minding your business and out of nowhere you get CC’d and the last thing you see is 1000 rockets coming straight at your face. It’s fun, no?

Why Heimerdinger Is Annoying:

  • An AP champion that can one-shot you with the good old one-two combo. 
  • Can empower any of his abilities with his ultimate. 
  • Playing against his turrets in a lane is so damn annoying. It's almost like playing against 4 champions.

9. Kai’sa

“Daughter of the Void.”

Who knew the Void could give us such a great champion. Especially with the fact that she can go AD and AP together or she can mix it up a bit and change it around. The most annoying fact about this champion is that she can solo kill you with 1 ability. That’s her W if you haven’t played against AP Kai’sa before.

Which is a good thing that you haven’t because if you have you would have broken your keyboard. I have no idea what Riot was thinking when making this champion scale with AP so much. I mean come on. She can use W every 5 seconds or something.

So good luck trying to dodge that while in the middle of a battle. Not to mention that she can use her ultimate ability and gain a huge shield to defend herself. Why is this on a ranged champion? Just why?

Why Kai’sa Is Annoying:

  • Can one-shot people with W. 
  • Gains a huge shield after using her ultimate ability. 
  • Can go invisible after you upgrade her E ability. 

8. Brand

“I just want to set the world on fire!”

What’s more annoying than an AP champion? An AP champion on the bot lane. I can never get a break, can I? Oh boy, here we go. This is our dear guy Brand. He’s a support but don’t you dare think that he’s useless or worthless.

He’s the best at his damn job. And you know what his job is? Carrying you to victory. That is if you’re on his team if you’re not well better luck next time I guess. When it comes to Brand he’s pretty annoying to a lot of people. The main reason why people hate him the most is that he can solo kill anyone on that damn lane.

At first, he started as a mid laner but later he converted to support for reasons unknown. You can still play him in the mid-lane sure but he won’t be as useful. Plus he can simply light you on fire and boom out of nowhere you’re missing half of your HP and for what? For a single minion that you tried to get for yourself. Enjoy playing against him!

Why Brand Is Annoying:

  • Deals lots of AP damage even though he’s a simple support.
  • Can CC you for 2 seconds. 
  • Brand can set you on fire with a simple button click.

7. Akshan

“Look at me swing!”

You’ve seen this guy in your games and I probably don’t even have to mention why he’s so damn annoying. He’s like that fly that gets inside of your room and doesn’t want to leave through a fully open window.

Some of the reasons people hate this guy is because his Q can extend so far if it hits something, he can slingshot himself around corners, use his ultimate ability to gun you down, or maybe even go invisible while walking around walls thanks to his W. Those are some of the reasons but the main reason people hate this guy is the simple fact that he can revive people from the dead.

With what ability? With his W of course that’s always off cooldown. All he needs to do is kill you and anyone that you have killed will be revived. How fun is that! Also, every single one of his abilities has a hidden passive. 

Why Akshan Is Annoying:

  • Has the ability to revive people from the dead. 
  • Almost every single one of his abilities has a unique hidden passive. 
  • Can drift around corners like he’s in Japan. 
  • Guns you down from the whole map with his ultimate ability.

6. Fiora


I do miss the old Fiora. Riot please bring it back. The old Fiora was so much fun to play! I mean this new Fiora is more annoying and also fun to play but not as fun as the old one! With the new one, you can 1v5 a match if you know what you’re doing but I care about fun more!

Anyways why people hate playing against this champion is because of the constant poking from her Q and the fact that she can parry any auto-attacks and abilities with her W. Yes you read that correctly.

If you’re fighting Fiora and she uses W any auto-attacks and abilities will be parried. But let’s not forget that if you get hit by this ability you will be slowed and if it’s a successful parry you will get stunned. The stun duration will last until she beats you up. 

Why Fiora Is Annoying:

  • Can parry any skill and auto-attack in the game. 
  • Constantly pokes you with her Q. 
  • Has the ability to empower her next two auto-attacks.

5. Irelia

“Committed a genocide on Noxians.”

Here we have Irelia the champion that can solo win the lane without hitting a single ability. Don’t worry she has a low win rate because Irelia players don’t have fingers. All you have to do to win lane with Irelia is spam your Q and when your Q is at max stacks you can demolish everyone who exists in the game.

But the best part hear me out right about now. You don’t have to be good at the champion to succeed, all you have to do is stack conqueror to the max and your Q as well. In return, you’ll get everything that you want. A game where you win and you’ll annoy the enemy team. What’s the counterplay to Irelia? Shut her down quickly as possible in the early game so she can’t breathe in the late game. 

Why Irelia Is Annoying:

  • You can do anything you want at max stacks. 
  • Irelia takes less damage while using W. 
  • Possibly the easiest champion to play on this list. 
  • People hate her. 

4. Shaco

“Please step onto my box.”

Shaco is the most annoying champion in the whole game. What does he do? He just runs around and trolls people. On the enemy team of course. Why does he do that? Well, because he can go invisible and dash at the same time with his Q.

He can also throw knives at people or place a jack-in-a-box on the ground to scare people. But the best part of this all is that he can clone himself to play mind games with his enemies. Every single ability in his kit is annoying. He will steal your jungle and there’s nothing that you can do about it.

All you can do is let it happen and maybe hunt him down but you’ll be wasting your time with that. Because remember Shaco can dash and go invisible with 1 button. He doesn’t even need the summoner spell to flash away. 

Why Shaco Is Annoying:

  • Shaco is a master at trolling people. 
  • He can dash and go invisible with his Q. 
  • Shaco can clone himself and play mind tricks on people.

3. Teemo

“The OG champion.”

This guy has been annoying and terrorizing people since the creation of League of Legends. He was one of the first champions in the game and people already hated him. Teemo is a top laner who can only go top lane and because most of the people who play top play melee champions you can see how this is a bit of an issue.

He’s a ranged champion who can poison you with his dirty crack-cocaine-infested needles. Good luck with farming! But don’t worry if you try to go anywhere else except your lane you are bound to step on a mushroom and die a slow and painful death.

Is it fun playing Teemo? Depends. Is it annoying to play against him? Of course, it is. The only thing you can do is accept your fate and leave the match to save your sanity.

Why Is Teemo Annoying:

  • He can blind people with his Q. 
  • Deals poison damage with his E. 
  • He’s able to place mushrooms that explode and deal damage slowly over time. 
  • He’s a menace to melee top laners.

2. Yasuo

“Death is like the wind always by my side.”

I mean are you even surprised to see him here. Of course, Yasuo would be here. The champion that doesn’t have mana, can dash infinitely, gains a passive shield that blocks damage just by walking, can block all skill shots and ranged auto attacks with W, and can keep you knocked up in the air with his ultimate.

I mean why would people be annoyed when they’re playing against Yasuo. I don’t see a reason :). But the most annoying part of all is that he scales like crazy with crit and attack speed items. With a single full crit item, he’s able to slice you in half with 1 combo. 

I don’t even wanna mention what he can do when he has a full build. But don’t get me started even with his annoying W skill. I mean it’s not even a skill Yasuo players just need to press a button and that’s it. They successfully blocked all incoming damage. 

Why Yasuo Is Annoying:

  • Has no mana. 
  • Can block all ranged auto-attacks and skill shots with windwall. 
  • Scales insanely well with crit and attack speed items. 
  • Can dash an infinite amount of times. 
  • Never gets nerfed.

1. Yuumi

“Let me ride you to victory!”

I’m going, to be honest, I don’t find this champion all that annoying. I know a lot of other people do and that’s why she’s on this list and  number one. I can’t believe that a simple cat is more hated than Yasuo or Teemo.

It’s kinda weird how the brain of this community works. When it comes to Yuumi and her champion design she’s meant to be more like a parasite. She can sit on a champion and be untreatable until she gets off. She can heal them and give them a boost of movement speed at the same time. Or she can use her ultimate ability to lock people in the same place.

But all this comes at a high mana cost. During the laning phase, Yuumi can’t cast E more than 3 times in a row. I guess what people hate the most is the fact that you can’t target her. Honestly, it’s not that bad. I once won top-lane with Yuumi. I’m proud of that. 

Why Yuumi Is Annoying:

  • She’s untreatable when sitting on someone. 
  • Can heal people for a great amount of HP. 
  • Can poke during the laning phase with her Q without any risk. 
  • Needs another person just to survive.

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