LoL: Bjergsen Thanks Fan for Incredible Fan Art

Bjersen (Copywrite Riot Games)

Søren Bjerg, or better known as Bjergsen, is the Mid-Laner for Team Solo Mid (TSM). Known for his Azir gameplay and swift Penta-Kills, Bjergsen has a lot to be proud of. On the rise to fame, Bjergsen actually had to wait to compete full time due to how young he was, back in 2013 when he first started. However, though out the years he has proven his dominance in the Rift, especially when it comes to MVP awards. Bjergsen has the prestigious title of “Mr. MVP”, at least that’s what I call him. This is because he has won the MVP four times, which is the most out of any professional LoL player. In addition to the numerous MVP awards Bjergsen has been with TSM since 2013 and since then the team has an impressive record. In 2015 TSM finished first in the spring season, won the spring playoffs, and topped it off by winning the IEM Season 9 World Championship ($158,414 winnings between those 3). In 2016 TSM would again finish first in the summer season and go on the win the summer playoffs ($50,000 winnings). Finally in 2017 TSM would finish first in both the spring and summer seasons, as well as win both playoffs ($200,000 winnings), completely dominating their competitors with Bjergsen in the Mid-Lane every step of the way.

Recently, a fan created some fan art for Bjergsen, featuring….well Bjergsen himself.

Bjersen Fan Art By Alsantiago (Via Soren Bjergsen's Twitter)

Bjergsen was extremely flattered by the fan art and has even put it as his profile picture on social media. You can see the reveal video on Bjergsen’s Twitch here. The artist made the announcement of his work on Reddit, the art work is signed alsantiago, however, he goes by zerosteins on Reddit. Zerosteins, or alsantiago, has done other art work as well. About a year ago he posted a live action Yasuo movie poster on Reddit, I must say it is pretty impressive and makes you wish that there was a release date right around the corner.

Yasuo Live Action Movie Poster By Zerosteins (A.K.A Alsantiago, Via Zereosteins Reddit)

According to his Reddit profile alsantiago also follows the Team Solo Mid page (no surprise there), the "YasuoMains" page, and the Riven Main page. Not too much more is known about the artist, but we do know that he is obviously a huge Bjergsen fan (maybe even his #1 fan) and a talented artist. With great art work like this we look forward to seeing more in the future.



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