[Top 10] LOL Best Carry For Low ELO (That Wreck Hard!)

[Top 10] LOL Best Carry For Low ELO (That Wreck Hard!)
You'll need a chiropractor after carrying so many games.

So you're stuck in low ELO hell and can't get out? Do you believe you're playing well, but you can't carry the match because your champion is weak? So, don't worry my friend, today I'll show you the best champions in the game who can carry the game alone even if your entire team is behind.

These champions instill fear in your opponents simply by existing because they don't know how to counter them. Even if they know how to counter them, they are powerless to do anything because they lack the necessary skills. I'll make sure to mention at least two champions for each role so that no one feels left out. Yes, even support can carry games by keeping their team alive or taking the damage upfront.

Why are these champions important, and why should you pick them? In low ELO, these champions are simply kings and cannot be defeated, whereas, in higher ELO, they suck and are difficult to play and succeed at. Because skill and macro are everything in this game, and when you have both, you are unstoppable. 

10. Soraka

I'm sure you weren't expecting her to be on this list. Keeping your teammates alive is one way to get yourself out of low ELO. Most of the time, they will keep running into the enemy, thinking they can take them on while everyone else is shooting at them. In reality, they can't, which is where Soraka comes in.

Soraka can keep healing her teammates with her W "Astral Infusion" as long as she has HP. Soraka can also regain some of her HP from her Q "Starcall." This ability is also useful as a poking tool during the laning phase because it deals a lot of damage. During team fights, she can use her E "Equinox" to silence the enemy team and prevent them from casting any abilities, and her R "Wish" can heal the entire team across the entire map.

It's a great ability to save anyone who is about to die to a gank, or if someone is attempting to dive an opponent, or simply to correct mistakes made by your team. Soraka is ideal for players who don't want to deal with carrying matches and instead prefer to relax while playing. Your main priority would be to keep your team's carry alive. 

Why Soraka Is Great For Carrying Low ELO: 

  • She can heal her teammates with W as long as she has HP. 
  • Able to heal the whole team with her R. 
  • Fixing the mistakes her team made and stopping them from dying without a reason. 
  • She’s able to silence the enemy team during fights with her E. 
  • Great sustain during the laning phase thanks to her Q. 

9. Ahri

Let's take a stroll to mid and talk about Ahri, the most annoying champion to play against. Good luck catching this fox because she will slip between your fingers again and again and run away. Once you have your ultimate ability, your main goal as Ahri is to push mid and roam either top or bot. The R "Spirit Rush" ability allows Ahri to dash in any direction, damaging nearby enemies and granting another recast after defeating an opponent.

It's the most annoying ability in her arsenal to deal with, especially when attempting to gank Ahri, so make the most of it when you play her. Ahri can also charm any target with her E "Charm," causing the target to move towards Ahri, and her Q "Orb Of Deception" deals damage both forward and backward. You can safely dominate the lane by combining these two abilities. Your opponent will have no choice but to farm beneath their turret. You can also type "EZ" or something similar to further irritate them. 

Why Ahri Is Great For Carrying Low ELO:

  • Her ultimate ability gets three dashes and gets additional recasts after killing an opponent. 
  • It’s really hard to gank Ahri during the laning phase. 
  • Roaming is the key to victory so make sure to help out your team. 
  • Her E makes enemies walk towards her. It’s great for pulling enemies who are hiding behind a turret. 
  • The Q can also heal her every 9 minions she kills. Great for sustaining during the laning phase. 

8. Leona

We're back in the support role, this time with a tank named Leona. I'll tell you right now: don't mess with Leona if you're playing against her. You're as good as dead if she gets a hold of you. You will be CC'd until you die of old age. Make sure to instill pain in your opponents. Her kit CC abilities include her Q "Shield Of Daybreak," which causes her next auto-attack to CC the target, her E "Zenith's Blade," which immobilizes the last target she hits, and her R "Solar Flare," which CCs targets in an AoE radius.

The W "Eclipse" reduces Leona's damage taken. You can see how broken this champion can be because she was designed to be a top laner in the first place during the old days of League. You’ll want to engage in fights as often as possible. So you can spoon feed your team kills. You'll also be the first one to enter a fight in the later stages of the game. Even if you have to die, CC as many targets as you can first. As a result, your team will only have to hit targets who can't move and have broken ankles. 

Why Leona Is Great For Carrying Low ELO:

  • She’s able to stun or CC the whole team during fights. 
  • Leona is great during the laning phase and can tank an insane amount of damage thanks to the W ability. 
  • Her E is great for stopping people that are either too agile or too fast. 
  • The Q is a point-and-click stun ability. 
  • Her R can stun multiple opponents at once. 

7. Jinx

Enough about supports, let's talk about an ADC who can easily get you out of low ELO, Jinx, or one of anyone's favorite Arcane characters. She's a little insane, but you can use that to your advantage. You see, every time Jinx gets a kill or destroys a turret, she gains a massive boost in movement speed. Her abilities are straightforward, and she's a breeze to play.

She's a late-game hard-carry, so you won't be as strong early on, but if the enemy lets you farm, which they will because they don't know how to counter someone who's free farming, you'll be an unstoppable monster. She can switch between her minigun and rocket launcher by pressing the Q button "Switcheroo!" The minigun increases your attack speed, whereas the rocket launcher increases your damage and range.The W "Zap!" slows them down and the E "Flame Chompers!" locks them in place.

The R "Super Mega Death Rocket" is the most entertaining ability in her kit; it's a global ability that can be used to kill people who are relaxing in spawn and minding their own business. Because of her attack speed, she's great at pushing waves and smashing down objectives. Jinx also works with any support in the game, so you don't have to yell at your teammate to choose the support that they don't play. 

Why Jinx Is Great For Carrying Low ELO:

  • Jinx is a hyper late-game carry. Great for carrying games alone especially when you know that people in low ELO won’t stop you from free-farming. 
  • She’s great at destroying objectives such as dragons, barons, and turrets. 
  • Gains a great bonus of movement and attack speed upon killing an enemy. 
  • Jinx is great at pushing waves and putting pressure on enemy lanes. 
  • The extra range from her rocket launcher can be used to deal damage to enemies from a safe distance because she then has the highest attack range in the whole game. 

6. Nasus

Our next champion focuses on farming and stacking. The more stacks you have, the more damage the Q "Siphoning Strike" deals. To gain stacks, you must use the Q to kill the minion. Nasus regains health by auto-attacking, and his other abilities are straightforward. The W "Wither" breaks their legs and arms in half, slowing their attack and movement speed.

The E "Spirit Fire" deals AoE damage in an area, and the R "Fury Of The Sands" enlarges Nasus and increases his magic and armor resistances, as well as decreasing the cooldown of the Q and deals a minimal amount of AoE damage. He's a simple puppy to play with, perhaps even simpler than Jinx. Because when you're playing Nasus, all you have to worry about is who you're going to kill next with your Q. You'll be able to end the game with 2-3 Q strikes on each turret once you've accumulated enough stacks.

You'll be dancing at their Nexus before you know it, while the enemy is crying and flaming you for playing well. You don't need to worry about team fights or objectives if you know you can carry the match. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, you can farm as much as you want throughout the game as long as you win. Because Nasus is a tank, the enemy will have a difficult time dealing with you, especially given your Q's insane damage output. 

Why Nasus Is Great For Carrying Low ELO:

  • Anyone can kill minions and stack them easily with the Q. 
  • After you’re done stacking you’ll be taking down turrets in 2-3 hits. 
  • Nasus gains a huge boost in magic and armor resistance. 
  • He can half the enemy movement and attack speed with W. 
  • He’s the easiest champion to play in this list and it doesn’t take a lot of brain power to learn him.

5. Yasuo

We're now in the top five, so let's get this party started. Yasuo, the greatest bully in League of Legends, comes first. He's the most agile, but Riot Games has removed him from the top spot. They accomplished this by simply releasing new or buffing old champions, causing him to lag behind a little. But don't worry, Yasuo will get a few nice buffs along with his new skin.

The champion gains a passive shield that prevents the next auto-attack or ability. He charges the shield by walking, so the champion should never stop moving. He can also use his W "Wind Wall" to block all incoming abilities or ranged attacks, or he can dodge out of the way with his E "Sweeping Blade." Because the ability has no cooldown, you can continue to spam it.

His Q "Steel Tempest",  allows him to summon a tornado every third cast, is the most important. If the tornado hits anything, he can use his R "Last Breath" to inflict damage on the opponent who was thrown into the air. Works particularly well with champions who have a knock-up ability. He has a bad reputation because of bad players, so don't be that one guy and bring honor to your name by playing him well!

Why Yasuo Is Great For Carrying Low ELO:

  • People don’t know how to play against him at all.
  • Gains a free shield that blocks incoming damage from an ability or an auto-attack. 
  • His W blocks all abilities and ranged auto-attacks only exception to this is laser abilities which are few. 
  • Works well with champions that can knock up enemies into the air. 
  • The E doesn’t have a cooldown and you can keep using it as long as there are enemies around you. 

4. Zed

Do you aspire to be the master of the shadows? So, play Zed and command them as you please. Zed is an assassin who specializes in assassinating and taking out the back line, but if built like a bruiser, he can also take out bruisers and tanks. Most people are afraid of playing against this champion because they are unaware of how easy he is to counter.

You can take advantage of this and gain a significant advantage over your opponents while doing nothing. This is the mindset of a low ELO player. The most important of his abilities is the W "Living Shadow," which mimics Zed's. Because the shadow is paraplegic, it cannot move. The Q "Razor Shuriken" throws a shuriken, the E "Shadow Slash" spins Zed in a circle, and the R "Death Mark" makes Zed untargetable for 3 seconds and deals a percentage of all damage Zed dealt while the mark was on them.

You might think he's simple to play after reading this, but he'll take some time to master. I recommend playing against bots first to get a feel for the champion before venturing into ranked. Zed's abilities also allow him to juke out people, and he excels at making enemies feel safe while they aren't. He's a fantastic champion who can propel you to new heights. 

Why Zed Is Great For Carrying Low ELO: 

  • He comes untargetable for 3 seconds while casting his ultimate ability. 
  • His W mimics his abilities and recasts them again for no additional cost. 
  • The E slows people down. 
  • His passive ability allows Zed to execute enemies that are low HP. 
  • Zed is great at taking out the enemy's back line such as ADCs or enchanter supports. 

3. Yone

This is Yasuo's stronger brother. Yone isn't as agile as Yasuo, but he has more sustain and life-steal. This guy can go from 100 HP to full in a few hits. His Q "Mortal Steel" works similarly to Yasuo's, except that Yone charges forward and knocks people up, the W "Spirit Cleave" grants him a shield, and the E "Soul Bound" allows him to leave his mortal body behind to deal damage in the spirit world; when he returns to his body, the spirit body deals a portion of the damage.

Finally, the R "Fate Sealed" is a team ability that is the most useful in his arsenal. Where Yone charges forward and drags anyone he catches with him, knocking them up for a brief moment. This is an excellent ability for engaging in combat or simply escaping from the enemy team.

I strongly advise you to keep this ability for your team so you can both combo the enemies together and show them what it's like to be the best. Yone can also keep himself alive during team fights thanks to the insane life-steal he gains from the kit and items. 

Why Yone Is Great For Carrying Low ELO:

  • Yone is a stronger and better albeit harder version of Yasuo. 
  • His ultimate is great for engaging in fights and doing combos with your team and their abilities. 
  • With the W he gains a shield by the number of people Yone hits. 
  • His whole kit scales with attack speed and crit items. 
  • Deals magic damage with every second auto-attack. 

2. Master Yi

Master Yi, one of Ionia's greatest warriors, has slain countless legions of Noxian soldiers as they invaded his land. Master Yi strikes fear into the hearts of low ELO players. Most people with low ELO believe he lacks a counter, so they are afraid to approach him. In reality, however, he is extremely easy to defeat. But we'll keep it to ourselves. People despise Master Yi most because he becomes untargetable for a few seconds during his Q "Alpha Strike."

He can also use W ``Meditate" to take less damage and heal himself, as well as E "Wuju Style" to deal massive amounts of true damage. He can cut people like butter. He's a jungler champion, but he can also play top lane or mid lane if you're feeling adventurous. Master Yi is a late-game champion, but if you play him well, you'll end the game before it's even begun. People despise playing against him, and they will lash out at you for simply enjoying the champion. 

Why Master Yi Is Great For Carrying Low ELO:

  • His ultimate ability gets reset when you get a kill. 
  • Deals true damage with his E. 
  • Becomes untargetable when using his Q. 
  • He’s able to take reduced damage and heal himself when casting W. 
  • Basic attacks reduce the cooldown of his Q, meaning you can cast it multiple times during a fight. 

1. Tryndamere

Tryndamere is the best champion for getting you out of low ELO. He is a top lane champion, but he can also be used in the mid. Because he becomes immortal when he uses his ultimate ability R "Undying Rage," no matter what the enemy throws at him.  While the champion's HP drops, he also deals more damage and gains a higher chance of critically striking someone.

He can also use his Q "Bloodlust" to regain lost HP but lose the damage. If someone tries to flee, he screams so loudly that their legs shake and they can no longer run. That's his W "Mocking Shout." Tryndamere also spins like a ballerina towards a target with his E "Spinning Slash," dealing damage to anyone in his path. The cooldown decreases with each critical strike. Isn't he a great champion to play?

The best thing about low ELO people is that they don't realize they need to CC the champion and simply flee. That's how you deal with him, but they take him head on because they think that they can beat him. Nothing can stand a chance against him. It's also great for low ELO players because the ultimate ability will keep them alive for a long time. 

Why Tryndamere Is Great For Carrying Low ELO:

  • Tryndamere becomes immortal for a few seconds with his ultimate ability. 
  • The lower his HP the more damage he deals.
  • The E gets lower each time he critically strikes someone. 
  • Tryndamere can consume his fury to heal back lost HP. 
  • W slows anyone that’s trying to run away from him.

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