The 10 Best LOL Teamfight Champions To Deal Massive Damage in Teamfights

Best LOL teamfight Champions
Win team fights = winning the game

The Best Teamfight Champions

Team fights may be the shortest part of a League of Legends match, but they are often the most intense moments in the entire game. Each team is watching cooldowns, measuring their mana pool, and looking for the slightest slip up to fully commit to a fight. Most team fights come down to who has the best crowd control and who is dealing the most damage.

These champions are some of the best team fighting champions in the game, offering benefits such as high amounts of damage, crowd control, and area of effect abilities. If you’re looking for some champions who know how to hit teams hard and come out on top, give these champions a try.

10. Kennen

Kennen shocks the competition

The Heart of the Tempest knows how to ninja his way into the heart of team fights with his incredible movement speed and his AOE ultimate. Lightning Rush allows Kennen to surprise enemies and get into the thick of battle by boosting his movement speed. Once he’s there, he can use Slicing Maelstrom to do massive amounts of AOE magic damage. Each Maelstrom hit also applies Mark of the Storm, which stacks three times and stuns the enemy on the third stack.

Use Kennen to unleash the tempest on teams by charging into team fights. Also, look for building a Zhyona’s Hourglass as it allows him to survive any crowd control once he goes in for the fight.

9. Orianna

Orianna obliterates grouped enemy teams​

Orianna has always been a teamfight centric champion with her kit. She can poke enemies with Command: Attack and Command: Dissonance for a good amount of damage, shield her teammates from damage with Command: Protect, and launch a devastating ultimate, Command: Shockwave, that does a massive amount of magic damage and pulls in enemies to the epicenter.

Orianna synergizes well with tankier champions such as Malphite, Sejuani, or Warwick, who can dive into a group of enemies to catch many of the enemy team with her ultimate. Make sure you’re within range, otherwise the tank will have dived in for nothing and most likely be killed. But if you can hit that shockwave, it’ll quickly wrap up the team fight with you making a huge contribution to the ace.

8. Gnar

Gnar thrives on choke points​

The Missing Link isn’t missing out on the dent he leaves on team fights. But Gnar comes with a catch, he needs to be in Mega Gnar for team fights otherwise he doesn’t have as gnarly an effect. Gnar’s kit is knowing when to let loose Mega Gnar, whose form offers crowd control with Wallop and GNAR!

Find ways of building just enough rage to transform when a fight breaks out or to initiate a fight with Hop and GNAR! Also keep in mind your team’s and the enemy team’s positioning as GNAR! is best used when multiple enemies are near a wall or choke point. But once he gets in a team fight, unleash the beast with Wallop and Boulder Toss to do plenty of damage.

7. Azir

Azir strikes from a distance​

Azir’s choice of attack is from range as he commands his soldiers to Arise! and spear the enemy. Azir orders his soldiers to charge with Conquering Sands, flinging his soldiers out to deal magic damage to any enemies they travel through and slowing them. This is where most of Azir’s poke and damage come from so make sure to have some soldiers ready to charge in during those team fights and lower the enemy team’s health bars.

Azir is also a champion that thrives on choke points where his enemy is clustered together so he can use Conquering Sands and his soldier’s spears to do massive damage. He can also cut off tanks from their carries or vice versa with Emperor’s Divide, which knocks back enemy champions. Use this as a way of changing team fights in your favor.

6. Rumble

Get a taste of Rumble’s mechanics

The Mechanized Menace has a lot of options to damage the enemy team in a team fight, but his biggest is The Equalizer. These rockets land into the ground, slowing enemies while doing ability damage for the duration they are in the area of the rockets. This ability is great for initiating and responding to team fights as it allows Rumble to slow his enemies for him and his team to get in closer and finish them off.

He can also use Electro Harpoon and Flamespitter to catch enemies and deal a tremendous amount of damage. If he has a Liandry’s Torment and a Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, he can tremendously slow and damage enemy teams and help catch them out for team fights. Make sure to manage his heat though, otherwise you might not be able to get the damage necessary to win the fight.

5. Malphite

Malphite hurls himself into the fray​

Malphite is a great front line because he can synergize well in most compositions by slowing enemy tanks from getting to his carries with Seismic Shard, while also being a great initiating champion with Unstoppable Force. He can also survive pretty long in team fights when he builds health and armor, while doing significant damage with Ground Slam and the Aftershock rune. His health also plays into his passive, Granite Shield, because it increases by 10% of his health to absorb more damage. Just make sure your team is there when you use your ultimate in team fights, otherwise you’ll be a rock in a hard place.

4. Kog’Maw

Kog’Maw devours enemy teams​

The Mouth of the Abyss swallows enemy teams in seconds if he can survive long enough. Kog’Maw’s strength lies Bio-Arcane Barrage, which increases his range and deals a percent of the enemies’ maximum health as bonus magic damage for eight seconds. This ability, in combination with the passive on Caustic Spittle that increases his attack speed, allows him to melt enemy champions quickly.

Treat Kog’Maw like a glass cannon: he can only do massive amounts of damage when he’s not getting jumped on by enemy assassins or tanks. Make sure to use Void Ooze to slow enemy champions and stay behind the front-line to hit the enemies hard before they can reach you.

3. Zyra

Zyra’s strength stems from crowd control​

Zyra roots for team fights because they allow her to get the maximum effect out of her abilities. Deadly Spines allows her to catch enemies by rooting them in place. If they are placed near one of her seeds, she can use Deadly Spines and Grasping Roots to make her seeds sprout and deal damage. Add that in with Stranglethorns that deals an area-of-effect knock-up and damage, and she can quickly set enemy teams up for a quick death.

2. Brand

Brand hits for massive AOE magic damage​

The Burning Vengeance is quite a menace when it comes to team fights. His ultimate, Pyroclasm, and his passive, Blaze, do massive amounts of damage to grouped up teams. Pyroclasm bounces from champion to champion, stacking Blaze until it reaches max stacks where it will detonate in two seconds and deal tremendous amounts of damage to enemies.

While enemies are ablaze, Brand can fire off Sear to stun them, adding crowd control to his repertoire. If you’re looking to set a team ablaze, Brand is your man.

1. Xayah

Watch the placement of Xayah’s daggers​

Although Xayah’s feather daggers may not sound dangerous, they can put out plenty of damage in team fights. Deadly Plumage gives her a strong burst of attack speed and damage, while granting her movement speed if she attacks a champion. It also activates her passive, Clean Cuts, that sends out feathers when she auto-attacks a champion. These feathers are deadly when the Rebel hits a champion with three of her recalled feathers with Bladecaller, rooting them and dealing significant damage. This allows her to root tanks and carries alike and hit them hard with Deadly Plumage, catching them out for elimination.

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