LCK Punishes SKT T1's 'Bang' For Months Old Stream Conduct: Creates Controversy

Bang's signature pose makes sense

The LCK has issued a 'Caution' to SKTT1 for behavior that happened months ago on a private stream. Why did the LCK wait so long to lay down the law? Mostly because they just found out about it.

Recently a viewer took it upon themselves to make the incident known to the LCK a few months after the fact, resulting in the caution being issued. Many people find Bang to be unprofessional and rejoice in the penalty, but others are supporting Bang on social media, and see this as an overreaction. The resulting controversy has created a lot of tension for Bang's team, and they are currently on their biggest losing streak since forming because of it.

What exactly did Bang do to light the fire of this controversy? A viewer made a comment comparing Bang to Faker, saying. “Hey Bang, Faker just got a $1,000 donation. Let’s work hard”, Bang promptly kicked the commenter off of his channel and said some harsh words that could be interpeted as an insult to lower class citizens.

“My salary would be higher than a hundred people like you put together. You should speak for yourself and work harder”.

Bang apologized for his conduct soon afterwards, but since he banned the viewer from his channel, the LCK felt that it was necessary to punish him anyway. 

Bang has also expressed on twitter and his streams that he has difficulty "Keeping things in" and that he doesn't want to hurt feelings, but speaking his mind is something he must do. He says he is trying to "Conduct himself with more respect" and is doing his best to work on his temper. When the player recognizes his fault and takes action to try and improve it, does that excuse his behavior?

Given how bright Faker shines it can’t be easy being continually compared to someone like that. When the viewer brought it up, it was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back. Hopefully in the future, bang has the confidence in himself so that the comparisons to faker won’t make him lose his cool. Given his expanded response on twitter he seems to be more prepared for these emotions moving forward.

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