[Top 10] League of Legends Best Attack Champions That Are Powerful

[Top 10] League of Legends Best Attack Champions That Are Powerful
These guys are strong!

Here I come again with another League article for you all. Today we will be talking about the best champions that deal the most attack damage. This is an updated guide and that’s up with the current meta for League of Legends.

Following my articles will always keep you in touch with the current stuff that’s overpowered and popular. You won’t feel left out. The champions listed here will range from a variety of different lanes. No roles will be left out. Enough chit chat let’s get into the top 10!

10. Aatrox

“I will end the world with one swift strike!”

Let’s start this article with a top lane champion and his name is Aatrox. If you play top lane or like playing top lane champions you might have gone up against Aatrox. This is one ruthless champion and the best part is he loves insulting people who flash the level 7 mastery.

When it comes to gameplay Aatrox has a nice amount of AD at his disposal. Aatrox can also heal back some of his lost HP every third auto-attack. This comes in handy during the laning phase as you’ll be trying to trade autos with the enemy laner. That’s a normal thing to do during the laning phase if you’re not doing it, something is wrong with you my dear friend.

If you’re being ganked you also have Aatrox’s ultimate ability at your disposal. When you cast Aatrox’s ultimate ability every single minion will be feared and you’ll gain bonus movement speed and life steal. 

What makes Aatrox Great For Attack: 

  • His passive ability lets him heal up every third auto-attack. 
  • Once you cast his ultimate ability Aatrox will gain bonus movement speed and life steal. 
  • Building life steal on Aatrox makes him even stronger and fearful. 
  • Great whenever your team needs an AD champion in the team. 
  • You can dash with Aatrox by pressing E.

Aatrox details:


See Aatrox In Action (video by LOL TIME):

9. Camille

“Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon.”

So maybe Aatrox isn’t your cup of tea and you’d like something different? Well, look no further than the Spider-Woman herself Camille. When playing Camille being ganked will be the least of your worries.

As you can slingshot yourself across the lane with your E ability. And that’s only for 1 of her abilities. With Camille’s ultimate ability you can trap people in a box and fight them to death. Of course, the enemy might try and cover like a little pansy but you can still beat them up regardless. And don’t worry about going against tanks as Camille deals a nice amount of true damage with her Q.

How much true damage does she deal? The sky's the limit, that’s all I’m going to say. With her passive ability, Camille also gains a shield depending on who she attacks. If she attacks an AD champion she will get an AD shield, if she attacks an AP champion she will get an AP shield and so on. 

What makes Camille Great For Attack:

  • Gains an AP or AD shield depending on who she attacked first. 
  • Can slingshot herself across the whole lane with her E.
  • Her ultimate ability lets her trap people in a box and forces them to fight. 
  • A good option if you don’t like playing Aatrox. 

Camille details:


See Camille In Action (video by League of Legends PROTV):

8. Draven

“Who’s the greatest? DRAVEN IS THE GREATEST.”

Let’s make our way down to the bot lane and look at some champions down there. Up first from the ADC role we have Draven. I mean, were you even surprised when you saw him here? We are talking about the best AD champions in the current meta and of course, Draven has to be here.

Who’s better at one-shotting poor supports with a single strike other than Draven? Nobody, that's who. If you’re wondering how does someone do that with this champion? It’s simple, you just build as much AD as you can on him.

The more AD he has the bigger the numbers will be and the closer you’ll get to one-shotting people with a single Q. You can also increase your movement and attack speed by pressing W and you can launch your axes across the map to snipe someone with your R. As your ultimate ability is global and can go anywhere on the map. 

What makes Draven Great For Attack:

  • The more AD you build on him the more damage he will do since Draven has insane AD scaling. 
  • Has a global ultimate ability. 
  • Gains a boost of movement and attack speed when you press W. 
  • During the late stages of the game, you can one-shot someone with a single auto-attack.

Draven details:


See Draven In Action (video by LOL TIME):

7. Irelia

“I hate Noxians.”

Now if you don’t like either Aatorx or Camille consider playing Irelia. Irelia is the known terror of the top lane and the mid lane together. She can go on both of those lanes and do fine. So don’t worry if you get an auto-filled top lane or you are in the mid lane; everything will go just fine if you listen to what I have to say next. And that is that this champion is damn broken.

Once you stack her Q fully you can do pretty much anything you want. Yes, Irelia is that damn broken and everything revolves around her Q ability. You can also use some of your other abilities if you want to spice things up during the laning phase but that’s only if you want to. You don't necessarily have to but you can. It’s there. 

What makes Irelia Great For Attack:

  • With a fully stacked Q Irelia can dominate her opponents. 
  • Your Q’s cooldown timer is reset if you kill someone with it. Minions included. 
  • She’s able to CC multiple people with her E. 

Irelia details:


See Irelia In Action (video by Lolga Spotlight):

6. Pyke

“You are not on my list… YET!.”

Let’s take a look at the bot lane yet again but this time with the support role. Now, wait a minute. How can support be on this list? If that’s your question well my dear friend you haven’t been on the bot lane enough. You see Pyke can’t build HP or armor. Any HP or armor items are converted into AD. The only thing you can build on Pyke is AD and that’s how it should be.

When it comes to playing Pyke, you’ll want to play him as a support assassin. Be sneaky and all of those kinds of things that an assassin does. To help you even more with that is your ultimate ability that can execute people when they reach a low enough HP.

The amount of HP that you can execute people with depends on how much AD you currently have. You also can turn invisible with your W and you can hook people towards you with your Q. 

What makes Pyke Great For Attack:

  • You can execute people with your ultimate ability. 
  • Pyke can turn invisible with his W. 
  • Pull people closer towards yourself with the Q ability. 
  • Dash away from danger or towards danger with your E. 
  • All HP and armor items turn into AD.

Pyke details:


See Pyke In Action (video by LOL TIME):

5. Gangplank

“I like me oranges.”

Be happy because you’re a pirate now and you’re free to do as you wish. Pirates follow no rules and they don’t care if they hurt you or your feelings. When it comes to Gangplank it’s exactly what every child dreams off when wanting to become a pirate.

First things first Gangplank is smelly and he does not care about his body odor secondly he’s a damn pirate. With Gangplank you can build him many ways but if you build him as an AD champion you’ll be able to one-shot whole teams with your barrels. Everything revolves around your E barrels and your W where you eat your oranges.

You’ll also want to shoot your barrels with Q so you can ignite them and take the enemy team out of commission once and for all. With Gangplank you’ll start dominating the lane once you buy yourself an item called “Sheen” and you’ll dominate the game once you hit level 13. 

What makes Gangplank Great For Attack:

  • Can take out whole teams with two barrels. 
  • Buying “Sheen” automatically wins you the lane. 
  • The more AD damage you have the more damage your barrels will do. 
  • You’re a pirate. 
  • Eating an orange removes any kind of CC.

Gangplank details:


See Gangplank In Action (video by League of Legends PROTV):

4. Qiyana

“Make a path for your Queen.”

This is Qiyana and she gave herself the queen title. Did she have any right to do that? No, but here we are with Qiyana. She’s an assassin champion that can be played in the jungle or the mid-lane. Our first jungle champion is an assassin.

Are you even surprised by that? If you are, you haven’t played League enough. When it comes to playing Qiyana it’s all about the combos. The faster you do her basic combo the better. The basic combo goes something like this W>E>Q>W>Q and a few auto-attacks if your opponent is alive.

Maybe even set them on fire for a bit to spice things up. If you want a more in-depth combo you can search it up on YouTube and find a lot of different guides on how to play this great champion correctly. 

What makes Qiyana Great For Attack:

  • Hot mommy dommy champion. 
  • Doing the basic combo with Qiyana should put your enemy out of commission. 
  • Can be played in the mid-lane or the jungle. 
  • Qiyana is an assassin who deals with elemental damage. 

Qiyana details:


See Qiyana In Action (video by LOL SPACE):

3. Talon

“I live and die by the blade!”

Here we have the same thing as Qiyana. He’s an assassin that can go to the middle and jungle. Both roles suit him well. Keep in mind that no matter what role you’re playing him he’s mobile and agile all thanks to his E. You see Talon is pretty much like every assassin’s creed character in existence.

He can jump over any obstacle that’s in front of him. You might think that’s a bit broken and yeah it is. This ability is only beaten by Kayn who can go through walls instead of jumping over them. Talon can also one-shot his targets after he makes them bleed with his abilities.

To make your target bleed all you have to do is attack them with 3 different abilities and yes your auto-attacks count. If they’re still alive by then just set them on fire with your ignite and they’re going to die for sure. No matter which role you’re playing, keep in mind that you need to roam and keep the pressure on every single lane. 

What makes Talon Great For Attack:

  • Great for roaming and keeping the pressure on a lane. 
  • You’re able to one-shot people after making them bleed. 
  • He can jump over any obstacle in the game. 

Talon details:


See Talon In Action (video by LOL HYPER):

2. Vi

“I like to punch things.”

The main star of the Arcane series and that’s Vi. Boy does this girl love to punch. She will make a hole in any wall that stands in front of her. She doesn't care. Try not to anger her too much otherwise you might have a hole inside of your chest.

When it comes to playing Vi it’s simple. The more she punches the more damage she deals. That’s because of her W since it’s a passive ability that stacks and deals more damage every third auto-attack. Plus Vi has a lot of gap closers thanks to her Q and her ultimate ability.

When Vi is using her ultimate ability she’s unstoppable and you can’t CC her during this period. The safest bet is to let the person she’s ulting die and run away to safety while you still can. 

What makes Vi Great For Attack:

  • A great choice for a jungle champion. 
  • Has a lot of gap closers. 
  • Can’t be stopped while she’s using her ultimate ability. 
  • I Love punching. 

Vi details:


See Vi In Action (video by Love LoL):

1. Yone

“I have bipolar disorder.”

Here we have the best AD champion for the current meta and his name is Yone. Yone is the forgotten wind shitter that was lost to time and space. But Riot had to make money somehow so they brought him from the dead and they also brought a pretty cool event with Yone.

I am ashamed to admit that I spent money on this event and later got my account permanently banned. When it comes to Yone’s abilities every single one gives him a bit of HP back. This monster can steal anything even though he has no life steal items. How does that work? I have no idea. But that’s Yone for you.

To spawn a wind out of Yone’s backside all you have to do is hit something with your Q two times, the third time you press Q Yone will fart and knock up everyone in front of him. You can also use his ultimate ability to group people and mess up their day. Don’t forget to build AD and crit items on Yone as that’s known to be the most broken build for him in the current meta. 

What makes Yone Great For Attack:

  • Yone is great for any team comp and he can go either top lane or mid. 
  • Has a huge amount of life steal in his kit. 
  • He’s the better and stronger brother from Ionia. 
  • Yone’s ultimate ability is great in team fights. 
  • You need to build as much AD and crit chance on him as possible. 

Yone details:


See Yone In Action (video by LOL TIME):

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