[Top 10] LOL Best ADC (Marksman) Right Now

lol best ADC
"Never assume that simply having a gun makes you a marksman. You are no more armed because you are wearing a pistol than you are a musician because you own a guitar"

So, you want to know who are the best ADCs that are currently dominating the ranks right now huh? Well, before you scroll down any further, let me reconcile with your minds about why those cheap-shoting bad-asses are wreaking the ranks in the first place.
First of all, ADCs have always played a major role in ranked games, and team-play in general. They are responsible for using ranged-attacks and abilities to deal the most amount of continuous damage and carry the team to victory.

10. Twitch
The Plague Rat

His sneaky, squeaky and all kinds of freaky, oh, and did I say nasty? Anyway, this rodent has no regard for personal hygiene, even his fleas got sick. And whatever you do, no matter what, do not touch his cheese.
Twitch may not be a frequent pick as of late, but he can still hold his own against does new and improved heavy hitters in late-game. His ability to ambush enemies still has its value, as he continues his rampage throughout this season. We should definitely have nurse alkali on speed dial whenever he plays a match.

What makes Twitch OP?

  • “Where is he?” His stealth resets after every kill. It may not seem like much, but you can’t hit what you can’t see. And he sees you clearly.
  • Runaan’s Hurricane and Guinsoo’s Rageblade has buffed most of his abilities, giving him an exceptional early game.
  • Add a lethal tempo with Domination to his arsenal, and his ‘Q’ with ultimate will be invincible.

Twitch weaknesses:

  • As twitch relies heavily on his attack-speed, Marksmen such as Draven or Miss Fortune who priorities damage, can kill him before his attack-speed gets a chance to build up.
  • He is weak against stuns. So, marksmen such as Ashe or Vayne can always get the drop on him.
  • It can be very difficult to escape assassins if his ‘Q’ is on cooldown. So, he either goes all in or die trying.

9. Xayah                                                                                                   The Rebel

If she’s not making out with Rakan then she’s probably leading a rebellion. There are three things she hates most, one’; not being with Rakan, two; everyone except Rakan, and three; terrible taste in fashion. So, you better look good before she kills you, or, she’ll probably kill you anyway.

Xayah is one of the few marksmen in leagues that has damage immune, with the other exception being kindred. Her ability to work well with other supports besides Rakan makes her an ideal ADC for climbing the Ranks, and look good while doing it.

What makes Xayah op?

  • Unlike most Marksmen, Xayah has a surefire way to counter assassins. If there’s an overgrown puddy cat carefully stocking her just waiting to pounce, her ultimate will be sure to give him a permanent catnap.
  • Xayah excels in farming her lane while at the same time disrupting the enemy ADC from farming.
  • Her passive makes up for her low mobility by setting traps of feathers, which she uses for kiting and Rooting her enemies without even breaking a nail. Now that’s impressive.

Xayah weaknesses:

  • The recent item changes have affected her greatly, her damage scaling on items has gotten a lot weaker than most of the other ADCs in late-game. 
  • Champs that excel at mobility such as Draven and Kallister can easily dodge her abilities and punish her for it. 
  • She heavily relies on her team. If she’s singled out early, she will exhaust her ‘R’ and be helpless against assassins.

8. Vayne                                                                                                    The Night Hunter

She’s fast, nimble, and always carries an extra pair of shades. This huntress of the night makes even the baddest of monsters’ quiver at the sound of her name. No monstrous creatures of the night can escape her vengeance.

Vayne will always be one of our most favorite ADCs of all time. Her full kiting playstyle will always be a valuable asset to have no matter the season. And if you’re a Vayne main, you can counter most of the champions in the game.  

What makes Vayne op?

  • Vayne is the goddess of kiting, her ‘R’ and ‘Q’ combo gives the term hit-n-run an entirely new meaning.
  • She can counter almost every champion in the game, she is also one of the few Marksman that can 1 v 5 the entire enemy team.
  • Vayne is a fast-carry ADC, rush Blade of The Ruined King and Guinsoo’s Rageblade early, and bully the enemy team’s bot lane. 

Vayne weaknesses:

  • The last nerf of Guinsoo’s Rageblade has greatly weakened her early game. 
  • She has a weak laning phase, making it harder for her to rush her two-item combo.
  • Vayne relies heavily on her mobility, so Champs such as Ashe and Malzahar has a bit of an advantage against her.   

7. Jhin
The Virtuoso

Jhin is a man of focus and pride, a truly skillful artist who believes that there’s a canvas in everyone just waiting to be painted by his renowned paintbrush (Gun). He searches for the most vibrant of prey in hopes of creating his next new masterpiece. Any deaths he gives you will be far more enjoyable than your current boring lives.  

Jhin has been dominating throughout the season, his unique passive allows him to scale AD with attack speed and crit. His ability to out scale the enemy’s ADC in the early-game makes him perfect for solo queue.  

What makes Jhin op?

  • Jhin is a late-game monster. He does way too much damage and has MS and CC to go with it. He literally does over 4k just by autoing with every reload.
  • The current Crit items are great right now. Get IE as soon as possible, and bully the ADC.
  • He is a great champ for climbing low Elo. Go with Dark Harvest or Electrocute for an easy victory. 

Jhin weaknesses:

  • Jhin’s reload is his only drawback. Enemies can wait for him to reload then punish him. It’s best to save your CC for when that time comes. 
  • Assassins can always get the drop on him before he gets a chance to do all that devastating damage.
  • Lanning can be a bit tricky when he has to reload every four shots, he usually gets out farmed in early-game.

6. Ashe
The Frost Archer

Ashe is the true ice queen of the rift, too hot to touch and too cold to hold. Her arrows of True Ice will either leave you with a few new holes or without apples. So, take a good look, it’s the last thing you’ll see.

Ashe has been doing surprisingly well this season, her supportive playstyle despite being a Marksman makes her ideal for team fights and surveillance. And with her arsenal of slows, no one can escape the Warmother’s wrath.

What makes Ashe op?

  • She is one of the easiest Marksmen to play in the game, making her perfect for  new ADC players.
  • Ashe has powerful stopping power and CC which allow her to kite easier while supporting her team. 
  • Lethal tempo and Runaan’s Hurricane work perfectly with her passive and ‘Q’, she is also great at laning.

Ashe weaknesses:

  • Ashe works best when she’s with her team, if she’s isolated, she might become someone’s new play toy. 
  • Ironically, she has slow mobility and relies on her abilities, so if she’s out of mana punish her before she regroups. 
  • She has a weak early game, so champs such as Draven and Jhin will out scale her.

5. Sivir
The Battle Mistress

This mercenary for hire won’t hesitate to slit your throat where you stand if it would grant her a bag of big ones. Her thrilling demeanor and enormous fidget spinner have earned her the respect she demands as the captain of the mercenaries. And besides, if a deal goes south, you can always see her and her dastardly crew running off with as much gold as their arms can carry.

When it comes to pushing power as an ADC, Sivir takes the top spot. Her ability to push back the enemy while her teammates take the towers makes her a powerful threat that can end the game faster than they can surrender.

What makes Sivir op?

  • Sivir might as well be the strongest Marksman in the game when it comes to farming, she not only out-farms the enemy ADC, but she also prevents him from farming.
  • She works best with her team. Her ‘R’ boosts her teammates MS, which is very essential for those tanky top-laners like Garen and Nasus, who rely on MS to engage.
  • Despite her lack of mobility, her Items seem to compliment her weakness. Phantom Dancer and Berserker’s Greaves will make sure to leave her enemies in the dust. 

Sivir weaknesses:

  • Her spell shield becomes useless when paired up against ADCs who rely on basic-attack, such as Draven, Vanye and twitch.
  • Even with her spell shield, she has no surefire way of countering against Assassins.
  • Her ‘Q’ burns a lot of mana, so it would be best to use it leniently.

4. Ezreal                                                                                                  The Prodigal Explorer

He’s brave, charming, and filled with bravado, this dashing explorer has melted the hearts of women everywhere he goes. But there is one fair maiden who has stolen his heart. In his quest to win the affection of his one-sided crush, he will climb the tallest mountains, sail the deepest of waters, and forage the most treacherous terrain, all for the sake of securing a date with the fair lady Lux. 

Ezreal may not have as much frontline damage like most Marksmen in the game, but he makes up for it by poking the hell out of the enemy.. Being a caster-type ADC, his main role is to counter while dealing as much damage as possible, all the while evading incoming attacks. And, with a global ultimate who can complain.

What makes Ezreal op?

  • He can stack both AD and AP, so he can create a hybrid build to counter any type of champion.
  • His main two items right now are Tear of the Goddess and Iceborn Gauntlet. They are perfect for the early-game since they are cheap and efficient.
  • Ezreal does best at late-game, so focus on getting as much gold and items as soon as possible.

Ezreal weaknesses:

  • He is useless without items or mana, so his early-game is very weak.
  • If he doesn’t land his skill shots, he can’t deal damage. This makes him vulnerable against champs such as Alkali and Lucian who excels at dodging and dashing.
  • Ezreal is not a carrying-type ADC so he relies heavily on his teammates for taking the front line, soaking up damage, and pushing the lanes.

3. Draven
The Glorious Executioner

There is nothing this guy loves more than the praise and adoration of his adoring fans, his flair for glory with no reason has made him one of the most feared Marksmen of all time. So come on, let’s give the audience something to really scream about.

Draven may be one of the most difficult Marksmen to play, but he is also one of the Strongest. His ability to deal an insane amount of damage all throughout the game makes him a deadly foe worth using everything on. No seriously, use everything you have on him before he one-shots the entire team.

What makes Draven op?

  • Draven passive allows him to stack bonus gold through adoration, making him a great early game champion.
  • Draven ‘Q’ allows him to increase his basic attack damage. A good Draven will usually win in a 1 v 1 fight.
  • Draven may very well be the best Hyper-Carry Marksman in the game. His sustain with Bloodthirster and mobility with Phantom Dancer make him ideal for engaging and kiting the enemy.

Draven weaknesses:

  • “Whoops missed one.” Catching his axes can be a bit tricky, it would be best to practice catching before playing ranked 
  • He is weak against CC. Champions such as Alister and Vanye can knock him away from catching his axes.
  • He does not work well with a team, as he needs space to move and catch his axes.

2. Kaisa
Daughter of The Void

Abandoned, disowned, and called a monster. Kaisa has always been alone, with her only companion being a void symbiote that kept her alive. From a frightened little girl to a hunter warrior, Kaisa is the link that protects the people from the all-consuming onslaught of the void. 

Being one of the most recent Marksman to join the rift, Kaisa was designed to be one of the best ADC (marksman) in the game. Her all-rounder play style makes her a threat to every champion in the game. Like Vayne and Draven she also has the potential to 1 v 5 and carry her team. 

What makes Kaisa op?

  • The recent Item and Rune changes have worked in favor of her. She can now make full use of them to the best of their ability.  
  • She can easily take down does tanky juggernauts just by stacking Attack Speed or AP as her passive allows her to deal percent health damage every five hits.
  • She has strong engage with defense, which is a rare trait for a marksman to have. Her Ult not only engages but it dodges and soaks up damage. Truly overpowered.   

Kaisa weaknesses:

  • Minion waves soak up most of her abilities. It will be hard to poke the enemy ADC or stop him from farming.
  • Her ultimate can become a double-edged sword as she can get separate from her team and become an easy target.
  • She has a weaker early game than most ADCs as her passive relies on items to buff her abilities.

1. Jinx                                                                                                       The Loose Canon

This crazy chick loves chaos and destruction, her thrill for adrenaline and excitement has led her to commit some of the most groundbreaking, outrageously epic Pranks of all time. She’s hot and deadly, with a whole lot of time on her hands, there’s nothing she hates more than boredom. She really should find a boyfriend, then again; when you’re crazy and flat as a board, there really aren’t many suitors.
Jinx is currently the best ADC(Marksman) to play with right now, she is one of the best champs for solo queue, climbing, and carrying. Not only do the recent changes in items and runes compliment her greatly, but the fact that she can push towers and snowball enemies makes her the undisputed ADC for dominating the ranks this season.

What makes Jinx op?

  • She can switch between going full attack-speed to long-ranged splash damage, not only does she do good in team fights but with laning as well.
  • Her passive makes her go super Saiyan. After every kill or tower she destroys, she not only breaks her attack speed limit, but she gets even crazier.
  • As long as the team keeps jinx alive, they can power push the lane and end the game with an Ace. 

Jinx weaknesses:

  • Jinx will be the main target of the enemy team. She heavily relies on her team to protect her while she builds up to her passive.
  • Jinx has a slow start. If she’s bullied early at the start of the game, it will become hard for her to catch up.
  • Don’t feed the jinx. She is considerably weaker when her passive isn’t activated.


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